What is Home Gym Review?

HGR is a website built by Fitness enthusiasts, for fitness enthusiasts. When we were speccing and building our home gym, we quickly found that we couldn’t rely on many reviews due to the users having not tested the equipment. We are changing the game, ensuring that all equipment is trialled and tested to provide a completely honest review, on your next fitness equipment purchases for your home gym.

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The HGR Mission

HGR started out simply as a website to review home gym equipment, working directly with manufacturers and reviewing their equipment first-hand. Since then, we’ve grown to become a source that our community can rely on. We have recently created the Exercise Database & Nutrition Hub which helps beginners to learn new exercises, alongside tasty dishes which will help you with a clean diet.

Home Gym Review is a completely free source of information and is constantly improving, to provide you the best information & application to help you on your fitness journey.

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