3/4 Sit Ups

How to do sit ups
How to do sit ups

Preparing for your Sit Ups

  • Prepare your surface, ideally with a Gym Mat / Yoga Mat.
  • If you have a partner working with you, you can ask them to hold your feet to allow extra isolation on your abs.

Perfoming Your 3/4 Sit up

  • Lie down on your back
  • Bend Your Legs, placing your feet firmly on the ground
  • Curl your body all the way up so that your shoulders touch your knees
  • Slowly lower yourself down, focusing on your abs to isolate them.
  • Repeat this for 12-15 reps for a typical set.

Lift Bible Tips for the 3/4 Sit Up

Sit Ups utilise multiple muscles, although it’s important to note that you can’t spot reduce stomach fat with these. Our main tip for this exercise is to ensure you keep your feet planted on the floor, which will allow focus on your abs.

It’s also important not to swing yourself up with your arms, as this will take away any pressure from your abs, and cancel any gains from the exercise.

Exercise Details:

Target Muscles: Rectus Abdominis

Synergist: Obliques

Required Level: Beginner

Perfect Day to Train: After Chest Day (combine)

Other Exercises to Consider:

3/4 Sit Ups Demonstration Video

Get Your Equipment

3/4 Sit Ups
3/4 Sit Ups

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