About this Site

Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness. That’s three things which people look for with online reviews & product comparisons. The truth is, most website review items without actually having tested them… which begs the question how a review has actually been done?

I was building my Home Gym in 2016 and I wanted to ensure that I had the best equipment, sticking within my budget of £1,400. My Village Gym membership was £40 per month, so three years of Gym Membership would equate to my very own home gym.

The biggest problem I found, was that there were no actual product reviews from first hand-reviewers. When I was looking for a power rack, conveniently, the best power rack was also the most expensive one on Amazon. There was also no physical review, just a review of what it looks like. So, it wasn’t a review. Just another affiliate link website.

Fast forward 5 years, and I’ve managed to build up all of the expertise required to advise you. I can help you spec a home gym, and whilst I admit that I have to add a few Amazon links to keep the blog running, I have no problems with directing you to sites that offer me nothing.

I’m Tom, from the West Midlands, In England. All of the equipment that I review will be for the UK demographic, and I’m trying to work will all major manufacturers to get access to their equipment, for in-depth product reviews.

I’ve had some good responses & I’m very excited to get things rolling with physical product reviews, YouTube tutorials and more. It’s going to be a learning curve though, as I’m not fantastic in front of a camera!

I’m excited to get this journey started & can’t wait to help people sort out their home gym! I will also add that I started off this website as ‘LiftBible.com’, but I realised that it would be incredibly difficult to build a brand & it also sounds a little bit like I was pushing people to pick up a specific book… so I renamed to Home Gym Review…. as that’s what I do!

I have plans to integrate a Forum too, so we’ve got somewhere to compare and discuss home gym setups.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do on the contact page. I’m happy to discuss home gyms, see your current setups & also speak with Brands about reviewing their equipment. I have lots of space in my Home Gym, so always have some room to test your gear!

My Home Gym Setup: Last Updated January 2021

Power Rack: BodyMax CF376R Half Rack
Add-on: Bodymax CF376A Lat Attachment
Barbell: MiraFit 7ft Olympic Barbell
Dumbbells: Extreme Fitness 2kg-30kg Individual Dumbbells (& Vertical Rack for Storage)
Weight Plates: BodyMax 215kg Round Rubber (& Toast Rack for Storage)
Cardio: B2 Indoor Cycle (It doesn’t get much use!)
Audio: Amazon Echo Plus
Home Gym Review