Air Bike Crunches

Air Bike Crunches for Abs
Air Bike Crunches for Abs

Preparing for your Air Bike Crunches

  • This exercise is going to burn your obliques, so ensure you’re prepared for an intense workout.

Perfoming Your Air Bike Crunches

  • Lie flat on a gym floor.
  • Raise your legs and cycle them simultaneously, whilst keeping your hands fixed onto the floor.
  • This will bring a pulling sensation in your lower abs, as they tighten up.
  • Continue cycling for a set amount of time, typically 30 seconds.
  • Rest & Continue your sets.

Lift Bible Tips for Air Bike Crunches

Raise your head a little, which will also work your neck muscles alongside your abs.

Exercise Details:

Target Muscles: Obliques

Synergist: Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps, Rectus Abdominis

Required Level: Beginner (Get those Abs!)

Perfect Day to Train: Abs is often targeted amongst other muscle groups. Hit this after arms, or shoulders!

Other Exercises to Consider:

Air Bike Exercise Demonstration Video

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Air Bike Crunches
Air Bike Crunches

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