Best Weight Benches for Home Gym

We’ve discussed building a home gym in depth now for quite a while & it’s quite clear that space is the biggest problem when you’re preparing for purchasing equipment. Measuring your room is also super important, to ensure that your new gear can fit inside the room. This is a mistake I’ve personally made in the past. So please, learn from my errors! Today we look at the best weight benches.

One of the staples of a home gym is the Weight Bench. You really do need a bench if you’re going to target all of the muscle groups successfully. You can probably cope without one, but you’ll have less of an enjoyable experience… and I want you to have fun whilst getting fit!

With covid 19 on the rise again and lockdowns not getting anywhere near over, the only way you can get a good workout is from the comfort of your home.

Besides weights, the weight bench is an essential piece of a home gym if you want to lift weights. On top of that, weight benches are incredibly versatile and enable you to do a wide variety of exercises.

If you already own a set of dumbbells, adding a weight training bench will expand the number of moves you can do with your weights during your home workouts. Your domestic training won’t just go up a notch with bench pressing, but also skull crushers, flyes, and many other exercises.

But, before you open up your wallet, there are quite a few choices you need to consider. Should you go for a fixed or adjustable weight bench? Do you need a bench that comes with a rack? How much weight should it take?

Get the answers to all these questions in this post and learn what some of the best weight benches of 2021 are!

JX Fitness Weight Bench

Best All Round Weight Bench
Initial Thoughts
The JX Fitness Weight Bench is one of the best weight benches you can find on the market. It features a heavy-duty frame, can be adjusted to 6 different incline/decline positions, and it’s incredibly affordable.

JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym Weight Lifting Sit Up Ab Bench Flat Incline Decline Multiuse Exercise Workout...

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Key Information:

Max Weight: 440 lbs / 200 kg


Suitable User Height: 4.9 – 6.9 ft /149 – 201 cm

Warranty: No information provided by the manufacturer


  • Adjustable seat settings
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to store


  • None

JX Fitness Weight Bench Review

This product offers great versatility and excellent built quality for a good price. The JX Fitness Weight Bench is budget-friendly, and for the money, you get more than expected. This workout bench is well suited for daily use, regardless of your fitness level.

This weight bench offers 6 accurate position settings for the body supporting element and 3 positions for the seat. The angles can be adjusted from -20 degrees to 90 degrees. This bench offers fantastic versatility in terms of incline and decline positions. You’ll be able to hit all the muscles in your pecs while doing a bench press.

This weight bench measures 120cm in length and will suit anyone with a height from 4.9 – 6.9 ft (149 – 201 cm). The maximum weight on this model is 440lb (200kg), which is ideal for a home gym.

If you have a small apartment, you’ll be happy to hear that this weights bench is easy to store. The JX Fitness has built-in wheels that make this bench really easy to move once you’re done with your session.

The JX Fitness Bench features a triangular steel frame that is really strong. The steel frame has a thickness of 2mm, which doesn’t sound impressive. However, I can say that it’s really extensive compared to other products with the same price.

When talking about the design, the JX Fitness Bench has a PU leather surface that’s easy to clean. The foam padding is firm, and high-density and the feet on this bench have anti-slip covers that provide great stability.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

Best Weight Support
Initial Thoughts
The Flybird offers 6+4 adjustable positions, making this bench perfect for anyone who wants to target all the muscles in their workout. You’ll get max comfort while working out, and it supports weight up to 230kg / 500lb. It can be folded easily, which is a really great feature because it won’t take up much space.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Benchs (Black)

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5 – Best for powerlifters

Key Information:

Max Weight: 500lb | 227kg

Adjustable: Yes

Suitable User Height: 4.9 – 6.9 ft | 149 – 201 cm



  • Cost-effective
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Maximum load 500lb


  • The seat may feel too narrow

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench Review

The Mardy Flat Utility Weight Bench is the perfect addition to your home gym. This weight bench is perfect for home use regardless of your fitness level. For the price you pay, you’ll get just what you’re expecting – excellent quality and a well-built weight bench.

The Flybird bench features a unique triangular design structure that’s made of heavy-duty steel. It supports up to 500lb weight capacity giving you a safe weightlifting and fitness experience because you don’t have to worry about stability. This model can be compared to a bench you’ll find in a commercial gym, which means it’s a perfect choice even for advanced lifters.

This bench offers 6+4 accurate seat positions. 6 positions for the backseat and 4 for the seat. The versatility of this product is great, and you’ll be able to perform a wide range of exercises. The seat is made from high-quality leather and measures 82 x 24.5 x 34.5 cm. If you have a wide back, the seat may feel a little too narrow for you.

The Flybird measures 80cm in length, 32cm in width, and 30 in height, which means that you can fold it and store it under your bet with ease once you’re done with your workout. What’s more, it’s easy to carry, and there’s no assembly needed.

The Flybird will definitely be the perfect equipment piece you need in your home gym. You can perform a wide range of exercises from sit-ups to Bulgarian split squats.

WINNOW Adjustable Weight Bench

Best For Dumbbell Exercises
Initial Thoughts
This bench is perfect for every type of workout, from dumbbell workouts and incline bench press to leg exercises. It offers 6+4 accurate position settings and great comfort.

WINNOW Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable Home Exercise Gym Workout Bench Incline Decline Flat Bench Press for Full Body Workout

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5 Excellent dumbbell enthusiast’ pick

Key Information:

Max Weight: 300lb | 136kg

Adjustable: Yes

Suitable User Height: 4.9 – 6.9 ft | 149 – 201 cm

Warranty: 1-year warranty on the frame


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports 24+ exercises
  • Non-slip rubber feet


  • Weight support could be better

WINNOW Adjustable Weight Bench Review

The WINNOW Weight Bench is an excellent piece of home gym equipment. This bench offers great versatility, and you’ll be able to perform a full-body workout with it.

This utility bench offers 6 positions for the backseat and 4 accurate positions for the seat, meaning you can kill your workouts with this bench. You can use it as a flat or incline/decline bench to really hit those shoulders, packs, and abs.

The construction is made from heavy-duty steel, meaning it’s very sturdy and durable. This product features a unique triangle design and offers great stability regardless of what exercise you perform on it. The high-density foam padding will all your workouts ultra-comfortable.

The foldable design is a great feature for everyone who doesn’t have much available space in their apartment. You can easily fold this bench and store it under your bed. This weight bench measures 121cm x 37cm x 44cm, and it’s straightforward to assemble.

The structure of the WNNOW Weight Bench is made from sturdy non-slip rubber feet. This means that you don’t have to worry about scratching your floor during your workouts.

Mirafit M2 Adjustable Weight Bench

Best Combination Weight Bench
Initial Thoughts
The MiraFit M2 is a fantastic weight bench for both beginners and advanced lifters. It’s adjustable, meaning that you can use it in both incline and decline positions. The cushion padding measures 5cm in thickness, ensuring maximum comfort during your sessions.

Mirafit M2 Adjustable Weight Bench - Black

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5 Excellent pick for pros and amateurs.

Key Information:

Max Weight: 573lb | 260kg

Adjustable: Yes

Suitable User Height: 4.9 – 6.9 ft | 149 – 201 cm



  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Tools not included

MiraFit M2 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

The MiraFit M2 is a fantastic product that will suit your needs perfectly regardless of your fitness level. It’s suitable for both flat and incline/decline exercises. You’ll be able to really step up your lifting game with this weight bench.

This product offers 6+4 accurate adjustable seat settings. 4 for the seat and 6 for the backrest, meaning you can adjust it easily to your workouts. This bench comes with built-in handles and castors, allowing for easy movement.

The design of this product is really unique and comfortable. The padded black cushions are thick (5cm) and durable, so you can lay and sit comfortably on the bench. The construction is made from steel that measures 7cm x 5 cm steel tubing.

The MiraFit M2 is easy to assemble. However, the thing with this bench is that the tools needed for assembling aren’t included, so you’ll need to get 19mm, 17mm, and 14mm adjustable spanners to assemble it. Neither than that, I can say that there’re really no other downsides to this product.

The maximum user weight on this bench is 260kg (573lb). The MiraFit Weight Bench measures 125cm in length and 55 in width, while the height ranges from 43cm when used as a flat weight bench and 117cm in an incline position.

How To Choose The Best Weight Bench For Your Needs?

No gym is complete without a weight bench. If you’re a beginner or never thought about a home gym, it can be quite confusing figuring out what weight bench will best suit your needs.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry. You can easily find everything you need to know about weight benches on the internet. What’s more, you can always ask people from the weightlifting community for advice or ask them what they think about the bench you plan to buy.

To make things easier for you, I’ve created a short guide that includes the basics of what you need to know when buying a weight bench.

Types Of Weight Benches

There’re three types of weight benches, and which one you’ll choose for your gym is totally up to you. However, one type may be better than another if you want to hit all the muscles. So, let’s dive into the differences of weight benches.

Flat Weight Bench

A flat weight bench is just what its name suggests – flat and can’t be adjusted. It’s the cheapest type of weight bench, so if you’re on a tight budget, this may be the best choice.

Flat Weight Bench

However, I wouldn’t recommend buying the cheapest model you find, since most of the cheap models aren’t of good quality, durability and can’t support much weight.

I would recommend buying a flat weight bench if you’re a beginner or have a really tight budget, but if you’re a more advanced weightlifter who wants to hit all the muscles in your workouts, this may not be the bench you’re looking for.

Adjustable Weight Benches

Adjustable weight benches, aka utility weight benches, are adjustable and can be used by beginners and advanced lifters. These benches allow for a wider range of exercise, so you hit all the muscle groups while working your pecs and shoulders.

Adjustable Weight Bench
Example of an Adjustable Weight Bench

I would recommend this type of weight bench regardless of your fitness level. This is an excellent option for advanced lifters because you can get results equal to those you’ll get in the gym. While for beginners, it’ll serve you longer than a flat bench because as you progress in your workouts, you can easily adjust it to your needs.

You can find adjustable weight benches for £50. However, these are usually less sturdy and offer a small range of adjustments.

I would recommend you save up some money and invest in a good quality bench that ranges between £100 and £400. These weight benches offer a wide range of adjustments and a variety of add-ons.

Barbell Weights Bench

These benches have a permanent barbell rack attached and can be either flat or adjustable. When it comes to barbell rack size, you can choose between a standard rack, mid-size rack, and Olympic rack.

Standard Rack

Hold bars around 5ft and are best suited for beginners. The cost ranges between £150 and £300.

Mid-size Rack

Hold bars around 6ft and are usually more robust and better built than standard racks. You can expect a mid-size rack to cost around  £250-£450.

Olympic Rack

Olympic branches are what you’ll find in almost every commercial gym. They only fit 7ft bars, and I would recommend this type regardless of your fitness level if you plan to invest in something that’ll last long. The cost can be anywhere between £300 and £1,000.

Moving On

The prices I gave you here are a rough estimation because it depends on many factors. Build quality, cushioning, adjustment option, additional features, storage option, and add-ons all greatly impact the price of a barbell weights bench.

Max Bearing Weight

The maximum bearing weight is one of the key factors you should consider when choosing a weight bench. Which bearing weight is best for you depends on your lifting and fitness level. Keep in mind that the bearing weight is your weight plus the weights you work out with.

I would recommend you always go with a higher bearing weight than you need when you’re buying the bench. Why? Because if you’re planning on sticking to your workout, you’ll certainly progress in the weights you’re lifting. So, if you go with a bench with more bearing weight than you need now, you don’t have to worry about replacing your bench for a longer period of time because it’ll support your progress.

Size And Height

If your height is between 5’4” and 5’9”, you don’t have much to worry about the bench’s height. This height range is ideal for almost every workout bench because they usually range from 17” to 18”. However, if you’re taller or shorter than this height range, I recommend you pay more attention to the height of the bench you plan to buy.

The height and size of your bench are critical because you don’t want to compromise your form when performing exercises. You should look for a bench that isn’t too wide for your bench press, and you should be able to rest your feet on the floor comfortably.

Fixed VS Adjustable Bench

I recommend you always choose an adjustable bench if you have the option to. With an adjustable bench, you can perform more different exercises to really hit all the muscles. Adjusting the seat positions and seat angles will provide you with more comfort and give you space to progress better and faster in your workout since you’ll have more workout options than with a flat bench.

Do You Need A Rack On A Weight Bench?

Whether you need a rack on your home weight bench depends on if you own dumbbells or a barbell. If you prefer to perform more exercises with dumbbells, I wouldn’t recommend getting a classic bench. However, if you like to bench press with a barbell, make sure you buy one with a rack.

If you’re a beginner and aren’t sure if you need one, I recommend not getting a bench with a rack. I think dumbbells are better for beginners because you can focus more on the proper form while performing an exercise rather than focusing on the weight you’re lifting.

Best Weight Benches: Final Thoughts

That concludes our in-depth check into the best weight benches for your home gym. I have ensured that all areas are covered, finding weight benches with squat racks, to basic premium weight benches. You should now be prepared to purchase and finish off your home gym setup. If you have a Weight bench which you think should make the cut for this article, let me know below! I’m always open to suggestions.

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