The Best Whey Protein for Daily Use in 2023

Today we are on the search for the Best Whey Protein Flavour. There’s nothing worse than receiving a 2.5kg bag of protein with a flavour that you just can’t stomach.

The struggle is real. Hitting your daily goal for protein is required for you to build more muscle, but it can be quite difficult in doing so. The stated ‘dosage’ of protein in take should be around 2 grams per kilo that you weight, which gives me a 168 grams of protein to find.

It wouldn’t be possible, physically or financially to keep on stuffing my face full of Chicken, Eggs & Steak. I couldn’t afford to do this, but I also just wouldn’t be hungry enough. Fortunately, Protein Manufacturers know this & have decided to fix things for aspiring bodybuilders.

Companies such as MyProtein, The Protein Works & Bulk Powders have been tweaking their whey protein flavours, to offer every customer something which suits them. Today, we are going to be looking at the best whey protein for daily use, finding the brands and flavours which will suit regular use. I’m sure you’ve been there before, you’ve just received a 2.5kg bag of whey protein and the flavour, taste and consistency resembles something from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here… This post should help you find a protein powder which you can endulge in twice a day, if required.

Protein Flavours

Taste is a subjective thing, so instead of choosing crazy flavours like Cinnamon Danish, Chocolate Caramel etc, I have chosen more refined flavours which should suit everybody. I will also be comparing the manufacturers equal base ranges, for equality & transparency.

Best Whey Protein: Daily Use


Whey Protein 80

By The Protein Works

The Whey Protein 80 by The Protein Works offers a good amount of protein per serving, which is also light on your wallet. We managed to grab a kilo of their Millionaire’s Shortbread, but this wasn’t a lucky guess. I’ve had this flavour for quite a while, using it in their Meal Replacement range. It tastes the exact same in this range, with little hints of chocolate alongside a strong digestive biscuit taste.

With 19 grams of protein per serving, it’s a great way to hit your daily target. Millionaire’s shortbread does sound like it would be sickly, but I assure you that it’s not.


Impact Whey Protein

By MyProtein

Although I think that specific flavours are a nice touch, It can be hard to find a taste that suits you. Although I may rave about a specific flavour, it doesn’t guarantee that you will like it. However, I think I’ve found one with the Impact Whey Protein range over at MyProtein. It’s not the most exciting flavour… it’s vanilla.

I’m a huge fan of the myprotein range and recently conducted a test into all of their flavours. It took a while, but it was quite the experience.

I’ve placed this one second as Vanilla isn’t seen as the most exciting option for a daily drink. The truth is, committing to a single flavour for a month or more will become a little tedious. The benefits of Vanilla is that you can always blend it into a smoothie, or more.

With 20 grams of protein per serving, MyProtein is a leader for the highest protein shake. It is however, 5 calories more per serving… but you can expect this with it having more protein content.


Pure Whey Protein


BULK have re-branded from Bulk Powders, so don’t be fooled by thinking this is a new company. They know their stuff, with quite a large range of protein powders on offer. With Bulk, I have something for the sweet-tooths out there.

They have a specific flavour Protein Powder which will blow your mind, it’s called Birthday Cake.

This tastes delicious & you can actually get the feeling of those hundreds & thousands which are planted on top of buttercream icing sugar. If you’re in the office and need a daily pick-me-up, this can offer the much needed boost.

The BULK servings are a little different, requiring 30g scoops instead of 25g. So, on the surface, the protein content will look a lot higher at 22.4 grams per serving. When calculated to match the above, it’s around the same.

Protein Brand:Protein per ServingCarbs Per ServingFats Per ServingPrice Per Serving
Whey Protein 80 (The Protein Works)19g1.8g1.8g£0.38
Impact Whey Protein (MyProtein)20g1.6g1.8g£0.35
Pure Whey Protein (BULK)22.4g2.6g2.5g£0.39


We’ve finished up this one, and I just want to make one comment regarding the above table. The average price per serving was made up of choosing 1kg bags of protein. If you choose a larger bag, the price will come down.

Also, the stats look to show Bulk as the most protein, but the serving sizes are bigger.

That concludes our hunt for the best daily protein shake. We’ve found some lovely tasting shakes, including Birthday Cake for the sweet-tooths. If you need a daily drink you can chug without any issues, the Vanilla could be your thing.

Finally, the Millionaire’s Shortbread. It won’t replace the actual pudding, but it’s a good option if you need a rich shake that will fill you up for the afternoon, before it’s time for your pre-workout & gym session!

The Best Whey Protein for Daily Use in 2023
The Best Whey Protein for Daily Use in 2023

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