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There’s nothing like that first time you use resistance bands in your workout; that realization that you don’t need all those kettlebells and weights. You don’t even need a bench. As it turns out, all you really need is some elasticated resistance bands, some advice and guidance on how to effectively use them in a workout, and the right handles to grip them with. You’d be amazed at the fact that this really is all you need to build muscle and get fit.

FitBeast Exercise Resistance Bands Set, Up to 100 lbs Fitness Stretch Workout Bands with 5 Fitness Tubes, 4 Foam Handles,...

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With so much choice for resistance bands, it’s only natural you’d find yourself unsure where to even begin. If you’re looking for a complete set of bands to get the job done, then look no further than Fitbeast. The Fitbeast resistance bands are a collection of five resistance bands for complete value for money. These five bands cover the full spectrum to give you every resistance level you could want. The pack also includes some additional extras. To be honest, even if you have resistance bands at home these extras alone would still be worth the cost of the set.

The package includes changeable endings for the bands, a video course complete with a registration number, foam handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, and what we would consider some of the best customer services you could ask for. Every athlete gets more than they bargained for with this resistance bands set.

What are Fitbeast Resistance Bands?

A Brief Introduction

The Fitbeast resistance bands are a great way to get a full-body workout at home without having to break the bank. Whether you’re a beginner, a regular gym rat, or a professional athlete, these resistance bands are a great way to get some strength training in. The description for the bands mentions they are made from environmentally-friendly materials, including natural latex. Natural latex is known for being durable and elastic; an excellent choice for this kind of product. You need something with enough elasticity to stretch and not is ruined when put back together again.

You can use the resistance bands together or separately to get the workout that you want. You can combine the products and use different bands together to get an increased total resistance. For example, you could combine the 15lb and 20lb bands and get 35lb of total resistance. The set offers a total of 100lb of resistance, for those who feel like a real change. Mix up your training menu with the different modules and see how things go. Variety is the spice of life, especially with exercise. The more options you have, the more motivated you are to keep going.

What’s In the Box?

What’s included?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the contents of the resistance bands set. The box includes five colour-coded resistance bands. The different colours denote different levels of resistance for each resistance band. A little more on what the different colours mean. First, it’s worth adding that the box includes two sets of foam handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor to attach the Fitbeast resistance to a door for an effective workout. You also get a Fitbeast bag to hold everything in for easy transportation.

Every resistance band includes a D-ring on both ends. This ring is where you attach the door anchor or ankle straps, depending on your preferred workout. All the bands are 48 inches long, which is more than enough room for any user. One Amazon reviewer mentioned they had no problem using the fitness tubes even though they were over six feet tall.

Here’s a breakdown of the different resistance levels for each band:

  • Yellow band = 10lbs
  • Blue band = 15lbs
  • Green band = 20lbs
  • Black band = 25lbs
  • Red band = 30lbs

You can get more control of the resistance levels by changing your workout. The bands offer a full spectrum of up to 100lbs of resistance when used with the right combination of bands and exercise techniques. This is one fitness stretch that you won’t soon forget.

To summarize, here’s everything included in the box;

  1. 5 resistance bands with different resistance levels
  2. 2 cushion handles to better grip the bands
  3. 2 ankle straps to secure the bands to your ankles
  4. 1 door anchor to connect the bands to a door
  5. 1 poster covered in potential exercises you can do
  6. 1 water-proof carry bag for storing and traveling with the bands
  7. Video exercise guide

Small Touches Make a Big Difference

Effective Resistance Bands

They say it’s the little things in life that matter. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Fitbeast resistance bands. It’s those little touches that make the resistance bands set stand out from the crowd. These features include the fact the resistance bands are waterproof. In this case, that’s an indication that they are sweatproof more than anything else. You can expect a great workout, but these bands can take it. The bag you keep them in is just as sweatproof.

Other little touches include the extra handles and the spare set of handles. Not only is it more convenient to have a spare set, but it also means that two people could use the set at the same time. You and a partner could share the home gym together and exercise with different items at the same time.

Don’t worry if you’ve already forgotten what the different colour-coded bands mean. The Fitbeast resistance bands all have the same base resistance level printed at the end of the band. This is another excellent little touch that goes a long way to improving usability. You won’t have to stop your workout to check the manual to see which band was best for a beginner after all. Just check the ends of the resistance band to see the different settings. This is great as you don’t want to have to stop your workout to check what you’re doing.

PDF and Video Tutorials

Customer Support & Training

Every set of resistance bands is unique in that it has a registration number. Take your registration number and use it to sign up for the FitBeast platform. The platform is the ultimate companion for anyone using these high-quality resistance bands. You’ll get access to plenty of videos showcasing how to effectively use the bands. There are video guides for exercises of all skill levels, designed for both men and women. The content on the platform includes everything you need to know about how to use these bands for strength training, toning, muscle building, physical therapy, and so much more.

Most people focus on exercising their arms and chest with fitness stretch bands, the truth is they can be used for so much more. With the right technique, you can work your abs, legs, and other areas that free weights will never reach. It’s amazing what resistance bands can do if you give them the chance. Consider reading up on some information about the products to learn more about what you can do with them.

Fitbeast Resistance Benefits

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to enjoying when you purchase these high-quality fitness products;

  1. Adjustable resistance

One of the great benefits of resistance bands is that it’s so easy to adjust the resistance level to suit your fitness level. There are three ways to do this. The first is to choose a different resistance band from among the five bands included in the kit. The second is to combine the different bands for more resistance. The third option is to increase the distance from the anchor and stretch the band further. The further you have to pull the band, the more energy it takes and the more resistance you face doing so. More resistance leads to better results. As they say, “go big or go home.”

  1. Plenty of travel flexibility

It’s all too easy to pack the set up into the little travel bag included in the package. You’ll have no problem storing the bands away if you don’t have much room in your home for them. The limited weight of the bands also makes them an ideal travel companion. It’s so small and light that you could include them with your hand luggage if you needed them.

  1. Exercise Poster

The company includes a brilliant poster packed full of potential exercises to add to your training menu. The poster also makes for excellent inspiration for beginners who don’t have many exercises in their internal exercise repertoire.

What do Customers Have to Say?

Customer Reviews

One way to get an idea of the quality of something is to see what others have to say about it. If other people are content with their purchase, then chances are you will be too. The good news on that front is that these resistance bands have proven to be some of the most popular in the United Kingdom. Many people have come forward to leave their feedback on the Fon these resistance bands. Of course, there’s a healthy mix of criticism in there too. Nothing is perfect; not even the Fitbeast resistance bands.

With that said, most of the feedback appears to be positive. Most people who praise the bands make special mention of the quality of the bands and their versatility. Some people found themselves surprised at the power of resistance bands, wondering why they had never tried them before.

Given that new feedback rolls in all the time, it’s worth taking a look at the reviews yourself to see if the general consensus is still positive. There’s a lot of praise for customer service in particular, including one person who changed their review from a 2-star-rating to a 4-star-rating after having their problem solved.

Final Thoughts


The resistance bands have proven to be some of the most popular in the United Kingdom. You get plenty of workout choices at a relatively affordable price with the set. That you can put them away and store them in a waterproof bag is an excellent little touch. Compared to investing in a home gym or free weights like barbells and dumbbells, a resistance band feels like a bargain for anyone looking for good exercise.

FitBeast resistance bands offer a completely new way of getting a workout. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your muscles seem to grow and get more defined when using these bands. The flexibility the bands offer is one of the best things about the products. People are posting all over Facebook and other social media sites with some of the creative ways they’ve found to train. You’ll be able to work out anywhere you want, whether it’s finding a few minutes to train on the train or when taking a business trip. The door anchor means you can attach the items to any door you can find. The bag is small enough to take the bands through customs and airport security without any problems. You can put your new purchase straight into your hand luggage for even less trouble. This is an excellent set of products for busy business professionals who don’t have the room to invest in a home gym.

The package includes five bands, all of which are colour coded and come with ankle straps and foam handles. The kit also includes door anchors, a PDF guide, and guided video workouts. It’s not difficult to see why the bands have a 4+ star rating on eBay Inc and Amazon.

To summarize: we would be more than happy to recommend these resistance bands. The bands quickly pay for themselves as you’ll spend less time – and less money – in the gym.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Please feel free to share your own thoughts on the product and share our review with friends and family.

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