Gym Timer Clocks for your Home Gym

Today we are going to look at something which isn’t physical equipment you can use in your gym, but it’s more-so something which will improve your workouts subliminally.

We are looking into digital clocks which can be used in your home gym specifically looking for the best gym clock.

They’re often used in boxing gyms as ideal guides for round timers, but they can also be used in crossfit & HIIT circuit training. Today, I’ll discuss everything that you need to know about these and explain if you really need one.

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BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote for Home...

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Should I Buy a Gym Timer Clock?

Do I need a Gym Timer?

These gym clocks are classed as large gym clocks, but they aren’t as big as you’d think. Typically, they will measure a maximum of around 35cm, which won’t actually look out of place mounted to your wall.

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s more than a clock. It’s a timer! If you’ve got a boxing focused gym, then something which can operate as a round timer is definitely going to be beneficial to you. If you’re doing a typical push-pull workout, then you’re less likely to require a gym timer. You can set a clock for gym up using your mobile phone, or just use a plain and simple timer.

They’re not a ‘must have’ piece of equipment, but gym timers do offer their own benefits which can see you increase the work-rate of your exercises.

One of my favourite features about a dedicated gym timer is that it completely reduces the amount of time that you spend on your phone. If you have to stop your exercise and unlock your phone to set your timer, you’re also increasing the potential that you’ll stop working out completely. How?

You might receive a text or email which you could respond to. It could be something as little as a notification for your favourite mobile game, trying to reel you back in. The truth is, they’re mojo killers. The amount of times that I’ve been in the zone has been destroyed by my own mobile, which is why I try to leave my phone in another room completely.

Benefits of Home Gym Clocks

Advantages of a Gym Timer

There’s quite a few advantages of having one of these, which is something that I never thought I would have said before.

You’ll be able to achieve far more from your training session, as you’ll be battling the clock. Without this, you could be more inclined to cut your workout short. This is something which I have definitely benefitted from, as now I ensure that I don’t leave that gym until the gym timer strikes zero.

If you’re doing some High Intensity Interval Training, you’ll also be able to master your timings with a professional gym timer. HIIT is where you exercise at full intensity for a period, before having a short rest period. It’s a great way to strip fat & it’s also quite challenging and fun.

Rest periods in the gym are really important. Quite often, you may think to yourself “Yeah, I’ve had around 30 seconds rest there”. In fact, you might have day-dreamed and rested for a little longer. This can cause more harm, as your body enters cooldown mode and isn’t prepared for vigorous exercise.

In addition to the above, you’ll also be able to master your own timing. You’ll be able to understand exercises more, how long you need for each one & how long your gym workouts should last.

What are the Problems with them?

Potential Drawbacks

Working against the clock can stress some people out. If you’re only mid-workout but your gym timer says you’ve got 10 minutes left… you could get a little stressed and look at cutting corners. However, gym timers are adjustable and you’ll be able to add time into the settings so that this doesn’t occur.

What to Expect

Gym Timer Features

It’s important not to think of your gym timer as just another standard clock. It’s more advanced than that… but it also won’t tell you the time. Remember, these are workout timers.

Gym Timers do come with different features, but I’ll give a little description of the things that you should expect from yours below (alongside questions you might be asking):

  • Pre-set Interval Structures: You should be able to mix and match the intervals, customising them to your specific requirements. For example, HIIT or Boxing rounds.
  • Remote Control: Is it a basic remote control which will eat batteries? Are there lots of complicated buttons?
  • Noise & Sounds: Does the Timer Beep or Buzz when the round is complete, to advise you?
  • Size: Is the Gym Timer a good size, or far too large (or small!)
  • Brightness: How bright is the timer? Can the Brightness be adjusted?

What are the Best Gym Timers?


Best Value Gym Timer

BTBSign LED Interval Timer
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BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote for Home...

Last update was on: July 6, 2022 2:48 pm

This BTBSign LED Interval timer is our favourite gym timer out of the bunch, due to it’s range of features alongside an excellent price.

It’s no surprise to also see this as Amazon’s best selling Gym Timer. Let’s take a look at why.

BTBSign made this Gym Clock to measure up at 27.9cm in length, which makes this the perfect size. It’s not too big that it will look out of place, yet it’s big enough that you can see it from the other side of the room. It’s surprisingly light, weighing just under 600g.

There are 5 different modes on this timer:

  • Normal Time Mode: A Simple clock with 12hr/24hr format. Perfect for when you just need a clock.
  • Interval Timer: Set specific intervals & this will notify you when to workout or rest.
  • Countdown Mode: Set a time and the clock will countdown the timer.
  • Count Up Mode: Set the clock and it will start counting up, ideal for checking your performance.
  • Stopwatch mode: A simple in-built stopwatch which can be set.

There are also customisable workout timers which allow you to program and store workouts, setting the amount of work time vs amount of rest time. The timer physically beeps when it’s time to rest, before getting ready to go again on the next stage of your circuit.

You can mount this on a wall, hang it from the ceiling or place it on a shelf. The LED display is super-bright and clear, so you shouldn’t have any issues regardless of where you decide to fix this up.

There’s a little bit of a learnig curve with the remote, as there’s quite a few buttons and options on there. For example, at first I would set the timer and then run to get into position, losing a few seconds from the timer. It wasn’t until I read the manual that I found a button which does a quick 10 second countdown before the specific interval countdown begins. Operator error!

At £60, it’s the cheapest interval timer that I’ve found & it also does a perfect job.


Pellor Interval Timer

Best Value Gym Timer
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PELLOR 1.8" Fitness Training Timer Remote Control Interval Training Gym Interval Timer...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: July 6, 2022 2:48 pm

Next up we have the Pellor Training Timer. This is a little more expensive, but you do seem to get your money’s worth in build quality. For example, the timer is encased in a strong frame which can be adjusted to match the angle you require.

This has been recently improved to provide a 95db alert when the time has been reached. It’s certainly loud enough for you to notice, even with your music playing. It has the exact same modes, which seem to be a standard with this product.

It’s a little bit longer than our previous reviewed timer, with this one measuring 34 centimeters. This could well be due to the fact is has a wider bezel casing.


Jordan Professional Gym Timer

Premium Brand Gym Timer

Jordan Digital Timer Clock - 6 digit (UK 3 Pin Plug)

Key Features: 12/24H Clock Training time in seconds Rest period Timer Remote Control Start/Stop Countdown/Count up Stopwatch mode Save times and Data Comes with instructions ...
in stock

Immediately, you will notice that this Gym Timer costs a lot more than it’s competitors. This is because it’s made by Jordan Fitness, who create higher-end fitness equipment. As they’re a company which manufacturer their own goods, they command a higher fee.

Honestly, this has been added mainly to show you just how good value the first two are. I really wouldn’t advise that you pay anymore than £100 for a gym timer, especially if you’re working on a budget. They will make a difference to your workout certainly, but I can’t justify advising £200+.

Gym Timer Buyer Guide

Although something like a gym timer doesn’t seem like a big purchase, it’s important that you make the right decision and make the purchase that’s most suitable for you.

On Amazon, every product description that you read will try and persuade you to purchase, as that’s the whole aim of them. They aren’t all created equally though, and there’s a few things to look out for. I mentioned this earlier, but now it’s time to get a little more in-depth.

Ease of Use (Remote Control)

Your remote control is going to be extremely important, as it’s your primary method to controlling your gym timer and ensuring the settings are correct. These timers come with a remote that has quite a lot of settings on, so it’s important that it’s not too complicated to use.

Gym Timer Brightness

Before checking out these gym timers, I wouldn’t have thought ‘too bright’ could be a negative thing. However, some interval timers do have really bright settings, which are probably more suited to an outdoor event. In a compact home gym, it could leave you squinting at it, unable to make out the time that’s remaining on display.

Audible Notifications

These gym clocks aren’t smart devices, so they won’t say ‘time’s up Luke, have a break now for 30 seconds’. Instead, you will receive buzz signals or beeps which will advise you that it’s time to rest or restart your workout.

The likelihood is that you’ll also have your own music playing in the gym, so the beeps need to be loud. Fortunately, the beeps range from between 80-100db so they’re plenty enough for you to hear them.

You may find a device though which doesn’t have a buzzer at all. Whilst these tend to be cheaper, it’s going to be something which you’ll struggle to work with.

Who can benefit from a Gym Timer?

  • Anyone that uses a Home Gym, but doesn’t give it 100% every training session.
  • People with limited time to workout.
  • HIIT or Crossfit enthusiasts that want to perfect their time keeping.
  • Boxing enthusiasts who want to simulate combat rounds.

How can a Gym Timer improve your workout?

Gym Timers have different settings, which means that there are various ways to benefit. My favourite method is to set my gym timer to Countdown, then I will set the workout time.

I won’t leave that gym until the timer is on zero. This completely decreases the chance that I’ll cut my workout short, which is very easy to do when training at home. If you smell food cooking, or need to respond to an email etc. There are other methods which you can also benefit from in a similar way.

What Modes should a gym timer have?

  • Normal Time Mode
  • Interval Timer
  • Countdown Mode
  • Count Up Mode
  • Stopwatch mode

Free Alternatives to A Gym Timer

If you’re working on a tight budget, you might not be able to add a Gym timer immediately. That’s fine, as you can keep this on your wishlist and upgrade when you have the money.

You can get alternatives to a physical gym timer, which will run from your mobile phone. This is great, for a part-time solution. It does however, come with it’s own disadvantages.

Most phones now come with in-built timers, and you’ll probably find a few good ones on your app store too. Although they won’t be physical timers, they will all still provide audible notifications.

The problem with these? They’re operating from your mobile phone. This means that you’ll have to be unlocking it regularly & changing settings. Even worse, on a day where you aren’t feeling 100% motivated there’s a chance that you’ll just sit on your gym bench and then scroll through social media.

I’ve done it in the past, it’s a workout destroyer!

Should I Buy a Gym Timer?


A Gym Timer is definitely worth the investment, but I’d definitely recommend filling your gym full of desired equipment first. A Timer won’t make you stronger on it’s own as you still need equipment to work out with. However, they can definitely give you that extra 5% which will help you make appropriate gains, long term.

BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote for Home Gym Fitness (Two Blue+Four Red)

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Last update was on: July 6, 2022 2:48 pm
in stock

My go-to pick would be the above Gym Timer by BTBSign, as it’s great value and it’s easy to use.

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