Isogym Adjustable Dumbbell Review: 2-20kg

Adjustable Dumbbells offer an extremely cost-effective alternative when building your home gym. Read on to find out why we recommend these.
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We’ve been reviewing Gym equipment for a while now. After reviewing the latest craze, which is Adjustable Dumbbells, we noticed that there was a newcomer to the market which had absolutely crushed the competition’s pricing model. First thoughts? Is it cheap for a reason!

Not one to judge a book by its cover, or a Dumbbell by it’s cost… I decided there would be only one way to check this product out…

Isogym Adjustable Dumbbell order summary

Let’s get into this hands on review & assess whether these were a good addition to my home gym.

Isogym Adjustable Dumbbell Review: 2-20KG

First thoughts: (Hands-on review)
This certainly feels like a premium dumbbell. The handle has a black rubber grip which is very comfortable to hold. It arrives in a base station and this is durable and sturdy enough to hold the weights, when the dumbbell is in use. The weights increase to 20kg, which is sufficient for most exercises… but you’ll probably already have a barbell and weights for other movements.
  • 16 different weight combinations
  • Twist & Turn Technology
  • Base Station Included for Storage
  • One Dumbbell in Package
  • 2-20kg Adjustables

Our thoughts on these Dumbbells

Full In-Depth Review

I want to start this review by stating that this wasn’t a paid review, where I will be persuading my audience to buy this dumbbell. I had to reach out and contact ISOGYM, requesting for a demonstration pair of dumbbells to be sent out to me, so I could physically review them.

I noticed that there were around 50 reviews on Amazon for this, all with a 5 star rating. That’s quite hard to achieve & I wanted to get these in hand, for myself.

I had to wait for the dumbbells to arrive in stock, before I could get some delivered to my home gym. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive, as I wanted to find out whether they were actually any good.

I’ve found a few cheaper items online before, but been disappointed by the quality of the product. However, I cannot complain at what I received, these dumbbells look the real deal, on first impression.

Style & Quality

The first thing that you can notice is the styling of this dumbbell. In a modern fashion, ISOGYM have adopted a fully black dumbbell, with chrome handles. In the centre of the handle you’ll find the rubber handle grip, which is also the mechanism used for twisting and adjusting the weight.

Isogym dumbbell review

Sticking with the black theme, ISOGYM also include a base station for each dumbbell. This is a great little addition, as it means that you won’t be struggling to store them away. They store easily.

I really thought that the quality would take a slight dip with these adjustable dumbbells, but they’re quite brilliant. The plastic isn’t brittle, it’s high quality stuff that I would expect could survive a drop. However, I wouldn’t advise dropping them! I don’t even advise dropping a barbell on a floor… with padded foam tiles! It’s just good practice in general to look after your equipment. Due to the technology involved in these dumbbells, you really should avoid dropping them whatsoever.

It’s worth noting that although these are £179.99, that’s the price for a single dumbbell. To complete various exercises, (chest press, shrugs & more) you will need another dumbbell.

Isogym adjustable dumbbell review

Although you won’t get much change from £360, this is significantly cheaper than purchasing a full set of dumbbells, alongside the benefit that they take up much less space. You will also not be able to find a pair of adjustable dumbbells cheaper than this.

Are these suitable for you?

Specification & Weight Ranges

I really like this dumbbell & although it’s a great dumbbell, the 20kg limit is just a little bit low for my liking. There are some competitor dumbbells which facilitate upto 32.5kg per dumbbell… which is moreso suites for a trainer that’s been lifting for 5 years plus.

The weight increments are good too, steadily increasing to the 20kg limit. This is great for super-setting etc. The Weight increments are; 2.3kg, 3.8kg, 4.2kg, 5.3kg, 5.8kg, 6.8kg, 7.2kg, 8.4kg, 8.8kg, 10.3kg, 12.5kg, 14.5kg, 15.5kg, 17.5kg, 18.5kg and 20kg

This doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend this set, I think they’re great. However, it’s only fair on a hands on review to explain what it does well & what could improve further. It’s worth noting that ISOGYM are a new company that are openly talking with their customers, so we could well see a new set developed which is aimed towards heavier lifters.

Isogym Adjustable Dumbbell maximum weight

I don’t think the 20kg limit is going to be an issue for most people, as these will be added to a home gym where you will most likely already have a power rack, barbell etc. This means that your bench press can still be completed on the barbell, without the need to switch to dumbbells.

The adjustable dumbbell has plenty of other weight options, with 16 adjustments in total. You can select:

You can easily see which weight you’ve selected, as there’s a little display grid on the sides of the handle. There’s a great little touch for anyone who struggles with conversions… the display shows the weight in both Kilograms and pounds.

To change your weight, you simply twist the central dumbbell handle, whilst the weight is in the base station.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells better than standard ones?

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

There’s quite a few benefits of using these dumbbells, but there’s no greater benefit than the space that you’ll save in your home gym. I have just upgraded from Independent dumbbells to these adjustables as my dumbbell rack takes up too much space.

Isogym adjustable dumb bell review

Until I tried adjustable dumbbells, I didn’t actually realise how much space these things save. When I’m not using the dumbbells, I put them inside my power rack and I have the whole gym floor. Normally, the Dumbbell rack will take up around 20% of my gym floor, as I need 10 sets of dumbbells to accomodate between 2kg and 30kg.

These are super portable, so you can also take these in the car with you, making them perfect for personal trainers who have to do home visits.

Using your Adjustable dumbbells

The biggest learning curve with adjustable dumbbells is learning how to physically increase or decrease the weight. It’s not difficult, but if you haven’t done it before it will take a little bit of getting used to. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to change the weight in less than one second, opposed to adding or removing weights which would take a few minutes in most cases.

With the dumbbell in the base, twist the dumbbell handle until the display shows your required weight. Remember, it shows up in both pounds and kilos… which is a great touch.

The weights that aren’t used will remain in the base station, ready to be re-applied upon completion of the exercise. Although this dumbbell is a mechanical masterpiece, it’s really simple to use which makes it a great addition to your collection.

Initially, putting them away was also a little bit of a struggle. However, after 4 days I had mastered it… and I think I’m a slower learner than most!

Our Final Thoughts

This isn’t a cheap dumbbell. You won’t find a dumbbell with this adjustable technology that is ‘cheap’, as the technology used is quite expensive to make. However, in terms of adjustable dumbbells, this is certainly one of the best priced dumbbells that you will find.

It’s really impressive that ISOGYM have made this free weight at their pricing point, and I did expect the quality to be lacking in terms of the competitors. However, it’s really surprised me and it’s become one of my favourite options.

The weight may be lacking for some heavier lifters, but 20kg should be plenty for a wide range of exercises. I only expect exercises such as the shoulder press to be a problem with this weight, but then you can always use your barbell for that!

ISOGYM Adjustable Dumbbells 20kg

If you combine the cost of buying 16 different dumbbells and buying a pair of adjustables, there’s one clear winner. A pair of 20kg dumbbells will set you back around £110, which doesn’t leave much more room for you to order 15 different sets!

I would certainly recommend this as one of the best adjustable dumbbells for a home gym, as the combination of the cash, space & time saving benefits outweigh the negatives that I could find. I really don’t think you can go wrong if you order these. The only issue that you may face is that they’re 20kg maximum, which could limit some of your movements (you’ll have to use your barbell instead).

That signs off this Isogym adjustable dumbbell review, so stay tuned for more product reviews & exercise guides.

9 Total Score
Excellent Value Adjustable Dumbbells

ISOGYM have created their twist on Adjustable Dumbbells, which are exceptional value. Ranging from 3kg to 20kg, we explain why you need to grab a pair for your home gym.

Value for Money
  • Fantastic Space Saving
  • Much cheaper than a Full Rack
  • High Quality
  • 20kg is Light for Experienced Lifters
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