ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell Review: 3kg to 18kg

I’ve openly been a big fan of ISOGYM, ever since reviewing their Adjustable Dumbbells. It seems that they’re building a great brand of reliable exercise equipment, which doesn’t cost a fortune.

Their latest product is the Kettlebell, which they’ve transformed to make it an Adjustable Kettlebell. I ordered one, in order to test the quality and provide my thoughts. (OK, honestly… Mrs HGR wanted a set of kettlebells, so I decided to invest in these high-tech space saving ones).

They’re incredibly cheap in comparison to others on the market, but has the build quality paid the price of this? Well before I knew it, I had signed for my kettlebell and it was time to unbox and get testing.


Let’s get straight into this one, checking the quality and craftmanship that went into them.

Isogym Adjustable Kettlebell: 3-18KG

The Best Priced Adjustable Kettlebell

ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set (Quick Safe Locking Mechanism) 7+ Weight Selections

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First thoughts: (Hands-on review)
Delivery was super-fast. Initial thoughts are that this is a premium kettlebell. The Build Quality is fantastic. Excellent overall finish. The handle is quite large, but it’s important to remember that this is an 18kg kettlebell. Changing the weights is simple & it has a thick rubber base to stop your floor being scratched. It’s a bargain for £149.99 & works out cheaper than buying individual kettlebells.
  • Best Priced Adjustable Kettlebell
  • 3-18kg Weight Increments
  • High Quality Finish
  • Pull Mechanism Was Stiff at first
  • 7 Weight Combinations
  • Pull & Slide Weight Change Technology
  • Easy Adjusting
  • One Kettlebell in Package
  • 3-18kg Adjustable Weight Range

Our thoughts on this Kettlebell

Full In-Depth Review

This is the first & probably the only review where we will get Mrs HGR involved. I’m going to be explaining all of the technical bits on this one, then she’s going to take over & let you all know how it feels during a workout. She’s always using normal kettlebells, so she can give her thoughts on if these are better than traditional kettlebells.

ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell

The truth is, apart from the physical weight plate separation, the Isogym Adjustable Kettlebell looks just like a traditional one. It’s got a little bit more about it, but if you had to draw the outline, they would look identical. We’ve seen some kettlebells which look more like blocks of bricks with handles, so it’s good to see these sticking to their roots.

The handle of the kettlebell is absolutely solid, nice and wide so you can get a solid grip of it. This is important if you’re doing the heavier end of the weight spectrum, as you’ll need to ensure you have a good grip. When I was changing the weights, the pull back fitting was a little stiff at first, but this could be due to it not being used before.

When you learn that you get 7 different kettlebell weights for £149.99, it soon becomes apparant that it’s incredible value. Take a look below at the price of one single 20kg kettlebell.

Are kettlebells suitable for you?

Specification & Weight Ranges

It will do the job of 7 Kettlebells, with weight increments from 3kg, all the way to 18kg. The individual increments are:

  • 3.4 kg
  • 5.5 kg
  • 8 kg
  • 10.7 kg
  • 13.4kg
  • 15.9 kg
  • 18 kg

I think weight range will suit everyone, as it’s rare that I’ve used the kettlebells beyond 18kg. Typically, when it’s time for 20kg+, you’ll switch over to a barbell.

These kettlebells are suitable for anyone that would benefit from a wide range of kettlebells, but you don’t want the hassle of storing 14 different kettlebells. With these, you’re storing a single item.

IsoGym Kettlebell Handle Size

Are Adjustable Kettlebells better than standard ones?

Benefits of Adjustable Kettlebells

Before I had opened the box at the top of this post, I would have been on the fence. I don’t really use kettlebells enough to warrant having a full rack of them, but Mrs HGR is already well impressed with them. It’s either that, or she’s happy that she’s mastered some technology without receiving an error message!

Jokes aside, I am completely engrossed with the adjustable technology now. I’ve actually got rid of my old dumbbell rack now, which has been replaced with a floor standing punch bag, because I need a change from Cycling on an upright bike! The Kettlebells won’t replace the dumbbells, but I have their sister-product in the adjustable dumbbells too.

The biggest thing that may be holding people back from purchasing these kettlebells are the fact that it’s just one unit. It’s a bit like the saying “What weighs more, a tonne of bricks, or a tonne of feathers?”

90% of people will immediately focus on the bricks, rather than the weight. In this instance, they’d prefer to have 7 physical kettlebells, as it looks more than having one kettlebell. I think you have to consider the kettlebell as the ultimate swiss army knife.

Using your Isogym Kettlebells

How Adjustable Kettlebells work

These are really easy to use. I thought that I’d have to do some twist action, like you have to with dumbbells. However, it’s even easier. The top of the kettlebell contains a Pull & Slide locking system. You literally pull the pin towards yourself and spin it to the right.

This unlocks the mechanism which is storing the weights. You then have the option of slightly tilting the kettlebell to release the weight plate, or pulling the weights off individually.


A fantastic touch that ISOGYM have added here is that they haven’t favoured either Kilograms or Pounds. On the left, you can see the weight in KG, with LBs on the right side of the weight plate.

At first, it might come as a shock that these are physical weight plates, with a mould through the centre for attaching to the base of the kettlebell. You’ll be able to see below just how these slot into the centre of the handle.

IsoGym Kettlebells Adjust Weight

You’ll also notice that each weight plate is individually numbered. I found this out because I did a full construction of the kettlebell, I’m not here just to take fancy pictures…

The numbering on the kettlebell is great, as it means that you can’t get it wrong when rebuilding the kettlebell. The weight plates are all different sizes, starting off small and then getting larger towards the centre before finishing off smaller to create a round shape.

Weight plate number one is the weight which sits at the top of the kettlebell and so on. It wouldn’t be impossible to fix these together without those numbers, but it sure makes things a lot easier.

Once you’ve adjusted the kettlebell to the weight that you require, slide that mechanism at the top to the Locked position & start your workout. It’s really as easy as that.


Our Final Thoughts

ISOGYM have made a fantastic kettlebell which will offer serious competition on the rest of the market. Regarding the pricing, another thing that I’m really impressed by is the fact that they’ve not increased their prices during lockdown. Yes, they’ve struggled for stock at key points, but so have all manufacturers. We’ve seen no end of big brands that have increased their prices.

ISOGYM seem to have a great conscience alongside their customer service. Although I must admit, other than placing the order I haven’t contacted their Customer Service department. There’s no issues with my kettlebell.

These have a happy place in my home gym & I’m sure they’ll take up a similar spot with your workout equipment. I’ve also ranked these as the best adjustable kettlebells for your home gym, when comparing them with some huge rivals such as Bowflex.

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