JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review

JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review
8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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It’s quite rare to find cheap gym equipment which can survive the test of time. However, JLL have gained a reputation for providing fantastic value with their home workout range of cardio equipment. The JLL R200 is no different, it’s even been upgraded for 2021 to be classed as the R200+. So, I ordered one of these and set about on this JLL R200 rowing machine review. After 21 days of fairly solid use, I’ll detail my findings.

In this article, I’ll be explaining everything about the R200, including the changes that have been made to the 2021 model. I’ll also provide some information behind JLL, which should explain why this rowing machine is currently Amazon’s best selling rower. So let’s get started.

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Initial Thoughts
I didn’t expect a rowing machine as good as this for less than £300. I have tested £600 rowers which are around the same quality. JLL are known for their fantastic equipment and they’ve delivered… again!

About JLL

JLL are around 8 miles from the HGR Headquarters, they’re located in Tyburn, Birmingham. They pride their business on supplying some of the best quality fitness equipment for people that are looking for Home gym equipment. If you’re looking for folding treadmills, exercise bikes or cross trainers, you can’t go wrong with JLL. They have their own website, but operate via Amazon to ensure they reach a larger customer base. Their equipment gets fantastic reviews on amazon, alongside their 1,500 TrustPilot reviews with an average rating of 4.6.

This model in particular, the JLL R200 Rowing machine has been a best seller on Amazon for just over 4 years. As far as Home rowing machines at entry level, this is about the best that we’ve tested. I’m confident that you won’t find a home rowing machine that matches this for quality, yet alone exceeds it.

JLL R200 Review

The R200+ has a foldable design, as it’s been made for home users which don’t have the space & may need to store it away. For under £300, you’ll struggle to find a better rowing machine, thanks to a plethora of features & specification which competes well with £500 rowing machines.

Although it’s a full sized rower at 180cm, it folds away to just 71cm which is perfect to store away under your stairs or even behind the sofa!

Folding it away is really simple too, you don’t need to physically de-assemble it. You can also wheel it away, with the attached transport wheels. This means that there won’t be any scrape marks on your floor.

The specification shows that the maximum user weight supported is 100kg, which translates to 15st 10lbs. It’s not the highest & could’ve benefitted from being tested upto 130kg. If you’re under 100kg though, this isn’t a problem for you!

I have seen with some rowing machines that the seat doesn’t feel natural when moving along the rails. This has been fitted with a double-wheeled sliding mechanism for better simulation and smooth rowing.

The worst thing is discomfort whilst you’re working out. This is often caused by poor seat padding, especially on rowing machines. There’s no problem with the thick padded seat on the R200 though. Although I wouldn’t choose to sit on this to watch a film, it caused no problems during a 45 minute session. The same can be said for the handlebar, which provides a comfortable non-slip grip.

Finally, the footrest plates are oversized, with a non-slip finish which will accomodate all users. Perfect if you’re purchasing this rower for multi-person, or family home use. It also has velcro straps, which means that you can jump on & off this at your leisure. I’ve tried rowing machines which take a lifetime to strap yourself into and it snatches half of your energy away, we just want an easy to use rowing machine, please!

LCD Display

The LCD Display functions exactly as you would expect for a sub £300 rowing machine. It doesn’t contain live workouts or anything high-tech, but it does provide valuable information such as:

  • Calories
  • Distance / Time Measurements
  • Strides Rate
  • Distance Travelled
  • Time
  • Total Strides

The LCD Monitor can also show Imperial or Metric units, which is perfect if you prefer one to the other.

It’s important to remember that although you don’t get the fancy features I’ve discussed above, you also don’t pay the £1,200 price tag. This Rowing machine provides enormous value for a rowing machine under £300.

The specification classes the LCD as ‘JLL R200 Luxury LCD’, however you need to anticipate a basic type of screen.

Resistance Levels

A defining factor for most rowing machines is the amount of resistance that it provides. The R200+ comes with 10 different levels of magnetic resistance, which offers a wide range to cater for your requirements. A lower resistance level between Level 1-3 is quite light, which is perfect for having a quick blast after you’ve just had a gruelling weights workout.

Switch up the resistance to Level 8 or higher, and your workout changes dramatically. These levels provide much stronger resistance, which will be perfect if you’re working on your explosive power. Usain Bolt works on this to ensure he can get out of the blocks fast (so there’s your motivation!).

The resistance levels can be adjusted by using the turn-dial knob which is located right underneath the display panel. It’s positioned exactly where you should need it, as it allows you to increase or decrease resistance without having to pause your workout.

Magnetic Resistance is often overlooked, due to it not offering the most immersive experience. It’s a physical magnet which is situated close to the flywheel, determining the intensity of the workout.

The biggest drawback with it, is that it can feel a little jerky and un-natural. However, JLL have added a belt driven system to help keep the rowing motion smooth & true to life. It works well, too.

The belt driven system is also incredibly quiet, even when used at high intensity. If you’re planning on doing some rowing whilst watching the television, you’ll definitely like how quiet this is.


You receive a (1 year) 12 month warranty when purchasing the JLL R200 rowing machine, alongside a 30 day money back guarantee if it’s not your thing.

JLL have incorporated the money back offer to help with peace of mind, as it can be difficult buying equipment online without physically seeing it.

This shows just how much JLL value their customer service, as they also want to ensure you have the workout equipment that’s perfect for you.

JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review


The R200 is easily the best rowing machine in it’s class. Whilst it won’t compete with a £1000+ Rowing machine, its fit for purpose & won’t be out of place in your home gym. I’m sure you’ll agree, this rowing machine has all of the features that we’d expect in a £400/£500 rowing machine

If you are looking for an easy to assemble, foldable rowing machine that operates very smooth and quiet, you will struggle to find one that matches the JLL R200.

To say it’s a good quality rowing machine would be an under-estimation. It’s a great home rower and the pricing structure provide a means for you to workout on the strictest of budgets.

8.5 Total Score
JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review

The JLL R200 offers great specification at an affordable price. We've tested £600 rowing machines and compared this with those, although this is half the price.

In-built Technology
  • 10 Levels of Resistance
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Very Affordable
  • Magnetic Resistance can feel 'jerky' on any Rower
  • Fairly Basic LCD Display unit
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JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review
JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review

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