Lockdown Exercise Challenges: Stay Active with these Boot Camps

Lockdown Exercise Challenges: Stay Active with these Boot Camps

We are about to enter the second lockdown in the United Kingdom, or lockdown 2.0 as some people are deciding to call it. It’s going to be a tough time for everyone, but it’s also going to hit the Gym crowd pretty hard.

Bodybuilders, power lifters & everybody else that enjoys their exercise will be knocked back as gyms close yet again. Unfortunately, we will just have to see this one through. To aid you with seeing this through, we’ve designed a home workout which you can use to keep you ticking over, until those gyms re-open.

It’s not going to replicate a 160kg bench press, but it will help in other ways. In addition to keeping those calories off that may be sneaking into your diets (they’re sneaking into mine!), they will help keep you flexible and active.

During the first lockdown, I completely stopped most of my workouts & it wasn’t a good feeling, as my muscles and bones just started to ache! I don’t advise anyone to just stop, so make sure you incorporate home exercises into your routine. Three times a week is all you’ll need, but if you can do more, go for it!

So let’s get into it. Below you will find our lockdown exercise challenges. It’s been made mobile friendly, so you can keep this screen open whilst you’re working out.

Double or Nothing Pressups Challenge

This is one of my favourite challenges, as it really tests your mental strength, alongside your resilience.

The Double or Nothing Pressup challenge will start pretty easy, but within a few days become heavily intense.

Day 1 should consist of 10 pressups, but if you’re more advanced and looking for something different then start with 20. It’s important to set this up so that your first few days are a breeze, if you struggle at the very start you’re unlikely to continue the challenge.

On day 2, you’ll be doubling those pressups to 20. On Day 3, you’ll be doubling it again to 40 pressups.

I’d definitely aim to complete Day 1 & 2 in a single round, but after this it’s normal to have to separate them into sets.

It’s not a long challenge, as by Day 5 you’ll be targeting 160 pressups. Completed in 8 sets of 20, that’s going to give you a significant strength increase, in addition to muscle endurance.

If you’re advanced, you could try and make this challenge through to Day 7, but it will be a real struggle. However, it’s lockdown… you’ve got all day!

A 30 Day Squat Challenge

Training your legs is like a cheat code for burning calories & fat loss. That’s because when you train legs, you’re activating your core too, which will reap the benefits.

If you’re searching for a longer challenge, this one should be perfect as it lasts for a month. It’s a great way to keep your glutes toned whilst the gym is closed & they’ll be firm in no time.

In this squat challenge, you’ll be dedicating 10 to 15 minutes of your day. The aim is to start on day 1 completing 50 Squats, adding 5 on the next day. They can be done in smaller sets & they’re an extremely convenient exercise to perform.

You can do these whilst waiting for the Kettle to boil, whilst you’ve got food in the microwave and so on! As long as you can beat your previous days total, you can continue the challenge.

It’s important to also incorporate your rest days, as your glutes really will feel the burn after doing your squats.

Couch to 5K

I’m very thankful for this challenge, as it helped me during the first lockdown when my body started to seize up! (I don’t think I was in the best mental state, and I didn’t workout much during the week). On most days, I didn’t even manage 1,000 steps.

Couch to 5K is fantastic. It’s focused on those that are completely new to working out, but it worked great for me too. It’s designed to get you running 5km with ease, in a period of just 9 weeks.

This app builds a training schedule for you to follow, advising when you should rest & recover. I think running will increase in popularity as most people don’t have home gyms where they can workout, and this App will be a fantastic starting point.

Sky Fiit Membership

Fiit isn’t a Sky exclusive product, but their app integrates beautifully with the Sky Q Hub.

Quite simply, Fiit is a fitness app that offers some of the most motivating workouts that I’ve seen. (I’m not being paid to promote this, unfortunately I have to pay £120 for a whole year of access).

There are hundreds of fitness classes, all tailored for different targets. The main ones I use are Combat and NonStop, as they are high intensity workouts which shred calories.

There’s over 600 classes available currently, with more added regularly. Although this isn’t a specific challenge as such, you can challenge yourself to complete a 40 minute programme every day. This will provide a workout as good as any gym class, and you’ll see the results.

FIIT have also added Live Competitivity to their arsenal, where you can purchase a fitness tracker and access leaderboards, to see who’s burnt the most calories, completed the most workouts etc.

Take advantage of the 14 day trial initially, as that’s a great way to test the plans and see if you like them.


That concludes our favourite picks for your Lockdown exercise challenges. They are all based around HIIT, which is a high intensity workout created to strip fat & burn calories. They aren’t perfect, but until the gyms open, it’s all we’ve got!

Lockdown Exercise Challenges: Stay Active with these Boot Camps
Lockdown Exercise Challenges: Stay Active with these Boot Camps

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