Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews

We take a deep-dive into Nordictrack, who create some magnificent treadmills. Which Treadmills do we rate?

Nordictrack is amongst the best treadmill manufacturers in the industry, with a wealth of experience creating successful fitness equipment. Their history dates all the way back to 1975, when the owners were building Ski machines. We aren’t interested in their deep history though! So let’s fast forward to 2021, where they’ve moved on from Skiing and are arguably the best treadmill manufacturer.

This is going to be the most definitive and in-depth Nordictrack Treadmill Review guide, as we look into the company and every single product they make. Every single treadmill. Why every treadmill?

It’s important that you can make your own mind up about which treadmill is most suitable for you. You can then make comparisons and determine which one to choose. You will notice a few differences between each treadmill, but you’ll also notice that each one has apps that you can use to help you train more efficiently, including their world class iFIT membership.

The next sections are split into the product lines that Nordic Track offer. Starting with their Commercial Incline Trainers, the Commercial series range, the mid-range S series & T Series. We then finish off the article with their entry level model, the exclusive series before jumping into the frequently asked questions.

Nordictrack Commercial Incline Trainers

Incline Trainers

The Commercial range by Nordictrack consists of the most robust treadmills in their product line. The commercial incline trainers are their premium models, which have incredible specification. They aren’t cheap treadmills, but you get heaps of functions.

These treadmills are designed for heavy usage. They come equipped with strong motors that could pull a cart, alongside a wider running track for that premium feeling. The Commercial Incline trainers also feature much higher incline levels, some of the biggest in the industry.

These aren’t your traditional treadmill, as the incline goes much steeper.

There a four commercial incline trainers available to purchase; X9i, X11i, X22i & the X32i incline trainer.


The Commercial X9i is the entry incline trainer in the product range. This doesn’t mean that it’s a budget, low quality machine though. It’s actually a big, sturdy treadmill which will be a pleasure to use. You can also use this as a treadmill in addition to incline training, which makes it a great multi-functional option. The iFIT workout videos are available on this model and they’re our favourite workout training app.


The X11i is the next step up, which will see a few additional features in addition to a slightly higher price. Although it’s more expensive, the X11i is a fan-favourite and recommended by most people that are comparing which Nordictrack treadmill to purchase.

The first upgrade comes in the form of the Interactive Touchscreen. The 7″ screen from the x9i is upgraded to a 10″HD screen. The maximum speed is also upgraded from 20 km/h to 22 km/h. Runners can also achieve a new type of workout with the Sled Grips and push bar. This will put the treadmill into manual mode, where you will have to generate the force to move the treadmill yourself. It’s a highly intense workout.

Although this one costs a little more, the functions definitely seem to be worth it.


The X22i looks fantastic, with a huge 22″ interactive touchscreen at the heart of the centre console. This display will ensure that you don’t miss a thing that your instructor tells you to do! It comes with the same 40% incline level and 6% decline which is consistent with their whole Incline Trainer range.

The maximum speed is the same as the X11i, although the motor is slightly better with a 4.0 continuous horse power motor.

On summary, it’s a great treadmill but it’s significantly more expensive than the X11i without too many differences. The huge touchscreen is fantastic, but that’s the biggest difference and questionably not worth the £700 extra.


The Nordictrack X32i is their flagship incline trainer, with an impressive specification to match. If you enjoyed the 22″ screen on the X22i, then you’ll be amazed at what they’ve done to this model. It features a 32″ interactive HD touchscreen, which will become your best friend on your live workouts. There’s nothing better for pure immersion into your workout.

You get all the features that you receive on the other models such as 12,000+ workouts on demand, Google Maps running technology and in-depth stat tracking.

It’s limit is also 22 KM/H, which is plenty for an incline trainer. You’ll definitely be able to use this as a traditional treadmill, too. The running track is a little wider, at 165cm instead of 152cm.

The motor has a slight upgrade, pushing out 4.25 CHP. The common theme with Nordictrack treadmills is that the biggest difference their units have is the Touchscreen size.

Nordictrack Commercial Treadmills

Commercial Treadmills

The commercial treadmills are premium, high end treadmills which can still cope with huge levels of demand. This will be perfect if you have a family of avid runners, or you’re going to be putting your treadmill through it’s paces quite regularly.

The Commercial treadmill models are; Commercial 1750, Commercial 2450 & Commercial 2950.

The entry level model is the same price as the entry level incline trainer (Commercial 1750 vs Commercial X9i), so that may be something worth considering. All of the below treadmills are iFIT compatible.

Commercial 1750

The Nordictrack commercial 1750 is the entry level commercial treadmill. It’s got the most reviews out of all other commercial models, which shows that it’s a popular choice.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that entry level means you’re going to miss out on vital specification, as Nordictrack don’t operate like this. They craft every piece of fitness equipment with their customers in mind. This has a 10″ interactive touchscreen integrated into the central display, which isn’t ‘massive’ but it performs just fine. Runners will also be able to take advantage of a 15% incline, alongside 3% decline where required.

The maximum speed is 22 KM/h, which is the limit that Nordictrack can push their machines. You’ll also notice this is the maximum speed on their Incline trainer range. There’s a handy switch on the side of the running track, which is called ‘Runners Flex’. This technology will allow you to simulate a real road running experience, which is perfect if you’re training for a marathon. Your body can get used to the feeling, instead of training on the low impact cushioning and being knocked back when you feel the toughness of the road. (By then it’s too late!).

You’ll be able to use the iFIT features with the 10″ interactive screen, alongside playing your favourite songs through the bluetooth compatible speakers.

It’s priced aroung £1,999, which works out at £50 per month over a 4 year period. If you compare that against a gym membership it’s pretty good value as it will have paid for itself in saved membership fees.

Commercial 2450

The Nordic Track Commercial 2450 has a few slight improvements over the 1750. Starting off with the visuals, you’ll get a significantly larger screen, measuring 14″. The incline and decline levels are the exact same & so is the maximum speed at 22 KM/H.

The cost is a little higher, due to having a larger screen. The 2450 costs £2,299. Alongside this cost, you do get the iFIT membership for a year, which works out at £349 worth of value. THere’s also a 10 year motor warranty, 2 years parts and labour and a lifetime frame warranty.

Commercial 2950

The Commercial 2950 is the highest priced commercial treadmill, costing £2,699. In true Nordictrack style, they have made sure that their upgraded model has a larger screen. This model comes with a 22″ Interactive HD screen.

The motor has also been improved to provide 4.25CHP, although the maximum speed is the same at 22 KM/H.

It’s a great treadmill, with the larger screen being the main advantage & reason for choosing this model. These higher end products won’t be affordable for all budgets though, I know I certainly couldn’t afford one of their premium running machines.

My own advice would probably be to save a bit of money on your fitness equipment and opt for a model with a smaller screen.

Nordictrack T Series Treadmills

The T Series Range

The Nordictrack T Series are premium treadmills which do come at a premium price. Their Entry model is £1,499, with the most expensive priced at £1,799. You do get sufficient specification with this, which justifies the price.

NordicTrack T 7.5S Treadmill

The 7.5S is the one priced at £1,499. For this, you get a 7″ in-built screen for your iFIT workouts, alongside 12% incline matching technology. It can reach impressive speeds of 22 KM/h and contains the FlexSelect cushioning which simulates a real road-running experience.

NordicTrack T 8.5S

The 8.5S has all the same specification of it’s younger sibling, but this comes with a 10″ HD Touch screen display & a slightly stronger motor. It offers the same output of max speed and incline range, though. It’s a little more expensive, at £1,599.

NordicTrack T 9.5S

I’m sure you’ve seen the trend by now. The 9.5S also has the same specification, just with a 14″ Interactive Touchscreen. This is the Flagship of the T series & is priced at £1,799.

Nordictrack S Series Treadmills

The S Series Range

Nordictrack S Series Treadmills

Nordictrack treadmills are really popular, but there’s no doubt that they have quite a high barrier for entry. You need the best part of £2,000 to afford their range, which is why they needed to make changes to appeal to the masses.

All rise to the arrival of the Nordictrack S Series Treadmills. There are three treadmills in the S Series range, all of which have been created to help users with a desire to workout at home, with less of a budget.

That’s not to say these are cheap at all, as the S45i still costs just under £1,500. However, the S20i costs a fantastic £799, with the S25i priced at £1,099. These are more wallet-friendly and more suited towards users that want to get fit, but aren’t fitness professionals that will clock hours worth of running each day.

NordicTrack S20i Treadmill

The S20i is the entry-level model in the S Series range, priced at £799. This has impressive specs, especially when you consider it’s half the price of it’s siblings. It features a maximum speed of 18 KM/h, which is just 4KM/H short of what the commercial models can achieve. The incline also raises to a maximum of 10% and it’s powered by a 2.5CHP motor.

If you need to utilise space around your house to workout, take notice that this treadmill features the SpaceSaver design with EasyLift assist, folding away to be stored with simplicity.

You will still be able to use your iFIT membership on this treadmill, as you can connect this straight to your tablet and begin your exercise. Your personal trainer will be able to control your treadmill settings whilst on the workout, so be prepared for a workout with varying intensity.

NordicTrack S25i Treadmill

The S25i is a slight upgrade, offering a 12% incline alongside the classic 22 KM/H speed which most higher end treadmills have. This may be more suited to you, if you are certain that you need the extra speed from your fitness equipment.

This upgrade does come at a cost of an extra £300, so you need to assess whether the extra additions are going to be worth it for you.

NordicTrack S45i Treadmill

The S45i Treadmill is the only treadmill in the S Series range which has a built in screen. This measures 10″ and it’s a fully operative touch screen display. For some home fitness enthusiasts, this is a make or break. With the rise of ‘Smart fitness’, runners are preferring the in-built screens which we have seen on Peloton & Echelon devices.

Whilst you can bring your iPad to the treadmill on the S25i, it’s not the same effect as having a purpose-built screen. The screen can never be out of battery, for one!

All of the S Series Treadmills also come with 12 months access to the iFIT, with the family membership handed out upon purchase. We will explain below whether or not we think this is worth it.

Nordictrack Exclusive Series Treadmills

The Exclusive Series

NordicTrack Exclusive Series Treadmills

The final two treadmills that we have to mention today are from their Exclusive Series range.

Nordictrack C700 Treadmill

The Nordictrack C700 is one of the better valued treadmills, costing £999. Although there’s no in-built display for your online training classes, you can take advantage of them by bringing your tablet to the treadmill.

The specification is impressive, with a maximum 10% incline alongside a 20 KM/h maximum speed. The treadmill motor features self cooling technology and it even has a ventilation system which will keep you cool whilst working out.

It folds away when it’s not required, making it a friendly addition to a small living space.

NordicTrack S30 Treadmill

The Nordictrack S30 treadmill has a great top speed of 22 KM/h, alongside 10% incline. However, for the cost of £1,599 I would definitely be more inclined to go for the T Series range.

There’s no built in iFit display on this treadmill, which means you’ll need a tablet to take full advantage of the features this offers. It does have the low impact cushioning on the belt & also offers FlexSelect, which simulates running on a real road.

NordicTrack iFIT Subscription Service

What is iFit?

You’ll notice that I’ve mentioned iFIT quite a few times on this article. That’s because all of these fitness machines take advantage of this software, which is fantastic I must add.

iFit is a training program which showcases various street views from all over the globe. They are easy to follow workout routines, which are immersive and motivating.

My favourite program on there is the Around the World in 30 days, which will have you globe-trotting all over the world… whilst your in the comfort of your home gym. It’s quite a challenging workout, as your treadmill will be simulating various mountains in the Philippines.

Another great workout is Four Weeks to iFit, which is focused towards beginners. These are shorter workout with use the integrated Google Maps Street View… and it becomes a little surreal when you do a virtual run in your own street! You can literally draw your workout path, then complete the workout.

iFit offers more than this though, as you can take part in live workouts, with your personal trainers. Things get interesting here, as they can take over the settings on your treadmill to ensure that you’re running at the required pace. No more hiding at the back of the room, I’m afraid!

Is NordicTrack Worth it?

A few years ago, I would’ve said that Nordictrack treadmills are a considerable investment. However, their prices have aligned with the current market & their products are definitely worth it. The increased popularity of Home Fitness with Live Trainers has seen the Peloton & Echelon bikes rise to popularity. The Peloton Tread is £2,295 for comparison.

However, Nordictrack have their own live training, with a treadmill in a similar price range. You receive a year free membership to iFit, with a fee of £10.78 per month afterwards. Comparing this with Peloton, who charge £39 per month right away, it appears there can be only one winner. Nordic Track.

Is Nordictrack Compatible with Zwift?

If you’re a Zwift user, you’ll be able to use your treadmill with this & connect to it using your tablet.

Are Nordic Track Treadmills better than Peloton Tread?

To explain in the best way possible, we decided to review the Peloton Tread specs against the Commercial 2450. You can then make your mind up for yourself, with help of the below information. We also compared Nordictrack vs Peloton.

The Peloton Tread looks impressive, with a huge 23.8″ HD screen. However, it just falls short of the Nordictrack Commercial 2450, which is the closest-priced treadmill they offer.

The 2450 edges the Peloton Tread with a 22 KM/h top speed, against Peloton’s 20 KM/h. The 2450 also offers a 15% incline alongside a 3% decline, but the Peloton Tread offers 12.5% incline and no decline.

Is Nordictrack a good brand?

Nordictrack is a fantastic brand, one of the most popular treadmill manufacturers in the world. They have excellent customer service reports, alongside extended machine warranty which gives customers peace of mind.


That concludes the current range of NordicTrack treadmills. That’s right, I listed every treadmill from the fitness equipment manufacturer, including their flagship brand. This should give you a wider understanding of which nordictrack treadmills are suitable for you.

Remember, although Nordictrack are a great company, there are also other brands such as JLL, Sportstech & JTX which you can consider as alternatives. You may also find our list of Treadmills under £1,000 useful.

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