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Treadmills are an effective exercise for all ages and fitness levels. No doubt you already understand that getting regular exercise is the best thing you could do for your body. Being fit and active is essential for plenty of reasons; much more than just weight management. If you are looking for a way to exercise indoors, then you should consider a treadmill such as the Sportstech F75 treadmill. Before getting into what makes this particular treadmill a standout choice, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of using the Sportstech F75 high-end treadmill.

Sportstech F75 high-end Treadmill with Large Running Surface 1580x600mm, Android 15,6" display, WiFi, USB, 18% gradient with damping system up...

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Sportstech F75 Overview

A Brief introduction on Sportstech

The SportsTech F75 high-end treadmill is among the best home treadmills that money can buy. At this price, you can expect all of the bells and whistles you need to burn through calories as quickly and effectively as possible.

The company might not have the same name value as a Reebok, but the SportsTech brand continues to grow and become more of a household name. The company offers home fitness machines to suit all budgets. Even if the F75 high-end treadmill is out of your price range, the company could still have something that appeals to you.

This treadmill stands out for the large running surface, impressive user weight capacity, big screen, and powerful motor.

If you’re a techie or enjoy having a small distraction when running, you’re sure to appreciate all of the entertainment options on offer. You can use the screen to browse Netlfix or take advantage of other Android apps.

One small downside is the weight of the treadmill, which is 140KG. However, you can fold it up and use the front wheels to push and pull it around easily.

Features & Specifications

A look ‘Under the Hood’
  • 6-inch touchscreen with Android display
  • 12 built-in workout programs
  • Large running surface (1580x60cm)
  • A maximum speed of 20km/h
  • Max user weight of 200kg
  • 5HP motor
  • Cushioning system
  • Bottle holder
  • Tablet holder
  • Folding design
  • Compatible with heart-rate belts and monitors
  • Built-in heart-rate monitor
  • HRC feature
  • Safety functions
  • Quick-fold function
  • Transport wheels
  • Stereo speakers
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Displays speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, etc.
  • Powerful motor
  • High incline
  • High speed
  • Plenty of running space
  • Joint-friendly
  • Accurate Stat Monitoring
  • Excellent pre-programmed workouts
  • Large Display with ‘Smart’ Feautres
  • 200KG Max User Weight
  • Foldable
  • Quite an Investment
  • Not very portable
  • No Memory Function
  • No 3rd Party Apps

SportsTech F75 Best Features

What we liked

The SportsTech F75 high-end treadmill has just about everything you could expect from a home treadmill. The machine is quiet, durable, and surprisingly ergonomic given the large running surface.

Here’s what to expect from your new treadmill;

  • Speed

The SportsTech F75 comes with a powerful motor that offers up to 20km/h, more than enough for an expert runner. This is definitely one advantage the treadmill has over the competition, most of which is lucky to reach speeds of up to 12km/h.

The F75 is also sturdy that doesn’t jiggle or make a lot of noise no matter what. This, along with the fact this is a high-end treadmill with a large running surface and weight capacity, is what makes the treadmill an ideal choice for heavier people.

  • Powered Incline

Another great feature worth mentioning is the 18% powered incline. This incline is excellent for those who want a challenge or want to try a HIIT workout. Running and walking up an incline works your calves and quads more than running on a flat surface. The extra challenge means you build muscles faster and burn more calories by tackling an incline.

As impressive as the 18% powered incline is, it’s not the best we’ve seen. Some models can reach up to 30% incline. That level of incline is the best for a low-impact muscle-scorching workout.

With that said, 18% is more than enough of a challenge for people on the upper end of the weight limit.

  • Powerful 5HP Motor

This small but mighty motor is so quiet that you can listen to music and still focus on workouts. The engine keeps quiet even when running fast and hard.

The powerful 5HP motor runs on DC power to ensure top speeds. The small nature of the motor also means that the treadmill doesn’t take up more space, which is nice given its already considerable size.

  • Large Running Surface

The F75 doesn’t skimp on the running surface. This is one high-end treadmill with a large running surface. Bigger is almost always better when it comes to treadmill running space. This space is great for heavier people, tall people, and those who like to run fast.

The 158x60cm running deck on the F75 means you’ll never have to worry about where your feet end up. You can stay in the zone and focus on running, instead of worrying about falling off the side. The damping system also means you don’t need to worry about hurting your feet.

  • Large Screen for Entertainment

Much like other high-end gym equipment from SportsTech, the F75 has anything you could need as far as technology goes. The Android-powered console lets you connect to Spotify and YouTube to stream music or videos as you work out.

For more video choices, connect the treadmill to your Wi-Fi connection and fire up Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.

The screen is just big enough to let you enjoy your favorite shows. One small problem is that we’d expect the operating system to be a little faster given the price.

  • 12 Built-In Workouts

Your F75 treadmill is versatile enough to suit the whole family. You can personalize your workout by adjusting the duration, inclination, and speed of the workout.

If you’re content to let the treadmill decide for itself, then fire up one of the 12 built-in workouts. The F75 has landscape modes to simulate the feeling of running through the country or forest to help you stay motivated. The calmer, more motivated, and focused you are, the harder you can push yourself.

  • Quick-Fold System

The sheer size of the F75 is something that puts people off, but it’s less of a negative than you might expect. It may weigh in at a mighty 140kg, but it also comes with a quick-fold system and wheels that make it super easy to move around.

  • Stats

The F75 treadmill showcases the usual stats you’d expect, such as distance, time, speed, calories, and gradient. The machine also uses accurate hand pulse sensors to track user heart rate. While most treadmills have these sensors, very few have the accuracy of the SportsTech F75 treadmill. Take a look at the LCD touch screen display and see how your heart rate is doing. Don’t forget that an increased pulse means an increased calorie burn too, meaning you lose weight and gain muscle faster.

  • Optional Chest Strap

If you’re interested in even more precise heart rate monitoring, then SportsTech offers a separate Bluetooth chest strap. This chest strap is an excellent option because they let you have total freedom of movement as you don’t need to hold on to the handles for accurate measurements.


The F75 treadmill includes a number of excellent safety features, including the safety function to quickly turn the machine off in an emergency. Take some broad steps and climb off the machine and it will stop itself.

That this is a treadmill with a large running surface also counts as a safety feature. With so much space to move, there’s far less risk of slipping, falling, and being injured.

The deck also features a powerful damping system to protect against impacts and shocks, letting you use the treadmill without getting hurt.

SportsTech F75 Drawbacks

What could be Improved

No fair and impartial SportsTech F75 treadmill review would be complete without a look at some of the worst features.

  • Size and Weight

While the SportsTech F75 offers plenty of advantages by being so big and durable, this does also make it difficult to carry upstairs without assistance.

  • Price Tag

It’s no surprise that the F75 has a hefty price tag when you include everything built-in. At the very least, we can say that it’s excellent value for money. With that said, there are a couple of features that we would have liked to have seen, such as a memory function or additional pre-programmed workouts. Other treadmills in the same price bracket as the SportsTech F75 high-end treadmill also reach higher speeds and inclines. For Example, Nordictrack treadmills can reach 22 KM/h.

  • No Third-Party App Compatibility

Even though the F75 has WiFi USB connectivity and runs on Android, you can’t use all the Android apps you’d want – or expect – such as iFit.

Is the SportsTech F75 Right For Me?

Is this treadmill suitable for me?

By now, you’ll be asking yourself if this running machine is right for you. The F75 treadmill is similar to what you get in the gym. Everything about this running machine highlights the comfort and durability it offers, from the durable frame to the broad belt with its damping system.

Another advantage of this machine is that it has a powerful motor for an 18% incline and 20 km/h top speed. The motor also means the machine runs smoothly even when you’re watching apps and streaming services on the screen.

The main drawbacks are the size and price. Perhaps the price could work as a benefit, however, as it will motivate you to ensure you get plenty of use out of your machine. There’s no getting around the fact that the SportsTech F75 treadmill takes up a lot of room. When folded up, it still takes up a considerable 127 x 102 x 157cm.

Ask yourself why you want a treadmill. If you’re planning on doing more walking than running, you might want to look into a cheaper option.


Final Thoughts

The SportsTech F75 high-end treadmill is an impressive, safe, robust, and feature-packed treadmill suitable for heavy people. You’ll have no problem using the machine and scaling it to your fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or expert training for endurance running. You can rest assured this treadmill with a large running surface will last for years.

While this running machine is more expensive than most, the personalized programs, top speed, and incline choice mean you can quickly reach your fitness goals no matter what they are. The machine is also very friendly on joints and has plenty of entertainment options built-in. If you have the space and the money for it, then this is one treadmill that is worth your time and money.

The Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Do I need a Treadmill?
  • Reduced Impact

Using a treadmill is much less impactful than running on an outdoor surface like concrete. Each time you take a step on dirt or concrete, your leg takes the brunt of the impact. The faster you go, the heavier the impact on your joints and bones.

The impact builds up and becomes ankle, back, and knee problems. These problems continue to pile up and can lead to serious issues in old age.

Treadmills have softer and more comfortable running surfaces. Home treadmills have much less impact on your body than running outdoors, while still offering all the same health benefits (if not more!).

  • You’re in Total Control

Another benefit to using a treadmill is that you remain in control for the full workout. Whether you’re just getting started and want a light workout, or are an intense athlete looking for endurance training, a treadmill has you covered.

You control the warm-up, cool-down, speed, and incline of your run. It’s great that home treadmills let you create a customized workout to suit you. These are machines that grow with you. Even the newest of runners can become an expert.

  • Mental Health Benefits

You don’t need a reminder that using a treadmill improves your physical health. What you might not know is how effective it is at improving mental health and making you feel more content. Aerobic exercises such as running cause your brain to release endorphins – the “feel good” chemicals that help combat feelings of anxiety and depression.

You might have heard across the “Runner’s High,” which is when runners experience a great deal of euphoria after running. Well, this effect is genuine and it’s entirely natural. Feeling happier leaves you feeling more satisfied with your workouts and better motivated to continue pushing yourself harder. Treadmills like the F75 make it easier for you to find the motivation to keep running.

An alternative to the F75 is the Sportstech F10 Treadmill, which is another good option for lesser budgets.

8.5 Total Score
A Premium Treadmill Packed with Features

The SportsTech F75 Treadmill is a premium machine, aimed towards experienced runners. It's a heavy duty machine, meaning that it can handle lots of use. It's built to last.

Value for Money
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