SportsTech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review

SportsTech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review
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7.5/10 (Expert Score)
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Nothing allows you to explore a full-body workout as a rower does. This is probably the reason why you are here. Getting the best rower for your needs is crucial to your exercise routine. Getting a rower suitable for your home may be like a dream-come-true, but with so many choices in the market, you may not be sure which is the best one for you.

In this dedicated sportstech rsx500 review, we discuss the RSX 500 rowing machine. This is one of the best in the market because it gives the consumer the perfect cost-specification balance. But what exactly are the features and what makes so many consumers love this machine? Read on to find out.

Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine - German Quality Brand - Competition Mode - incl. heart rate monitor (worth: £39,90) 16 programs...

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A Brief Overview of Sportstech

Who are Sportstech?

This impressive machine is the brainchild of Germany and interestingly comes suited with several features. It is even better than some commercial models as it has extensive features including integration apps, console, and the ability to fold away too. This sharp-looking rowing machine is also made of quality parts and is easily foldable. It measures an outstanding 1.5 meters, which means that even taller rowing lovers can benefit from the machine. It weighs 32.5 kgs. It can accommodate a maximum user weight of 120kgs, which is almost equal to 19 stone.

RSX500 Features

  • High-Quality Rowing Machine

This professional rowing machine is great because it has several features befitting the title high-quality. From the 5.5” console display to the USB charger and pedals that have adjustable webbing, this rowing machine will meet your expectations and even surpass them. The console has numerous functions to help keep you focused during a workout.

  • User Profiles

This machine features 5 user profiles for the consumer to enjoy. You can use these profiles to set up an exercise routine. After this, you can comfortably track your progress as time elapses. The pre-installed training routines are varied and out of 12, four are linked to your heart-rate monitor belt. This means that this machine is good for heart-rate based exercises.

  • Foldable Design for Storage

This rowing machine features a foldable design that is meant to make it easy to store. While many rowing machines are made to fold, their design mechanism does not perform as well as the one on the SportsTech RSX500. Since it is foldable, this machine is suitable even for smaller apartments. It is also portable and it weighs a little over 32kgs. This means that it can be moved around and lifted easily.

While this is a positive feature, it may raise the question of whether this rowing machine is stable. The good news is that it is. It does not shake unexpectedly as other lighter models do when being tested or used, making it a good option to go with if you are looking for something steady.

  • Long pulls and Smooth Rowing

The fact that this machine is long may not be significant to people under six feet but taller people will appreciate this machine. Coupled with the large frame, this machine is the envy of many tall people as they will not feel the cramping effect they normally would in other machines.

This machine features a ball bearing glide that is low sounding on the aluminum rail. This is a feature that is extremely important when you live around other people who might be affected by the noise. Magnetic resistance slows down the flywheel, which is a clever technique used to produce a smooth feel on many machines used for exercise. The console controls the resistance on the rowing machine and increases and decreases it appropriately as appropriate during a workout.

  • Wireless connectivity

You can connect wirelessly to your gadgets including phones and tablets. While some rowing machines may connect with some difficulties, there are no glitches when connecting to gadgets. There is also a USB and you can stream to another device if you wish to enjoy the content as you workout on a bigger screen.

  • Chest wrap and heart rate sensor for pulse training

Pulse training can take a toll on the body. It is for this reason that many rowing machines try to incorporate chest straps. A chest strap will let you know how much work you are putting in as you continue to row. For those who like the added chest strap, it is easy to connect and use.

The heart rate sensor is crucial for different training settings. Mapping your heart rate helps you establish if you are fit while training.

Looking at the reviews online, there are complaints mainly about the grip on the machine’s pedals and console size. However, these complaints are quite rare and the model continues to enjoy a good reputation.

Is the SportsTech RSX500 Worth Buying?

This piece of equipment is outstanding considering its specifications and price. This German rowing machine is characterized by quality engineering, a good console, app integration, a magnetic flywheel, and portability. With these features. The machine is also aesthetically pleasing and can fit even in a small apartment, thanks to its portability and footprint. It remains steady and is appreciated by people over six feet in height. This rowing machine is worth a try if you have been disappointed by other rowers before.

7.5 Total Score
Sportstech RSX500 Review: Excellent Rowing Machine

The RSX500 is an excellent rowing machine, with fantastic features that won't eat all of your budget. Take a look at our review.

Build Quality
Tech & Apps
  • The display is easy to read
  • Chest strap and heart-rate sensor available
  • Natural Rowing Feel
  • Great value for money
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Footrest lacked grip
  • Console size is a little small
  • It doesn't have Kinomap
User Rating: 2 (5 votes)
SportsTech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review
SportsTech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review

  1. I will strongly advise against purchasing this machine. It is pleasing to the eye and looks sturdy but from 1st hand experience I can confirm that it is a very delicate machine and if the computer develops a problem, and it will, the machine will be rendered useless. If you are not residing in Germany you will find out when it is too late that the customer service experience is appalling. It not worth the hassle buying it, maybe, unless you live in Germany. If you live in the UK don’t even think of purchasing this machine.

    • Sorry to hear that you’re facing problems with this bike Deko.

      How long have you had this? As I believe it does have a 12 Month Warranty where you should be covered!


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