The Best Treadmills under £500 For Your Home Gym

Best Treadmills Under £500

The Best Treadmills under £500 for Your Home Gym: Top Budget Picks in 2023

A home gym can be a convenient and motivating way to exercise, but finding the right equipment at an affordable price can be daunting. Treadmills are a popular choice for many fitness enthusiasts, offering a low-impact and versatile workout option. In this article, we’ll explore the best treadmills under £500 to help you create the perfect home gym environment.

Treadmills provide an effective cardiovascular workout and can be used for walking, jogging, or running to suit your fitness level. With various speeds, inclines, and pre-set programmes, you can easily tailor your workout to your specific goals. Moreover, exercising on a treadmill can help build muscle strength, improve joint mobility and may even contribute to weight management.

When choosing the right treadmill for your home gym, it’s crucial to consider factors such as size, weight capacity, user needs, noise level, and available features. Ensure that the treadmill caters to your desired goals and fits comfortably within your available space. For those on a budget, durability and quality are essential so that you don’t have to compromise on your fitness journey.

We’ve researched and tested the best treadmills under £500, keeping in mind these important considerations to provide you with a selection that caters to various needs and preferences. Carry on reading to discover the perfect treadmill for your home gym that won’t break the bank.

Best Treadmills under £500 for Your Home Gym

We’ve carefully selected the top treadmills under £500 to help you transform your home gym. Check out our list below to find the perfect option for your fitness needs and budget.

Buyer Empire Electric Motorised Folding Treadmill

Buyer Empire Treadmill

This Buyer Empire treadmill is an ideal addition to your home gym, offering a great balance of features, convenience, and affordability.


  • Easy to use with LED display and remote control
  • Portable and easy to store due to slim design and transport wheels
  • Quiet, 1.5 HP motor suitable for home use


  • 100 KG weight limit may not suit heavier users
  • Narrow running surface could be challenging for some
  • Assembly required, potentially needing two people

We recently tried the Buyer Empire Electric Motorised Folding Treadmill, and it’s a perfect option for anyone looking to create a home gym without breaking the budget. The treadmill offers an array of features such as a calorie counter, heart rate sensor, quick speed buttons, and an anti-slip running surface. It is also very quiet to run on, so you don’t disturb others while exercising.

Portability is a key advantage of this treadmill. Designed with a slim body, it can be easily folded, allowing you to save space and store it conveniently. The transport wheels make it a breeze to move around, making it an ideal choice for both home and office use.

When using the Buyer Empire treadmill, we appreciated the LED display as it provides real-time information about your speed, time, calories burned, and distance. You can also adjust the speed easily with the included remote control, adding to the overall ease of use.

However, there are a few limitations. While the 100 KG weight limit will accommodate many users, it might not be suitable for heavier individuals. Additionally, the narrow running surface could make it challenging for some to run comfortably. We also found that assembly might require two people, so do keep that in mind.

In summary, the Buyer Empire Electric Motorised Folding Treadmill is a great treadmill choice for those looking to enhance their home gym or office fitness routine at an affordable price. It offers useful features and a slim design, but make sure to consider the weight limit and narrow running surface before making your purchase.

OVICX Q2S Treadmill

OVICX Q2S Treadmill

A solid choice for those seeking a compact, foldable treadmill for their home gym that delivers value without breaking the bank.


  • Super-wide running surface
  • Smart speed control
  • Patented Silkworm Shocks


  • Slightly noisy
  • Some connectivity issues
  • Heavy to move around

We recently had the opportunity to try the OVICX Q2S Treadmill and overall, we were quite impressed with its performance, especially considering its price point. The super-wide running surface allows for a comfortable workout experience, making it easier to maintain your stride without feeling cramped.

One feature we found particularly useful was the smart speed control. With a single tap, we were able to seamlessly switch between a full-speed run and a slower-paced walk. This is particularly beneficial when incorporating interval training into your fitness routine or simply wanting to adjust your pace during a workout.

The patented Silkworm Shock Absorbers worked effectively to minimise the impact on our joints, so sessions on this treadmill felt easier on our ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Additionally, this feature also helped to reduce noise levels, although we did notice some noise coming from the motor.

On the downside, we experienced some connectivity issues when attempting to link the treadmill with the FitShow app via Bluetooth. This could be easily improved upon in future models, as tracking and comparing workout data is a valuable feature for many fitness enthusiasts.

The OVICX Q2S Treadmill is quite heavy to move around, but it does fold flat in under 20 seconds, making it a suitable option for home gyms with limited space. Aside from these minor drawbacks, we believe this treadmill provides a satisfactory workout experience for those looking to purchase a reliable and budget-friendly addition to their home gym.

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill

The Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill is an excellent choice for a slim and portable walking treadmill under £500.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easily portable
  • Quiet motor and effective shock absorption system
  • Comes fully assembled for instant use


  • Not suitable for high-intensity running
  • Belt may slip occasionally
  • May not work well on carpet or mats

We recently tried the Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill and were thoroughly impressed with its compact design and portability. The lightweight build, coupled with wheels at the front, allows for easy movement and storage. The slim design enables the treadmill to fit seamlessly under most furniture when not in use, making it perfect for small spaces and home offices.

The 1.5 horsepower motor provides a smooth and quiet workout experience. We especially appreciated the shock absorption system, which effectively reduces noise and offers safe cushioning for the back, joints, knees, and ankles. However, we found that this treadmill might not be the best option for serious runners, as it is limited to a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

The LCD screen conveniently displays essential data such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned while walking. We also liked the remote control, which allowed us to adjust the speed based on our physical condition and exercise needs. One minor issue we encountered was the belt occasionally slipping, which might require periodic adjustments.

It’s worth noting that you should avoid placing the treadmill on carpets or mats, as this can affect the heat dissipation system. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable, portable, and slim treadmill for light workouts and walking sessions, the Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill is a fantastic option under £500.

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Home Treadmill

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Home Treadmill

We recommend the COSTWAY 2 in 1 Home Treadmill for those seeking an affordable, versatile, and portable home gym solution.


  • Innovative 2-in-1 design for walking and running
  • Quiet operation with shock absorption belt
  • Bluetooth speaker, app control, and remote control


  • Maximum weight capacity is 100 kilograms
  • Assembly required
  • No adjustable incline

The COSTWAY 2 in 1 Home Treadmill is an excellent choice for those wanting to create a versatile home gym on a budget. This treadmill offers a unique 2-in-1 design, featuring two exercise modes to meet various fitness needs. You can use this machine for walking or running, as it supports speeds from 1 to 15 km/h.

One significant advantage of this treadmill is its quiet operation and shock absorption belt. We found that the 5-layer shockproof running belt effectively protects our joints while providing a smooth and comfortable running experience. The quiet motor ensures that we can use this treadmill without disturbing others in our home or workspace.

The treadmill boasts smart features, such as Bluetooth speakers and app control, which make exercising more engaging. We enjoyed using the app to record our exercise data, compete with other users, and follow training courses. Additionally, the 2 LED displays and remote control allow for convenient tracking and adjustment of our workouts.

While the COSTWAY treadmill has many benefits, it’s worth noting that its maximum weight capacity is 100 kilograms. Additionally, assembly is required, which may be a concern for some users. Finally, this treadmill does not offer an adjustable incline feature, limiting the customization of workouts to some extent. However, considering the price and overall versatility, we still believe it’s a worthy investment for those looking to create a home gym on a budget.

LIVSPO Folding Treadmill with Incline 2.5HP 12KM/H Electric Treadmill

LIVSPO Treadmill

We recommend the LIVSPO Folding Treadmill for its solid performance, affordability, and foldability, making it a great addition to your home gym.


  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music
  • Offers a range of program options


  • Incline mode is manual
  • May move slightly if not on a mat
  • Can be a bit noisy during operation

The LIVSPO Folding Treadmill impressed us from the outset with its sturdy build and space-saving foldable design. This makes it a great option for people looking to save space in their home gym. It was relatively easy to assemble and we were able to get it up and running in no time.

One feature that we particularly enjoyed was the Bluetooth connectivity that allowed us to play music through the built-in speakers. This made our workouts more enjoyable and motivated us to keep going. With a maximum speed of 12 km/h and a 2.5 horsepower motor, we found the LIVSPO treadmill powerful enough for our daily running and walking sessions.

The treadmill offers a variety of workout programs to cater to different fitness levels and goals. However, we noticed that the incline mode is manual, which could be a drawback for some users. We also found that it could move slightly if not placed on a mat, so it’s worth investing in one to keep the treadmill in place. Lastly, while the treadmill is generally quiet, it can get a bit noisy during intense running. Nevertheless, these minor drawbacks don’t overshadow the overall value and benefits of the LIVSPO Folding Treadmill.

In conclusion, the LIVSPO Folding Treadmill is a reliable and affordable choice for those looking to improve their fitness levels at home. With its foldable design, Bluetooth connectivity, and variety of programs, it’s an excellent addition to any home gym.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best treadmill under £500 for our home gym, there are several key factors and features that we should consider to ensure that we make the right purchase. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss some of the most important aspects to take into account when choosing a treadmill.


First and foremost, we must establish our budget. As we are targeting treadmills under £500, there are still a variety of options and features available within this price range. We must balance our budget with the desired features to find the best treadmill for our needs.

Motor Power

The motor power of a treadmill is crucial to its performance. A more powerful motor means a faster and smoother experience. We should look for a treadmill with a continuous duty rating (CHP) of at least 1.5 to 2.0 for walking and 2.5 to 3.0 for running.

Running Area

The size of the running surface is another important factor to consider. A larger running area provides more space for movement, catering to different stride lengths and jogging styles. We should aim for a treadmill with a minimum running surface of 120 cm in length and 40 cm in width.

Incline and Speed Range

Being able to adjust the incline and speed is essential for a versatile workout. We should look for a treadmill that offers an incline range of 0 to 12% and a speed range of 0 to 16 km/h for optimum exercise options.

Additional Features

While these are the most important aspects, there are also additional features that can enhance our home gym experience. Look for:

  • Folding design for easy storage
  • Built-in programs for varied workouts
  • Heart rate monitoring capabilities
  • Noise levels
  • Weight capacity

Taking all of these factors into consideration will help us in choosing the best treadmill under £500 for our home gym, ensuring a satisfactory and enjoyable workout experience.

The Best Treadmills under £500 For Your Home Gym
The Best Treadmills under £500 For Your Home Gym

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