Best Gym Earphones

Playing your favourite music in the gym makes your workout much more enjoyable. Find the Best Earphones listed below.

If you enjoy running or spending time at the gym, then you know that the best gym earbuds are the true wireless ones. Regular wireless ones will do in a pinch, but wired earphones are no good. Nothing pulls you out of the moment like a wire getting snagged on something and pulling your earbuds out. Modern wireless earphones have no wires at all, meaning that this will never be a problem.

Whether you choose over-ear, in-ear buds, or bone conduction headphones, the main thing to look for in a comfortable and secure fit. Secure fits are even more important with wireless buds because losing one of the buds when out and about is tragic. I’ve lost wireless earbuds in the past, although they’re trendy and useful they can be a pain to find!

Regardless, It would be best if your headphones stayed on, or in your ears for the entire workout.

Sound quality is another important thing to look for with these headphones. Battery life, durability, and noise-cancelling ability are other key features to look for. Of course, anything you wear or use while working out should be sweat-resistant. Some wireless earbuds don’t make the cut because they don’t offer any kind of sweat-proofing.

Sport earphones tend to be more sophisticated and specialised than your standard earbuds. Running earphones should be comfortably secure in your ear and not come loose during exercise.

With all of that said, here are five of the best gym earphones available right now. We have decided to include various types of earphones, as there’s quite a wide collection of types available now.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless

Samsung Wireless Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live SM-R180 Mystic Black

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Last update was on: May 18, 2024 5:07 am
  • Unique attention-grabbing design
  • Comfortable ergonomic fit
  • Open sound offers great detail and bass
  • Charging case and wireless charging features
  • IPX2 water-resistant
  • Good noise reduction on calls
  • Noise cancellation could be better
  • The open design means some noise gets in
  • High Volume Distortion

The Galaxy Buds Live have attracted some negative attention because of the design, which makes them look like coffee beans you put in your ear. That said, this negative attention is unfair as these may be some of the most advanced true wireless earbuds available today. They are certainly among the most innovative.

Much like your standard AirPods, these sports earphones have an open design, meaning that you don’t stick them in your ear and push them in until they stay in place. The earbuds are also super comfortable in your ear. If anything, they might prove to be more comfortable than AirPods.

We also like how discreet these earphones are. They sit in your ears and are relatively unnoticeable. They flush with your ear for a superior fit. This gives the buds a natural noise cancelling nature, eliminating wind noises when outside or the hustle and bustle of an indoor gym.

We tried these earphones with biking and running and feel that they are a superior product for anyone who works out. The only real downside to these best sports earphones is that not everyone can achieve that perfect secure fit. Some people have trouble getting them to fit. We recommend buying your Galaxy Buds from a store with a reputable return policy, just in case.

The earphones also offer excellent sound quality. You’ll have no problem using these wireless buds as a headset when making calls. The buds offer good background noise elimination so it’s easier for you to hear the person on the other end of the line – and for them to hear you – even in noisy environments.

The buds do have active noise cancellation features, but unfortunately, it falls a little short compared to other earbuds, particularly ones with a noise-isolating design.

In other words, you should buy the Galaxy Buds Live Wireless for their sound quality and design, rather than for their noise cancellation. It’s just not there.

Jabra Elite 75T

Jabra Wireless Earphones

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds – Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Long Battery Life for True Wireless Calls and Music...

Last update was on: May 18, 2024 5:07 am
  • A full and loud sound
  • Doesn’t come loose when running
  • In-app audio control
  • Active/passive noise cancellation
  • They can get Very Loud

Next on our list is the Jabra Elite 75T. These earphones certainly earn the name “Elite” as they can be considered among the best true wireless pair of earphones on this list, if not the entire market.

The Jabra Elite Active 75T is a top all-around performer, ticking every box you can imagine. Jabra somehow found a way to scale down the size over previous models but still improve the battery life, going from a battery life 6 hours to a full 7.5 hours. You can get up to 28 hours with the charging case. The IPX rating of IP5 means that these buds are water-resistant and dust-resistant to boot. We also like that the buds are available in a range of colours, including grey, copper black, mint, and navy.

Even with the smaller size, the Jabra Elite 75T offers incredible comfort and stability for users. We didn’t notice them move at all during testing and working out. You can also expect to get the same top-level sound quality you’d expect from the Elite series of earbuds. If anything, it’s even better than you’d expect thanks to enhanced bass. The Jabra app gives you even more control over the audio.

Jabra recently sweetened the deal when they released an ANC update to give the running earphones active noise cancellation. One push of a button and you’ll be lost in a world of your own, no matter how rowdy the world around you gets.

The Jabra Elite 75T had some big shoes to fill with the incredible success of the 65T, and we are comfortable saying that the new generation surpasses the old.

You get great battery life, great audio quality, great waterproofing, and active noise cancellation. What more could you need?

Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose Wireless Earbuds

Bose Sport Earbuds—True Wireless Earphones—Bluetooth Headphones for Workouts and Running—Triple Black

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  • Bright and balanced sound quality
  • Personalised fit with extra ear tips
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • Weak Battery Life

Bose is a big name in the audio industry, and now the company has released its best-ever sports earbuds.

The new Bose Sport wireless buds offer an updated and sportier version of the QuietComfort earbuds, albeit without the huge design and integrated listening modes.

These earphones are smaller and lighter than their predecessor and are more water-resistant too. The earbuds come with a range of tips to accommodate for different ear shapes, meaning you should have no problem getting these to fit and stay in place.

Music lovers are sure to appreciate the excellent sound quality and bass on offer here. The connectivity deserves some praise too, as the earphones utilize the latest Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless connectivity and an enhanced wireless range of up to 40 feet.

Fitness fanatics looking to get daily use out of the earbuds should keep a careful eye on the battery level. One shortcoming of these wireless earbuds is that they aren’t the best at holding a charge. Another downside is that the Bose Connect app doesn’t offer much customization or extra functionality.

Still, with an optimized redesign and more functionality than the earlier generation, the Bose SoundSport buds are an excellent choice. We like that Bose Soundsport buds feature a mic array and Active EQ technology to make for an effective headset.

These earphones aren’t about to light the world on fire, but they’re definitely good enough to be considered some of the best sports earphones on the market.

Beats PowerBeats Pro Wireless

Beats Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones - Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 9 Hours Of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant Earbuds,...

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  • Seamless setup
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Balanced sound
  • Super comfortable and stable
  • Secure fit
  • Great for running and exercising
  • Bulky Charging Case

Do you like the convenience of the Apple AirPods, but aren’t a big fan of the design? If so, then you should check out the Beats by Dre Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds to get the upgrade you need.

These true wireless, sweat-resistant earbuds clip around your ear for added stability. These earphones use the same Apple H1 chip found in the AirPods Pro to seamlessly integrate with iPhones. The wrap-around black design makes them less noticeable than your standard AirPods, however.

Update your device to the latest iOS version for even more functionality. This gives you the option of automatically switching between other iDevices, letting you connect from your iPhone to Macbook, for example, without having to stop your workout.

Controls built into the earbuds let you adjust the volume, change track, connect to Siri, or take a phone call. The Beats Powerbeats Pro features excellent audio balancing too, with no bass explosion to be found. Bass explosion is a common problem with Beats products, so we’re happy to see it’s not an issue here.

With a battery life of up to 24 hours (9 hours on the buds and 14 hours in the charging case), these true wireless earbuds are an easy choice for anyone interested in purchasing the best sports headphones. You can be sure that the Beats will go the distance.

The Powerbeats wireless earphones combine water-and-sweat resistance with a low profile high-quality design and signature Apple integration. The Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds are a bit expensive, but it’s hard to deny they aren’t worth it when you consider everything you get.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple Pro Wireless Earphones

Apple AirPods Pro

Last update was on: May 18, 2024 5:07 am
  • Modern and functional design
  • Excellent active noise cancelling
  • Easy-to-use expanded controls
  • Comfortable fit
  • Short Battery Life

The original AirPods are among the best wireless headphones, but that doesn’t make them the best headphones for running. Even so, we see many people wearing them in the gym.

The good news is that Apple finally got around to creating a pair of true wireless headphones you can wear when working out. They’re called the AirPods Pro and they really do make for excellent running headphones.

One thing that makes these improved Apple AirPods Pro stand out over the standard model is that they have sweat and water-proofing, giving them an extra layer of protection. We also like the ear tips that come with these wireless earphones, as they make them more comfortable and offer better sound quality. The tips block ambient noise for a bit of noise cancelling to make music clearer.

These AirPods also include active noise-canceling technology. You’d be impressed by how good the noise cancelling is, especially if you tend to walk or exercise in loud and busy areas, such as walking along the main road or working out in the gym. Outdoor runners can also enjoy the Transparency Mode feature. This feature makes it easier to hear surrounding sounds without having to interrupt your music. Sometimes noise cancelling can be too good and you can miss hearing hazards and dangers such as oncoming traffic.

Apple bundled three microphones into the buds, along with a powerful audio driver, to create stunning true wireless earbuds you can be proud of. If there was a shortcoming to be found, it would be the battery life. While we wish the battery life was longer, these are some of the best ear phones for running you can find.

The improved controls, access to Siri, and brilliant updates such as spatial audio make the Apple Airpods Pro some of the best sports earphones for iPhone users.

Finding Suitable Wireless Earphones

How to Choose the Best Sports Earphones

Now we’ve assessed some of the best true wireless earbuds you can find, let’s look at how to choose between them and find the best headphones for running for you.

The best headphones offer water and sweat resistance at the very least. Some headphones are IP-certified and back up their claims of water resistance. Be sure to look for headphones that offer an IPX water resistance rating of at least 4.

The design is another important consideration point – as is how you plan to wear the headphones so you are able to hear them properly. The right pair of headphones not only fit comfortably, but they also stay in place without you having to constantly adjust them. For earbuds, consider the number of ear inserts and wings included in the package, as this gives you more options to find the best fit for your in-ear headphones. Some people choose over-ear headphones or on-ear ones because they are better at noise cancelling, while others choose wireless headphones that offer a more secure fit and better portability.

While we’ve focused primarily on truly wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones, some wireless headphones still have a small cable connecting the buds. if you have a pair of headphones with a cable then you should look for an inline remote. These remotes let you adjust music and volume without having to stop or pull out your phone/iPod. Truly wireless headphones like the Elite Active also let you control the audio through buttons built into the buds or with tap gestures.

Please keep in mind that some headphones are built for specific devices. There’s no point in buying headphones with a long battery life only to realise they only work with iPhones and you have a Samsung.

Speaking of battery life, this is one of the most important considerations for wireless earphones. You need Bluetooth headphones that don’t just sound great but also go the distance. Some people would be comfortable with six or eight hours of battery life, but others will look for something with a battery life 10 hours or a battery life 12 hours capabilities. Choose wireless earphones that offer the long battery life you need.

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