Best Spin Bike Mats Reviewed: Stationary Bike Mats

If you're worried that you might damage your Home Gym Floor, a Spin Bike Mat might just save you!

Spin bikes are a great cardio workout machine, allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your home. But they can cause a lot of unwanted damage to your floors and carpets. This is where spin bike mats come in. They not only make sure your floor doesn’t get scratched but also keep the bike mechanism free of dust and dirt.

There are several options when you want to invest in a stationary bike mat. However, selecting the best one is somewhat challenging. To make it easier to pick, we review some of the best spin bike mats in this guide.

Best Spin Bike Mats – UPDATED 2021

Finding the Best Spin Bike Mat

Though most exercise bikes have end caps on the legs to prevent any damage to the floors, they only work to an extent. Spin bikes and other cardio equipment can sometimes leave permanent prints on the carpet and scratches on floors which can be difficult and expensive to repair. Spin bike mats are designed to resist the pressure exerted by the equipment and protect the floor against damage.

Spin bike mats also provide a secure, solid, safe surface for the exercise bike and reduce the noise and vibrations from the workout. High-quality bike mats are constructed to be durable and last for years before wearing out. Here are some of the best options for spin bike mats.


An Affordable Mat

Though available at a cheap price, this mat offers a lot in terms of performance and protection. It is constructed from shock-resistant PVC material for durability and long life. It is an ideal mat for any size of spin bike used in the house.

PedalPro Shock Resistant Exercise Bike/Trainer Floor Protector Mat

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It can offer guaranteed noise reduction and protect the floor against any damage like dirt, scratch or dent. PedalPro is an excellent option if you want to facilitate a peaceful environment for exercise and keep the floor or carpet safe.

Kinetic Trainer Mat

Best Mat for Flexibility

Kinetic Trainer Mat - Black

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This mat is not only priced affordably but designed to be flexible. It comes from a reliable brand and makes a great choice for small to large spin bikes. It helps maintain the training area clean while absorbing noise and vibration. Like many other mats, it is made using closed cell foam and is quite firm and dense. It features a textured top surface that prevents the sweat from rolling off.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

Best Overall Spin Mat

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS Made in U.S.A. for Indoor Cycles Recumbent Bikes Upright Exercise Bikes and Steppers (2.5...

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One of the best options for a spin bike mat, Supermats offers a durable product made out of strong PVC material to protect the floor and carpet from any type of damage caused by the bike. It is thick enough to dampen vibrations and absorb noise so that you don’t disturb other family members while working out. The mat also does a great job of keeping off the debris entering the bicycle. It is also quite easy to clean.

Stationary Bike Mats – What You Should Know?

Things to look out for

Accessories that protect the indoor fitness gear from dust, dirt and wear, bike mats are quite useful for a home workout setup. They also protect the carpet and floors from unwanted damage. While there are a variety of options available in the market, here are some of the most important things you should consider before choosing one.


The quality of your stationary bike mat depends on the material. It also decides how durable the mat is and how effectively it can resist sweat and noise. Most mats are made out of PVC which is durable and cost-effective. Some other mats use foam that prevents vibrations and protects the floor very well. Rubber is also a preferred choice for its durability and ease of cleaning.


A thicker mat is not only great at protecting the floor but also easier to use. A thinner mat may curl off easily and make things inconvenient.


If you are using your equipment for high-intensity workouts, you would want to make sure your bike mat stays secure and doesn’t slip as you pedal.


You can find spin bike mats in a large variety of sizes. Ensure that you measure the machine and your space to decide how big the mat should be.

Peloton Bike Mat

Specially designed to work with the Peloton indoor bikes, this mat protects the floors and carpets from stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills and other equipment. It measures 30 x 60 inches and fits tightly under Peloton branded bikes. It is made out of 7mm thick PVC material that works well for heavy-duty equipment. It is also waterproof and prevents damage to the floor and carpet from water and sweat.

The Peloton bike mat can be found in several size options to suit the spin bike model and the area to be covered. It is made using non-slip material so that it stays firmly on the floor and tiles and doesn’t leave any marks or damage after use. Peloton bike mat not only suits the stationary bikes and other equipment from the brand but also makes a great option for other spin bikes.

Turbo Trainer Mat

A turbo trainer mat works much like a stationary bike mat but offers more benefits like noise deadening. These mats make it easier to train at home while enjoying virtual reality cycling apps as well. They not just prevent slipping but also help reduce the disturbance caused to others from the noise coming from the equipment.

PROIRON Pilates Mat Edge Protection Non-Slip Yoga Mat Exercise Extra Thick Foam Mat Fitness Workout Mats Home Gym With Carrying...

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There are several options when it comes to finding a turbo trainer mat for your spin bike or stationary bike. They are generally made using a closed-cell PVC foam material that is not only durable but also great at creating a sound barrier between the trainer and the floor. They come in a variety of size and thickness options to suit the needs.


Final Thoughts & Summary

Spin bike mats are one of the best accessories that not only hold the bikes in place but also add extra protection to the bike mechanism and floors. These products also define your workout area and help keep it clean. Choose the right spin bike mat from a reputed brand depending on your needs to enhance your indoor cycling experience.

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