JLL T350 Treadmill Review

JLL T350 Treadmill Review
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The JLL T350 treadmill is an excellent high-quality running machine built for home-use. The treadmill features a large running platform that should suit all shapes, sizes, and running requirements. There’s also 20 exercise programs and incline levels built-in, not to mention a state-of-the-art digital LCD screen. Our JLL T350 review will take a deeper look at what makes this treadmill one of the best mid-range treadmills on the market.

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JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2020 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor,...

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  • 5-inch display
  • 16-point cushioning system
  • Built-in speakers
  • Speed range between 3 and 18 km/h
  • Generous weight limit of 120kg
  • 20 incline levels
  • 20 workout programs
  • Has AUX and USB connectivity
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor and a 5-year warranty on motor
  • Lifetime warranty on frame


  • Noisier than other models
  • Can be challenging to set up
  • Lacking customer service

Features of the JLL T350 Treadmill


Cushioning System

We want to start by mentioning the cushioning system as this is one of the standout features. Treadmills tend to be more challenging on joints than exercise bikes and elliptical machines. This is why so many people avoid treadmills as they feel it will cause joint pain or exacerbate joint problems.

However, the truth is that weight-bearing exercises like this are essential for healthy bones and joints.

Fitness bikes help you to lose weight and tone your body, but only a treadmill prevents bone density loss – a problem that comes with aging.

The good news is that the JLL T350 has a 16-point cushioning system to reduce the impact on joints, knees, and ankles. This means anyone can use the treadmill safely, even people recovering from surgery.

Another advantage of the cushioning system is that it protects you against strain and pain so you can keep working out longer.

20 Incline Levels

The treadmill offers 20 incline levels, letting you challenge yourself according to fitness level or create varied workouts where the intensity slowly increases.

One button is all it takes to change the incline, making it easy to complete an effective HIIT workout. Try warming up with a level 2 incline and then switch between 4 and 20 for HIIT.

You’ll burn more calories at higher inclines. JLL suggest you can burn up to four times as many calories by switching to a higher incline. All these incline levels mean that the machine will grow with you as you continue to lose weight and get fitter, lasting you in the long run.

Stay Entertained During Workouts

This treadmill comes with everything you’d expect as far as entertainment goes. Everything, that is, except for one thing.

While the treadmill does have a USB port for you to connect your phone or MP3 player to play music directly through the speakers, you can’t plug in your tablet.

Well, you could plug in a tablet but then you can’t see the LCD screen. You can’t see your stats or adjust your workout as needed.

State-of-the-Art Console

The console on the treadmill is simple to use with the help of pressure-point technology. Just tap the function you want, such as speed, audio, program, or incline. The actions and information are all within reach.

The console also has a large backlit display. The display shows information such as the distance, incline, time, speed, and calories lost. You can also monitor heart rate for more accurate calorie burns.

One downside of the console is that the speed and distance are measured in kilometers, meaning you might have to do some mental math to convert that to miles.

Heart-Rate Monitor

As mentioned before, the treadmill has pulse plates built in to track your pulse. It also has a heart-rate workout that adjusts the speed according to your heart-rate.

This is convenient, but it woldn’t suit people who want low-impact exercises. Another downside is that you have to hold on to the arms to keep track of your pulse. Some people prefer having full freedom of movement.

20 Workout Programs

Beginners are sure to love the wide variety of workout programs on offer. These workots mean you can find something that works for you without any problems. You can even custome routines to create workouts according to your goals and needs.

The included program booklet helps you boost your conditioning, burn more fat, and get toned faster. Keep track with the Progress Plan to reach your goals.

Excellent Speed Range

The JLL has a speed range between 0.3km/h and 18km/h. This gives the treadmill one of the fastest top speeds seen with home treadmills and makes the treadmill suitable for eperts.

The top speed is great for burning fat because it sends your heart rate soaring. However, you can also change the incline to increase the challenge of lower speeds.

Noise Levels

There’s some disparity between JLL and users when it comes to noise levels. JLL suggests the machine is quiet and operates smoothly, but users disagree.

This disparity is caused by the cable, which connects to the conole by passing through the treadmill. Some customers feel this is challenging because it kept bending the line. It also means the treadmill makes a lot of noise if you don’t set it up correctly.


There’s no denying how heavy the JLL is, but don’t worry too much. You can fold the treadmill up when not in use to save space and quickly transport it.

The machine features Soft Drop Technology that lets you fold and unfold the treadmill using a hydraulic arm that does most of the work for you. The transport wheels on the machine make it easier to place in storage between workout sessions too.

It’s worth taking the space requirements into account when considering this treadmill. When unfolded, the treadmill is 158cm long, 70cm wide, and 128cm tall.

Some users have pointed out an issue with the size of the treadmill. They report that you can’t use the treadmill if you detach the frame as you need the cable from the base to power the treadmill. It would be nice to be able to use the treadmill without the stand to save more room, but that isn’t the case. This is one thing to keep in mind before purchasing the exercise machine.

Final Thoughts

Our Verdict

The JLL T350 treadmill is a reliable, heavy-duty treadmill made for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Beginners and intermedia users alike should have no problem keeping fit with the JLL on their side. The treadmill comes with all the features you need to stay motivated and get an excellent workout.

Users have up to 20 incline levels and 20 workout programs to play with. The treadmill reaches a generous max speed of 18km/h. The Progress Plans help you settle on a system to reach your goals as quickly as possible. The USB connectivity and 16-point cushioning platform also help keep you motivated and eliminate pain so you can keep running for longer.

The JLL T350 also fits comfortably into most homes because it comes in a compact size despite the generous running deck.

If you’re looking for an excellent treadmill at an affordable price, you’ll find it with the JLL T350 digital treadmill.

JLL T350 Treadmill Review
JLL T350 Treadmill Review

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