Bumper Plates will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal of equipment. We’ve already compared bumper plates vs Olympic weights, but now it’s time for an in-depth discussion on the best bumper plate for your home gym.

The Best Bumper Plates For Your Home Gym

Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates

Rogue Bumper Plates

Bumper Plate Olympic Weight Plates Cast Iron Dumbbell Accessories Perfect for Bodybuilding WeightLifting Home Gym-2.5lb,5lb,10lb,25lb,35lb,45lb,2.5LB

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The Rogue HG 2.0 bumper plates stand out for several reasons. The main reasons these plates caught our eye were their durability, smooth finish, and consistent dead bounce. The plates look good and feel good in your hands and don’t bounce much, if at all.

You might not be surprised to learn that these plates perform so well they are tested at CrossFit Games and regionals. They are an excellent competition-level plate to keep at home and add to your training menu.

If you want IWF-certification from your plates, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Rogue HG 2.0 plates are fully IWF-certified. These plates meet the standards set by the IWF, with a 450mm diameter. Even so, they are made to be as thin as possible to allow users to ack more weight onto their plates.

Rest assured that you can purchase these plates without a second thought as to whether or not they are suited for use at home. They are made from rubber with stainless steel inserts to prevent the rubber from coming off the plate. Flimsy rubber is a sign of a low-quality plate.

Another thing worth noting about the Rogue HG 2.0 plates is that they have an excellent weight tolerance, which is within 1% of the claimed weight.

One downside of the Rogue HG 2.0 plates is that there’s not much variety. These rubber plates are only available in black. However, they make for an excellent choice for anyone working out at home due to their quality and durability. The low bounce and thick rubber make them safer than other options as well.

The two other potential downfalls are the smell and the price. Some people complain that the plates sometimes emit a kind of black grease and they smell. For what it’s worth, this smell is relatively normal and goes away over time. Some people also find the price to be a little high, but you get what you pay for. The HG 2.0 may cost more, but it’s also worth more.

Mirafit Black Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

Mirafit Bumper Plates

Mirafit IWF Coloured Fractional Weight Change Plates - White - 2 x 0.5kg

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The Mirafit Black Olympic bumper plates are an ideal choice for Olympic weightlifting and deadlifting movements and exercises. With their rubber construction, these plates offer total shock absorption to protect your exercise bars and your floor during training. Like the Rogue plates, these bumper plates are made to an IWF standard with a 450mm diameter.

The plates are an excellent representation of what you need at a minimum when it comes to choosing bumper plates. These plates may not be the best quality products on the market, but they are still a solid choice. We love the clean and efficient design of these things.

Another benefit is how thick the plates are. No matter how heavy you go, the plates stay thin. The 45lb plates are under three-inches thick, letting you pack more weight onto the bar for heavier lifts and better results.

That the plates are weighed in pounds and not kilos could put some people off. The fact is that Olympic weightlifting uses the kilogram as a worldwide standard. Having to do the conversion yourself and find out how heavy the bars are in kilos can be a pain.

Another problem is the same chemical smell reported with the HG 2.0. The smell comes from the plastics and rubbers used to make the plates. Some people also reported potential issues with packaging and delivery, suggesting that the packaging was too tough to break through. However, these are standard issues with this kind of product. You shouldn’t expect things like tough packaging to interfere with the overall quality and integrity of the rubber plates.

York Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

York Olympic Bumper Plates

York Coloured Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates (Up to 25kg)

The York Barbell Olympic Solid Rubber Bumper Plates have been designed for use in gyms, professional sports teams and college facilities. Available in coloured 10 KG, 15 KG, 20 KG ...
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The York Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate is among the best options on the market. The bumper plates are designed to be used in a home gym, by professional athletes and teams, and in college environments. These plates are suited for all environments and anyone can use them to reach new levels of strength and fitness.

One great thing about the weights is the variety on offer – the York plates are available in 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, and 25K options. The plates are all 100% rubber and fit all standard 2″ diameter Olympic weight bars. The central hole for the weight is precision drilled to be in just the right spot. It’s also reinforced with a steel central sleeve to make it faster, safer, and easier to load plates. This also makes the plates more durable, so they’ll last for much longer.

It’s impossible to talk about York products without mentioning the long history of the company. With over 80 years of industry experience in weightlifting and fitness equipment in general, York has sold products to thousands of commercial gyms and professional athletes. Now that equipment can be yours for home use. Whether you want to get new equipment for a commercial gym or add a touch of premium class to a home gym, York has you covered. These bumper plates will all help you get a more challenging and intense workout and push yourself to the limit.

The York plates are suitable for strength conditioning, functional training, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. There’s never been a better way to build muscle, burn calories, increase strength, and improve overall balance. You may be surprised by the benefits of weightlifting.

Free weights like this are different from machine-based workouts. One key difference is that you are in total control of your movement. How you move is up to you. An increased range of motion and more versatility and variety means better overall results. Machine weights focus on specific muscles, meaning some don’t get worked as much as others, if at all. Working as wide a range of muscles as possible is essential to preventing injuries from working out.

Proper form and technique are critical when using any kind of weight or strength training equipment. Don’t be afraid to talk to a personal trainer and get some advice if you are starting out and new to the scene. Given that weight plates are made to be dropped, we recommend working out on a mat or rubber flooring to better protect the floor and create a safe environment.

The York plates do come with a warranty, but it has limits. The warranty only covers damage caused when the plates are dropped on rubber floors or lifting platforms. Damage from other surfaces isn’t covered by the policy. The warranty also covers manufacturing faults, but not general wear and tear. It also doesn’t cover damage caused by bad lifting techniques. Make sure you always use the proper form when training to prevent issues with making a claim against the product. It’s also better for your health and overall wellbeing to lift safely as well. Do it for yourself, if not for your year warranty.

Why Choose Bumper Plates?

Do you need them?

Bumper plates are a fansThere are several reasons to invest in the best bumper plate, including;

  • Flexibility

One of the most common reasons to invest in bumper plates is that they offer plenty of flexibility for workouts. Even if you don’t perform at the same level as a competitive athlete at home in your gym, you should consider investing in these training plates. It’s good to have the option to do something different if you want it.

  • Safety

The recycled rubber used to make rubber bumper plates adds to the overall safety of working out. This rubber allows you to safely drop a loaded bar without damaging the floor, plate, platform, bar, or – most importantly – yourself. This means that you won’t need to worry so much about what happens to you or the foundation below you. You also don’t need to worry that the plates might crack or chip on impact. These durable weight plates are built to last.

  • Quieter

Working out in a home gym can get surprisingly noisy. Even if you aren’t running on a machine, lifting weights makes a lot of noise depending on the material used in the weight plates. Steel plates tend to make a lot of noise. In contrast, rubber bumper plates make relatively little noise.

  • Better Weight Accuracy

Please keep in mind that “rubber plates” are not made entirely from rubber, despite the name. These plates contain an insert made from either stainless steel or iron that is then covered with rubber. The weight listed on the plate is more accurate compared to pure steel or iron plates as a result.

  • Lift More

Given that the best bumper plates are safer and easier to work with, these plates make it easier to push yourself further. You’ll have an easier time lifting heavier weights because you can safely drop them without running the risk of breaking your floor.

  • Durability

Another reason to consider getting rubber bumper plates is that they are more durable than their steel and iron counterparts. Rubber is a remarkably durable material. Even better, there’s no need for much maintenance with recycled rubber or crumb rubber bumper plates.

  • Versatility

The strength and durability of virgin rubber mean these plates can be used indoors or outdoors. You can also use them in more humid environments that wouldn’t be suited to weight training. These plates don’t rust, unlike iron plates.

This versatility stretches to the exercises you can perform with your crumb rubber bumper plates. You’ll have no problem hitting squats, thrusts, deadlifts, snatches, jerk and clean, bench presses, and overhead lunges.

What to Consider when Buying Bumper Plates

Things to Consider
  • Durability

The added durability of recycled rubber is a benefit over metal plates, but keep in mind that it only counts if the bumper plate has the durability needed. These plates are made to be dropped from a height. They are made for you to lift as high as possible and then drop. As such, competition plates have to be made from the best materials and with the best finish for total durability.

An inferior quality build or material choice makes a big difference in whether you have the best bumper plates or something not even worth your time and attention. Look for durable plates you can tell will last you for years.

  • Thickness

Bumper plate thickness is another important consideration. Thinner is generally better for bumper plates. You should have no problem fitting your new plates on your barbell. Low density and low-quality rubber bumper plates without a stainless steel interior create logistical problems with attaching the plate to your bar. Those problems aren’t worth the small drop in price. It’s better to get a high-quality bumper plate to avoid further problems.

Thin weight plates tend to have steel weights or are made with higher density materials for efficient weight distribution. These plates manage to be heavy without being too thick.

  • Price

Price is another important factor. It may prove to be the most important factor for some people. Please keep in mind that buying the cheapest metal plates you can buy is probably the worst thing you can do. These plates might save you money, but they lack the durability to last for years, meaning they aren’t as cost-effective.

Of course, value for money is important when making a purchase. Purchasing the most expensive competition plates you can is also a risk. Look for bumper plates made from high-quality materials and a trusted construction process. Don’t forget to check the warranty before buying too, as you want to be sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

  • Material

The composition and material of the bumper plates make a surprising difference in the quality and usability of the plates. The material and composition are so important that it affects everything about the weight plates from the durability and performance to the bounce and price of the rubber plates. Low-density rubber is commonly found with low-quality bumper plates. These plates tend to be cheaper but are thicker and less durable as a tradeoff.

If you want to find the best bumper plates for your workout room, you should look for plates made with plastic or a high-density rubber with a stainless steel insert. This ensures that you have a consistent and calibrated weight to the plate. One good thing about the different choices is that you can easily tell the difference between low-quality and high-quality plates. The materials and build have that much of a difference in the overall feel and quality of the plates.

Rubber bumper training plates with a stainless-steel insert with a hard finish and rubber inner are among the best options for competition plates and other bumper plates. These plates offer the best performance across bounce and durability. The downside is that these crumb plates tend to be more expensive as a result. Keep in mind you get what you pay for with everything. That includes competition plates.

  • Design

Don’t overlook the finished design of the bumper plates. The look and feel of plates are more important than you might realize. It’s worth taking the time to find a set that matches the decor of your gym and feels good in your hands.

  • Bounce

Don’t forget that it’s standard practice for you to drop or slam your bumper plates. They are designed with this purpose in mind. With that said, you should look for a recycled rubber plate that has little to no bounce. The items that we’ll be looking at with our list of the best bumper plates for the home gym all have minimal bounce.

How to Choose the Best Bumper Plates

Finding suitable Bumper Plates

As you can see, there’s more to choosing the best bumper plates for a home gym than just the price. The best plates offer a mixture of affordability, durability, and quality all in a single package. Look for the type of plate you want, the right material, and the hub on the plate, before making your final purchase.

In general, you might not even need bumper plates for lifting weights at home. Steel plates may be more than enough for you. These bumper plates are made for the kind of weightlifting that involves dropping the weight rather than putting it back down. Not everyone is comfortable just dropping their weights.

Make sure that you do the heavy lifting on the right floor type. The floor should also be sturdy. This is something to consider when hiring gym design services to create the perfect home gym for you. You should consider getting a weightlifting mat if you are concerned about dropping crumb plates on your floor.

A reliable good quality plate will last you for a long time, but you don’t need to empty your bank account to get a worthy choice. Now we’ve looked at what to consider when buying plates, here’s how to choose the best plates on the market for you.

  • Choose a Plate Type

There are three main varieties of bumper plates. Using the wrong one could make things a whole lot worse for you.

  • Competition Plates

These plates have the same weight and dimensions as the ones used in competitions. These plates help you understand the small difference between plates of similar weight. Competition plates are the most expensive kind because they perfectly conform to every possible standard. If you have the money for the best of the best, then a competition plate is the right choice. However, they might not be the best for the average weightlifter who isn’t interested in competition-level lifting.

  • Training Plates

Trainer plates, as the name implies, are suited for trainers. These are the plates you usually find in commercial gyms, meaning they would be just as good a choice for working out at home too. With different standard weights and a full commitment to specifications, these plates are in high demand for people working out at home.

  • Technique Plates

Technical plates are light and durable option for lifting. These plates are used for practicing and mastering effective weightlifting techniques, hence the name. These plates are also suitable for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

  • Choose the Right Material

Bumper plates are made from dense rubber. While rubber is the main component, there are a few different kinds of rubber to consider. There are three different rubbers to choose from, with each choice affecting the durability, functionality, and price of the plates.

  • Virgin Rubber

Virgin rubber is the highest quality material for plates. The material is more expensive to manufacture than other forms of rubber. The price is worth it if you can afford it, however, as the rubber is durable enough to last a lifetime.

If your training menu consists of Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, or other exercises that call on you to drop the bar, then your main objective is to find plates with minimal bounce. Virgin plates are the least bouncy plates on the market, which means they are also the safest and least annoying for use at home. These plates are also as strong as the ones you’d find in the gym.

  • Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber is a cheaper option but they are bouncier than virgin rubber plates. Another potential issue with recycled rubber is that it can smell a little at first. We recommend leaving the rubber out for a week or so before using them. Airing the recycled rubber out like this should reduce the smell coming from them. It’s worth taking this step as the smells coming from the bars could potentially be hazardous to your health.

With all of that said, recycled rubber is a great choice for people who primarily bench press and do curls with their weights.

  • Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is the cheapest kind of rubber to manufacturing. Plates made from crumb rubber are the least expensive. Much like pressboard wood sheets, crumb rubber is made from rubber pellets pressed and glued together. While crumb rubber is the cheapest option, we can’t recommend you add them to your shopping cart any time soon. These plates can be brittle and tend to chip or split if dropped. If you plan on performing curls, presses, or rack-based lifts, then the only reason to buy a crumb training bumper is to save as much money as possible.

  • Pick the Right Bumper Plate Hub

The hub for the bumper plate is the bushing in the center of the plate. The hub slides onto the bar’s sleeve. While this hub is mostly made from metal, you may come across one that has chrome plating.

We recommend using hook hubs because these hubs connect to the training bumper and are unlikely to come loose no matter what. They have a curved spoke that molds to the rubber plate.

Should I Buy Budget Bumper Plates?

Are Cheap Bumper Plates good?

One question you’ll ask yourself when looking for rubber plates is if it’s okay to buy budget options. As is often the case with these things, budget plates have earned a bad reputation regarding their quality. People don’t believe that you can get a good quality product for cheap. Bumper plates are generally made to be durable and withstand a lot of punishment, so you want to be sure to choose one that will last. You should understand the risks of going for a cheap option.

Low-quality plates don’t last very long. You’ll be lucky to get a few months out of cheap rubber plates. You don’t want to spend a lot of money constantly replacing expensive plates. Another issue with low quality plates is the smell. While most plates have an odour to them, it goes away with time. It takes longer for the smell to go away with cheap products. The good news is that it is possible to get a good deal with budget plates. Just know what you are looking for, such as the inserts, thickness, and durability. Look for plates with a solid warranty as well, to ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

What do the Colours on Bumper Plates mean?

Colour Differences on Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are generally black all over, but there are some coloured variants out there. These variations are typically seen with competition-level bumpers from big sellers. These colour codes make it easier to identify the one you want from the storage peg. All colour-coded plates and an Olympic finish.

These colour codes are helpful because most plate sets have the same diameter and they look the same too. The main difference between different plates is how thick they are, which may not be apparent with a cursory glance. Sometimes the letters are colour-coded and other times the diameter or the outer part of the plate is coloured. Either way, coloured plates brighten up your workout room a little.

Do I Need Plates With Bumper Plate Certification?

Bumper Plate Certification

Certification of any kind is a sign of a superior product. However, you don’t need to spend the extra money on certified plates if you aren’t planning to compete. You should only get certified plates if you want to compete or want that quality assurance.

One problem with getting certified plates is that there are several groups that certify bumper plates. The most common and well-known of these organizations is the IWF. IWF certification on equipment means that it is competition-fit and suitable for competitive bodybuilders.

Do All Bumper Plates Bounce?

Bouncy Bumper Plates

All bumper plates have a bit of bounce to them. The difference is how much they bounce. Virgin rubber bounces less than recycled rubber, while crumb rubber weight plates bounce the most of the different materials.

Minimizing bounce and damage is the purpose of bumper plates. The rubber on the plates absorbs the shock of impact and prevents surfaces, such as floors, from being damaged if you drop a plate.

The material used with the rubber plates is the key to the bounce. As mentioned, virgin rubber produces the least bounce because it is a dense material that absorbs shocks better than the other materials.

Final Thoughts


Rubber weight plates are a great way to add some quality to your gym setup, whether it be at home or a commercial gym. Getting your hands on affordable, goodq quality bumper plates for a home gym isn’t as difficult as it sounds – not when you know what to look for.

Take note of the features listed above, think about the kind of plates you want to buy, and then make an informed purchasing decision. While any of the plates listed above would be a good choice, they aren’t the only options out there. Weight plates are also a matter where there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” The training plates you choose should suit your needs. Don’t settle for anything less than what you need.

Keep in mind that the quality of training plates often depends on the price. The more you pay, the better quality product you can expect. While it’s true you’ll pay more for better equipment, these weight plates also save money and stress through their durability and lack of bounce. Better quality plates are less likely to damage your floor or be damaged by it.

Pay special attention to the colours on the training plates. These colours help you understand the weight-range for the plate so nothing gets in the way of your training. Mix and match rubber plates and metal plates to get the best of both worlds. They have individual benefits but are more effective when combined.

Invest in a good set of training plates to get the most out of your workout.

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