Nordictrack GX 4.6 Pro Review

The company NordicTrack has always come up with new ways to make your exercise routine more interactive and effective. They combine technology and ergonomics to provide a fantastic range of gym equipment. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years and are an established brand of fitness equipment.

29/12/2021 Important Update
Notice from Tom – HGR Team:
We’ve received a handful of messages regarding the quality and support for these NordicTrack exercise bikes, which have led to no longer recommending them. If you’re looking for an exercise bike, I would advise you to take a look at this IC400 Pro
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JLL IC400 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 22kg Flywheel,...

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One such example is the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike. It takes a little time to assemble all the bits and pieces. But once you have assembled it, it will turn your routine exercise routine into an adventure. We also reviewed the GX3.9.

This stationary bike uses iFit technology to stimulate routes via Google Maps Street view and show it to you on its 7-inch full-colour touch screen display.

It can do all that and much more to make your exercise routine more interactive, which is proven to make your workout last longer.

GX4.6 Pro Features

Overview of the Features

Now, let’s take a close look into the specifications of the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike.

1. Different Type Of Workout Programs

This electronic stationary bike has a whopping 32 different types of workout programs. These workout programs can mainly be categorized into three types that are-

  • Intensity Workouts
  • Performance Workouts
  • Calorie Workouts

Each program has its own unique traits. You can either try to complete all the types of one specific training program or mix them up. It’s up to you!

2. 7-inch Web Enabled Touch Screen Display

You will be controlling all of your cardio and training programs by using the display screen. It hosts a web browser that can be used to surf the web, check emails and even participate in social media activities.

But most importantly, it can be used to stimulate routes via Google Maps’ “street view”  feature, thanks to its iFit technology. You can select your preferred route with just a few swipes. 

3. Ergonomic Design

The design is very ergonomic to provide comfort as well as boost your workout’s effectiveness. The pedals are large-sized and fit comfortably for everyone. It also has straps so that your feet can stay firmly attached to the pedals. The handles also feel nice and firm to hold on to. Ergonomic comfort goes a long way in encouraging exercise using the machine.

4. iFit Technology

This is one of the star features of the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike. The iFit module is installed in the console of the bike and comes with multiple features.

It has a map that allows you to virtually workout anywhere you want. You can even download your favourite streets of the UK and exercise virtually.

A training module to help you download other weight-loss workout routines and formats. A “compete” option that allows you to compete with the other members of the iFit community.

You can even set your duration, distance, and calorie goals. And as you begin your workout, all these functions will make you more focused and competitive in your workout routines and will guide you to a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Motion Resistance For Intense Workouts

We already mentioned the various types of training programs installed in the iFit module. But the programs also come with different intensity levels.

You can use the touchscreen to increase or decrease the intensity levels of each exercise program to find your preferred level. The intensity is basically the bike’s resistance to motion. The more you increase it, the harder it will be to pedal, and the more calories you will burn.

Its resistance level can go up to level 24. The level can be decreased or increased with a push of a button on the control panel.

6. Easy To Adjust Seat

The padded seat provides a comfortable yet firm support for your lower back. And the seat is large enough so you will not feel uncomfortable even after prolonged use.

You can adjust the height of the seat and also take it forward or backward. This allows you to perfectly adjust the height and find your preferred sitting position.

7. Incredibly Durable Frame

The bike is comparatively lightweight and only weighs about 103.6lbs; however, the maximum weight capacity of the user is approximately 325 lbs. This indicates how sturdy the frame is. And since it can withstand intensive workouts, you can rely on the NordicTrack GX 4.6 to last a long time.

8. Magnetic Resistance Brakes

The bike comes with SMR brakes or silent magnetic resistance brakes that allow a smooth transition in the intensity levels. This means you will not have to pause your workout flow to increase or decrease the intensity flow.

9. Monitors Heart Rate

Even the handles are tech-savvy. They have sensors attached to them, which is equipped with a heart rate monitor called Cardio Grip. The sensors can monitor your heart rate to make your training sessions more effective.

You can also strap in the chest strap, which will transmit your heart rate and display it on the touch screen. By continuously seeing your heart rate and planning your next workout accordingly, you can gain more effective results, burn calories faster, and improve your cardiovascular health.

10. Automatic Cooler

Pedaling hard and fast can quickly leave you sweating. Although sweating is a good sign and is basically the whole purpose of the workout, it can also make you uncomfortable and possibly discourage you from working hard. Imagine, a nice breeze while you work out – like biking in real life..

This is why the NordicTrack GX 4.6 comes with a built-in fan with three different settings. You can set it to high, low, or automatic. If you set it to automatic, then the speed of the fan will increase proportionately with the speed of your pedaling. 


Deep-Dive into The Specification
  • A 7-inch full-colour touch screen
  • Tablet holder
  • 32 different workout programs
  • 24 intensity levels
  • Silent magnetic resistance brakes
  • 19 Pound Enhanced-Inertia Flywheel
  • Adjustable Seat With Extra Padding
  • iFit Compatible
  • iPod Dock with Speakers
  • Auto cooling fan
  • Heart rate monitor

Pros and Cons

The Good & Bad

The Pros

  • Comes with easy to use features
  • It can be used by everyone, including athletes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable seat and paddles
  • Plenty of training programs
  • Additional training programs can be downloaded
  • Durable construction and sleek design

The Cons

  • Does not have an incline
  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Needs to be connected to Wi-Fi

User Reviews

Customer Opinions

Users have said that they loved the ridiculous amount of features the GX 4.6 offers, and it also made their exercise routine more interactive and effective. 

Some users faced troubles because it did not have Bluetooth connectivity, and they could not wear their favourite Bluetooth headphones during the workout sessions.


Final Thoughts

The NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike has all the latest features you will need for your exercises. It is well-built and makes burning calories easier than ever. This exercise bike has been highly appreciated across different fitness communities in the UK, and we would not hesitate to recommend it either.

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