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Biking is one of the best exercises there is. Riding a bike uses almost every muscle in the body while being as intense as you want it to be. Not everyone can get outside and ride, however. For those stuck indoors, an indoor cycling bike is a godsend. The JLL IC400 Pro is an ideal exercise bike, which comes at a fair price.

The JLL IC400 Pro is a home cycle bike that stands above the crowd, including some more expensive options. Our review will look at everything the IC400 Pro has to offer and address the question of how suitable it really is for your home gym.

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JLL IC400 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 22kg Flywheel,...

Last update was on: June 11, 2024 9:38 pm
This exercise bike is a mid-range bike, which offers some impressive features and a specification which competes with the rivals. However, I think I’d prefer to go with the more trusted Nordictrack GX4.6 at this price point. That said, JLL are starting to make impressive equipment.

An Overview of the Bike

First Impressions

The IC400 Pro comes in two models, with the Pro being the better of the two. The IC400 Elite is the other model. JLL itself is a UK fitness brand and manufacturer. The company has a solid reputation for building highly functional and durable exercise equipment. The latest JLL IC400 Pro is no exception. With just one look and ride, you’ll see for yourself the quality of craftmanship that has gone into the bike.

The exercise bike makes a fantastic first impression from an aesthetic standpoint, but rest assured, it’s as well-built on the inside as it is on the outside. As far as the exterior goes, however, the IC400 excels on all touchpoints, including the peddles, handlebars, and seat.

The heavy black steel frame feels robust and stable under you. Even when pushing this bike to its limits, you’ll feel stable and secure on your seat. The bike weighs in at 53kg, which gives it a solid base. I’ve tried some lighter bikes recently, but at higher speeds you genuinely feel like you could tip over.

The internal components of the bike are hidden well by a sleek red and black plastic molding. The molding only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the spin bike. The bike arrives in two boxes. All of the complex pieces are pre-assembled for you, which takes the struggle out of any DIY work!

There’s a small amount of assembly required, but you shouldn’t have much problem putting the JLL IC400 together & JLL have uploaded a video to YouTube for anyone having trouble. We didn’t need it, but there’s no pressure if you do!

What to Expect from this Exercise Bike

Is it suitable for you?

Whether you’re a beginner exerciser or interested in doing more cardio, cycling is one of the best exercises around.

You can expect to get the basic benefits of any cardio exercise, including;

  1. Improved cardiovascular health
  2. Healthy and happy heart
  3. Improved lung capacity

Biking is different from running in that it is low impact. Running can do long-term damage to your joints, but that doesn’t happen with cycling. Cycling has a less repetitive impact on your feet because they don’t touch the pavement.

When you use a spin bike like the JLL IC400, most of your body weight is supported by your butt, removing problems such as shin splints, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, inflammation, and other problems associated with running.

Burn Calories and Feel Better

Studies consistently show the benefits of exercise include enhanced mood. Exercising releases adrenaline and endorphins. Working out is an effective way to combat feelings of depression and anxiety.

Of course, getting fitter is the main reason that people work out. There’s no denying the calorie-burning power of cycling. Cycling burns anywhere between 400 and 1,000 calories per hour, depending on how far you push yourself.

Build Muscles

Cycling is also an ef effective way to build muscles, particularly in your butt and legs. If you’re looking to build a toned butt, then the best way is to combine squats and cycling.

Exercise at Home

One of the best benefits of using a spin bike like this is that you can exercise at home whenever you want, no matter the weather outside. Exercise is more effective when worked into a routine. It’s good not to have to worry about weather conditions or if you can save time by going to the gym. The bike is right there in your home.

Suitable for Anyone

Don’t be fooled by the “Pro” in the name. This is an exercise machine suitable for anyone. In fact, the belt-drive bike is an excellent way for older people to stay in shape. Exercise bikes are quieter and have less impact than other exercise machines.

A cheap exercise bike with impressive specs

Is the JLL IC400 worth buying?

One of the main advantages of using an exercise bike like this is that it is suited for everyone. This bike is easy to set up and offers a lot of variation and functionality. Whether you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds or prepare for a big biking event, you can get what you need from JLL.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are already because cycling is among the lowest impact exercises with a wide range of resistance settings thanks to the adjustable magnetic resistance, letting you find a program designed to provide better fitness levels.

Another thing that makes the JLL such an excellent option is that it takes up less room and generates less noise than other fitness equipment. You should have no problem keeping the bike in your house and using it without disturbing family and neighbors.

The price point might be a little steep for those looking to pick up a machine and start riding, but it’s an ideal option for anyone looking to make a serious investment in their health and fitness.

In-depth Feature & Specification

Key Features

The JLL offers all the features you’d expect from a mid-range bike and a few more;

  • Heavy flywheel – with a 22kg flywheel, you’ll have plenty of choice with resistance levels
  • Rubber belt – the high-quality rubber belt means less noise, better power transference, and the ability to cycle backward and forwards
  • 3-piece crank – a 3-piece crank is a tougher and better quality than a single-piece crank
  • Adjustable handlebar – choose from six positions
  • Adjustable seat – choose from six horizontal and ten vertical seat positions
  • Onboard computer – the console displays all the details about your workout and connects to smartphones and other devices over Bluetooth for increased functionality
  • Heart-rate sensors built into the handlebars
  • 150kg max user weight
  • Transportation wheels that make it easy to move the bike around
  • Assembly instructions
  • full 12-month warranty

IC400 Pro Specs

The JLL IC400 Pro has more features than you’d expect for a bike at this price. With a heavy-duty two-way flywheel, the spin bike feels the same as the professional-grade bikes at your local gym. Some people may feel it even outperforms the magnetic resistance bikes they have at their gym. Either way, the 22kg flywheel guarantees a smooth ride for exercisers.

The IC400 Pro is also quieter than the average exercise bike, thanks to a rubber belt-driven system. The bike also features a chain-driven system that means it doesn’t need as much maintenance as other exercise bikes in this price range.

The exercise bike is powered by electronically-controlled magnetic resistance users can adjust to their needs with a dial. Magnetic resistance works by adjusting the space between the magnet and the wheel to give you a wide variety of different resistance options. You’ll have almost precise control over the JLL IC400 Pro Indoor resistance levels.

The JLL IC400 is like other spin bikes in that it isn’t foldable. You’ll have to set aside space in your home gym or a spare room for the spin bike. The good news is that this bike doesn’t take up much room, at least not compared to other exercise equipment. The exercise bike also has transport wheels that make it easier to move. Don’t let the 53kg weight intimidate you – it’ll feel like nothing.

The JLL IC400 Pro lets you adjust everything that you’d expect to be able to adjust. Move the handlebar height and seat height to what makes you comfortable. You can even adjust the distance between the seat and handlebars, a rare feature to find in exercise bikes.

The bike seat is really well made for a mid-range bike like this. The saddle features a comfortable padded inner and soft fabric outer. JLL also includes a soft-touch gel seat cover in the package to make the bike even more comfortable. You’ll have no problem pushing yourself harder and longer on the IC400 Pro.

Don’t worry if you already have the type of bike saddle you prefer, as the seat can be removed and replaced with little to no problem. Even the pedals are easily replaced, but we prefer the ones that come with the IC400 Pro. The peddles SPD compatible and have straps to give you the best of both worlds.

Like other magnetic-resistance bikes, the JLL LC400 Pro indoor has a center console. The console is relatively small compared to other mid-range models, but it has everything you could need. Use the console to keep track of your heart rate and other vitals thanks to the heart-rate sensors built into the handlebars. The console also connects to apps on your phone or smartwatch through Bluetooth connectivity, giving the bike extra functionality.

How to use the IC400

Using this bike

What makes the JLL IC400 stand out from the crowd is how effortless it is to use. Even experienced spin bike riders will be surprised and impressed. Whether you’ve never ridden an exercise bike in your life or have years of experience, you can expect a healthy challenge from the IC400 Pro thanks to the great resistance range.

The magnetic resistance, combined with the exercise bike’s build quality, gives you an incredible ride quality. The ride is smooth, and the flywheel makes it feel like you’re riding a real bicycle without any of the bumps.

JLL went all out to create a comfortable mid-range exercise bike. The company focused its attention on what matters most to riders – user-comfort and ride quality. The bike seat is one of the comfiest we’ve ever seen, let alone one of the comfiest for a bike at this price range. The gel seat cover makes an already comfortable ride even more comfortable.

The handles on the exercise bike are ergonomically designed to be used in a range of positions. Some people like to use their arms for support when using an exercise bike, and the IC400 Pro is one that lets you do just that.

The pedals are also of excellent quality, offering a solid grip for people who ride wearing cycling shoes. The Q Factor on the pedals (the distance between feet) is 175mm, an optimal distance for comfort and speed.

Don’t worry if the saddle height or distance feels off, as you can adjust them freely. We tested the bike with three people between 5″3 and 6″2,’ (have a guess which one Mrs. HGR is!) and no one had any problems. The handlebars are as comfortable as they are well-built. The grips ensure your hands stay dry as you ride, at least until you start sweating from the intense workout. The IC400 Pro gets your heart rate going and offers intense cardio exercise.

The handlebars have heart rate monitors built into them that do an excellent job of tracking your pulse. However, if you want a more accurate heart rate measurement, we recommend using a Polar compatible monitor. These monitors work well with the bike. The IC400 Pro offers excellent connectivity. Connect to the iConsole app for even more functionality and track your progress over time. This is one piece of fitness equipment you can rely on.

There are several things we look for when we do a bike review. One of the most important ones is the max user weight allowance. The higher the user weight, the more robust the bike is – or should be, anyway. The good news is that the JLL IC400 passes with flying colors in this respect. The bike has a 150kg max user weight, which is on the upper end for something in this price range.

The next thing we look at is the 22kg flywheel weight and the smooth quality of ride it offers. This is another test where this piece of fitness equipment worked as well as expected. The ride quality dips a little at intense speeds, but that happens with almost every exercise bike.

Add all of this to the great comfort levels of the bike, and it’s not hard to see why every bike review praises the build quality of the IC400.


Our Final Verdict & Thoughts

The JLL IC400 Pro Indoor bike is an excellent option in the mid-range exercise bike category. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants comfort, reliability, and a challenge when exercising at home. You get a lot of value when you consider the 3-piece crank and 22kg flywheel on the bike.

The variable resistance levels and connectivity, combined with the built-in features, give your everything you need to exercise at home. If you’re looking for value for money out of an exercise bike, then it doesn’t get much better than the JLL IC400 Pro Indoor.

Have you tried the JLL exercise bike for yourself? Please leave a reply and let us know your thoughts!

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