Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders

Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders

Shoulders are the major recipient of every harsh pounding whenever you do press-ups or shoulder-intrigued exercises. The chest rarely suffers a beating from press-ups and that’s perhaps the reason weightlifters and bodybuilders are never thrilled by press-ups. Sieving through the many chest workout for bad shoulders to settle for an option that would strengthen your chest muscles, moderate your arm rotation, and stabilize your shoulder joints?

Bad shoulders come in multiple types, and for a proper understanding of the kind of shoulder problem you’ve, your doctor could offer a better explanation. Alternatively, a bit of rest and recovery could resolve your pains!

Listed here are some effective and reliable exercises those with bad shoulders would find intriguing.

Swiss Walk-Outs

Swiss ball walkouts are calisthenics fitness ball centered exercises that work out the chest muscles and lower back while stabilizing a bad shoulder using the Swiss ball instability mechanism. Depending on the intensity of the workout and the chest muscles you want to train, you can choose from different Swiss ball variations that have different configurations and features.

We’ve rounded up the best deals on exercise balls below, and these are sure to help relieve any strain on your shoulders, when you next train.

Position your stomach over a Swiss ball, while your hands are rested on the flow. Using your hands, roll forward, ensuring the balls swing from the area it’s rested to the ankles. While rolling the ball over your body, ensure the abdominals are engaged and the spine is straight. 

When the ball has rolled to your feet, swing on it again, but this time in the backward direction until it rests on the stomach again.

Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders – Punch-Out Exercises

Punch out exercises are known for creating a sustainable punching power by helping build your stamina, strength, and punching speed. As an exercise that works out the upper body, punch out exercises recruit and work out muscles from every part of the body. 

One of the center muscles punching exercises work is the serratus anterior muscle that connects to your ribs on the exterior part of the chest. These muscles are responsible for your shoulder motion range.

Position yourself such that you’re resting on your back, while the arms are held high at a shoulder level.  While holding barbells in each of your hands, push the weight up and down, ensuring you round the shoulder blades forward. Keep your hands locked at the punch out position for some seconds before you return to the original position.

Chest Press Exercises

This is another powerful chest workout for bad shoulders that involves pushing dumbbells while resting on a weight bench. Chest press workout using dumbbell work the chest muscles, while isolating the bad shoulders. Through the dumbbell pushups, your pectoralis major muscles are activated, stabilizing your shoulders.

Rest on a weight bench on your back while facing upwards. Hold a dumbbell in both hands and position your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Now, extend the elbows at the same time, while lifting the dumbbells high up to the most achievable position. You may have to hold the loads at the high up position before you lower them back.

Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders – Do Some Pushups

Pushups count among the most effective muscle and strength enhancing exercises ever invented. Pushups rely on your body weight to exercise your core and upper body, with special attention to the chest muscles, abdominals, pectorals, triceps, shoulders, and back of the arms. 

Getting used to pushups is not going to be without challenges. Pushups come in multiple variations, all of which are categorized either as advanced, beginner-friendly, or intermediate.

Position your hands under the shoulders, with the elbows aligned straight. Set the toes such that they create a plank position with your body. While in that position, move your body downwards until the chest touches the floor by simply bending the elbows. 

Stay in that position for about two seconds before returning to the original position. You can do as many pushups as your body strength and stamina allows. However, if the shoulder pain agitates when you do the pushups, change to a more shoulder-friendly variation.

Do Rowing Instead of Boxing

The link between week trapezius muscle and upper back to bad shoulders is autonomous. Weakness in the upper back and trapezius muscles directly translates to bad shoulders. Almost all shoulder rehab programs are tailored to enhancing and strengthening the trapezius and upper back muscles.

If it happens you have bad shoulders, boxing won’t be a good solution for you. A more suitable alternative will be rowing because it doesn’t aggravate the already problematic shoulders. Lots of potential weightlifters and bodybuilders avoid rowing machines whenever they visit the gym because they don’t understand the value they can get from this awesome workout equipment. 

Rowing is widely favored by workout gurus because they know how valuable the exercises are in working for all muscle groups as well as enhancing lung and heart endurance.

Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders – Pull Exercises are Incredible Too

Everybody familiar with pull exercises understands that they effectively strength train and muscle building. With pull exercises involving the use of lat pull down, biceps curl, and hamstrings curl, your body is geared to lengthened muscles and superior resistance.

Pulling weights aids in training the weak upper back, the muscles responsible for straightening and outlining your posture. If these muscles have a problem, you’re likely to have bad shoulders and rotator cuff injuries. 

Pull exercises don’t require so much in terms of equipment and skills since you can easily and efficiently pull motions like pull-downs, rowing, pull-ups, and raises. There are multiple pull exercises you can consider, so it’s crucial to do your research to know what works.

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Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders – Conclusion

Anything that hurts must cause suffering, and that simply means you wouldn’t want to suffer your bad shoulder more, because the suffering may intensify. But considering bad shoulders are better corrected with physical exercises, you would be better off knowing chest workout for bad shoulders.

The problem is you can’t entirely ignore your shoulders even if they are painful. Leaving them unmoved for extended periods could freeze them and lengthen the recovery time. Consider any of the exercises we recommended above to work out your chest and still aid heal your bad shoulders.

Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders
Chest Workout for Bad Shoulders
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