Irish company Slendertone recently released their newest innovation in fitness technology, the Slendertone Abs8. If you aren’t familiar with the name, Slendertone is known for its muscle toning devices. The company has produced many devices over the years, but have gained something of a bad reputation in the industry for having such cheesy infomercials.

With that said, let’s not judge a book by its cover. Many devices work as expected no matter their presentation. Is the Abs8 one of those products? Our Slendertone Abs8 Review answers that question.

Slendertone Unisex's Abs8 Muscle Stimulation Belt, Black, 24 to 42 inches

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  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Firmer, Defined Abs
  • It’s not a ‘Cheat sheet’ to getting abs

What is the Abs8?

The New Ab Toning Belt by Slendertone

The Abs8 is the latest muscle toning abdominal belt from Slendertone. The belt costs around £150 and promises an improved design over previous toning belts. Slendertone made the belt to fit around natural curves for a better and more comfortable fit for better toning potential. The design of the toning belt apparently allows it to target the whole abdominal core region for better results.

These “results” include a stronger core and better-toned abs. The toning belt can deliver these results, but only when used safely and effectively.

How does the Slendertone Abs8 work?

How the Abs8 Belt works

Like other similar products, the Slendertone tones abs using EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) to give abdominal muscles a full workout. The technology is proven to build abdominal muscle mass and strength. Many athletes rely on the technology and it has quickly become among the most popular fitness technology developments.

Slendertone says the Abs8 targets deep abdominal muscle tissue safely with pre-programmed sessions. The sessions are loaded into the belt ready to be used whenever. These programs send electronic impulses through the conductive gel pads on the belt. The charge stimulates core muscles, causing them to constrict and relax as a core exercise would.

Slendertone offers further support to users in the form of training plans and other help. The company recommends using the machine for up to 30 minutes at a time, five times per week, for between four and six weeks depending on the training program.

Using the Slendertone Abs8 is about getting more than just the sweet six-pack you’ve always wanted. The device not only helps you sculpt your abs, but it also helps develop a stronger core. Having a strong core is essential for developing a healthy posture and avoiding injury.

Slendertone says the key to achieving better abs is by exercising the deepest ab muscles, which are hard to activate with regular exercise. Planks and crunches won’t get the job done, according to the company. These exercises may even damage your neck and lower back more than they help your abs. You exercise to improve your body and feel better, not to feel worse when it’s done. Push yourself to the limit, and not further than that.

While the Abs8 works using a scaled-down version of standard EMS, the machine is effectively the same as any other EMS device. The Abs8 toning belt is designed to provide users all of the benefits of EMS technology and training in a discrete manner. The toning belt fits comfortably under your clothes, letting you use the machine whenever you want. You can even relax on the beach on vacation and build a beach body while on the beach!

How to use the Slendertone Abs8 Toning Belt

Setting up & Using your belt

As a toning belt, the Abs8 is made to go around your waist. The device fastens at the back, with gel pads on your muscles. The device sends electrical pulses to these pads to target muscles, stimulating them as if you were exercising them.

The belt is divided into three sections; one center section and two side sections on either side. Slendertone recommends positioning the belt properly to get the best results for your muscles from using the belt. You can adjust the belt using Velcro to get the perfect fit. Thanks to all the different adjustment options, anyone should be able to use the fitness belt, no matter their age or gender.

You might have to charge the device for a few hours before using it. We recommend charging it anyway to make sure it works as long as you need it to. You can charge the belt using the provided micro-USB cable. There are also three gel pads that you attach to the belt. Where you attach these pads depends on your waist size. Check the instruction manual to see where you need to place them. The gel pads can deteriorate over time. You may need to replace them if you plan on using the Slendertone for a long time. You can extend the lifespan of these pads by using protective covers, which are included in the package. When the controller is charged and ready to go, it’s time to get started with your exercise programs.

The belt controller is small and clips into the belt magnetically for a secure fit. The controller lets you choose the program and intensity you need. The controller also has an LCD to show the battery life and track your progress across different uses so it’s easy to track your progress.

The controller has seven programs built-in. The programs are split across experience levels from beginner to pro-level programs. The point of the belt is to leave it activated as you go about your day. Have the belt running a program while you sit on the couch or work at your computer. Or use it while exercising to get even better results.

The belt also has three active programs to go with these seven passive ones. The active programs are Beginner Crunch, Advanced Crunch, and Endurance. These are the programs to use if you plan on using the belt when exercising. Each program lasts for half an hour. The time on the display counts down as the program runs and beeps when it is complete.

You can adjust the intensity of the program to between 1 and 100. Which level you need depends on how hard you feel like working. You’ll barely feel the first level of intensity, but the shocks get more intense as you increase the power level. It can get painful if you push yourself too far and aren’t ready for it. The good news is that the buttons on the controller are incredibly responsive. You can quickly set the belt back down a few levels if it proves to be too high for you.

Slendertone Abs8 Programs

10 pre-set exercise routines

The 10 programs work like different ab exercise routines. The belt periodically stimulates your muscles across the thirty-minute training program. It switches between short and sharp bursts to slow and extended pulses to stimulate your muscles. Some people have been caught out by how the belt works, expecting it to quietly hum away for the full half-hour. Each program also includes short rest periods to give your muscles a break between shocks. It’s not like you would ever normally do a non-stop thirty-minute ab workout.

Using the Abs8 effectively requires you to find the right program and the right setting. Try the first program and light setting to get a feel for the belt and what it can do. You’ll notice that you have to up the intensity as the month progresses to get the same results. After a few weeks, you’ll likely have the belt running at a 50-60 intensity, giving you more room to work with if you want to use the belt again after taking a break. This is what we did at least, and things went well for us during our testing.

Slendertone recommends using the Abs8 for thirty minutes per day (one full program) five days a week. If you can do that while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you’ll no doubt get great results. You’ll notice an improvement in your abs. You might not get that six-pack you always wanted, but you’ll be closer to it than you were before.


Our Final Thoughts on the Abs8 Belt

You’ll have fun with the Slendertone Abs8 if nothing else. According to Slendertone, everyone who uses the belt reported getting firmer abs, with over two-thirds of users reporting an increase in abdominal endurance. The device is super comfortable to wear, easy to use, and relatively pain-free depending on the intensity.

The battery life is acceptable for a product like this. You should get three or four sessions from one full charge, giving you almost a week of workouts without much trouble. The improvements you’ll get should be more than enough to motivate you to keep using the belt and push yourself further.

The only advice we can give you is that you shouldn’t buy it expecting to get a six-pack in a month. You’ll no doubt get better abs and you’ll feel better, but you still have to put in some of your own work. The Slendertone Abs8 toning belt is good, but it can’t do all the work by itself!

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