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You’re standing in your home gym, lifting weights and staring at your wall. Life is good!

Or is it? Although you’re lifting weights in your happy place, you’re getting a little bit fed up of staring at a blank wall. Maybe you have a television in your home gym… but there’s only so many times you can watch your favourite music video for motivation.

We are humans. Humans that have the need to see their own progression. Sometimes in life it’s the simple things that will increase your motiviation, helping you to find that extra rep which proceeds to becoming a personal best lift. The simple thing in this case? A Mirror for your home gym!

There’s (strangely) quite a lot to discuss regarding home gym mirrors, but I will be discussing absolutely everything about them… such as the problems with them, or how to find the best one for your home setup.


Large Gym Mirror by MirrorOutlet

3mm Thickness, 6ft x 4ft Gym Mirror


Last update was on: September 19, 2021 12:18 am
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Initial comments:
I can personally recommend this gym mirror, as my home gym consists of four of these! They are 3mm thick, which is the recommended size for a Home Gym Mirror. Most Professional Gym mirrors are between 3mm-5mm in thickness, meaning the quality will be sufficient for you too.
Product Dimensions0.3 x 122 x 183 cm
Item Weight17.4 kg

Best Home Gym Mirrors

Last update was on: September 19, 2021 12:18 am

There’s no messing around on this post, as most gym mirrors are specced to the same standards. Most of these are 6ft x 4ft mirrors with upto 5mm of thickness. It’s quite hard to write about square glass, too!

Fortunately, a 6ft by 4ft Mirror will cover most home gym walls, as you’ll have at least one feature-ready wall to hang this on. If you’re looking for a Fitness studio type setup, you may need to purchase a few of these. I’ll be honest though, they’ve become a lot cheaper since I paid for mine!

These mirrors will weigh in between 15-20kg, as they’re built with durability in mind. We’ve seen some flimsier frames that are perspex, which you can get for around £30… but they won’t last as long as glass.

Fortunately, the MirrorOutlet gym mirror we’ve highlighted will be a breeze to install. Although it’s heavy, the ready made holes allow a single person to install it with ease. It means that you don’t need to prop something up it, or annoy your partner! Finished with chrome screw caps, you won’t even notice the fitting screws.

How a Gym Mirror can Benefit your Home Gym Workouts

Exercise DayMinutes Trained with MirrorMinutes Trained Without MirrorDifference
Monday – Chest Day756213 minutes
Tuesday – Leg Day55505 Minutes
Thursday – Shoulders726111 Minutes
Friday – Back49445 Minutes
Sunday – Short Cardio25250 Minutes

Let’s take a look at my findings above, which showed the difference in minutes trained. I combined my workouts with a gym mirror, against those times I didn’t have a gym mirror at all.

Now, it’s not concrete that the gym mirror is the cause for the enhanced workouts, but you can clearly see that my workouts were lasting longer with a mirror. Was I putting extra reps in because I could see the gains? Or was I simply messing around in the mirror? It’s hard to quantify exactly! What you can see there though, is a minimal 10% increase on my weight training days. There was no difference on cardio day, but my Spin Bike is sitting side-on alongside the mirror. And you can’t really see cardio gains in the mirror.

It’s not just me that’s proven a gym mirror increases workout effectiveness though. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your arms look pumped, shoulders looking rounded and separated or noticing the first steps towards your V taper.

As we see progress, we are motivated and more inclined to push a little harder to blast towards your goals. However, in addition to being motivational, they also promote a healthier workout.

A Gym Mirror Helps your form & posture

I train on my own, which means that things can get a little bit quiet on days I’m not feeling 100% motivated. It happens to everybody. The mirror will help me see that I’m lifting that weight up, smashing the reps.

It will also let me monitor how my form is progressing, when I’m doing something wrong and how to fix the posture issues. If I was looking at a blank wall, I wouldn’t be able to see if my back was arching, so wouldn’t be able to fix this issue.

If you’re wondering why you’ve been performing some tricep dips, but you aren’t quite getting the gains after weeks of training… it could be down to your form. Incorrect form means that you’re not activating the correct muscle groups & will lead to potential injuries (but also no increase in strength or definition!).

If you are leaning back too much on the tricep dips, you’ll be putting far too much pressure on your shoulders and not isolating the triceps at all. If you lean forward, you’re actually isolating the chest muscles… and this tends to hurt and pull a little.

Finding a Gym Mirror

When you’re looking at spending up to £150 for a gym mirror, there’s a few signs which can instantly tell you if the mirror is worthy of purchasing, or if it’s just another low quality mirror which isn’t up to the job.

Fortunately, I’ve added some great options above. This is how I came to my decision.

  • Returns Policy. That’s right, one of the first things I look at is the returns policy. It might seem odd, but your mirror is going to weigh nearly 20 kilograms & you don’t want to be out of pocket in the event of a return. The questions you’ll be asking are whether they offer returns, if the returns are free & if replacements are offered.
  • Mirror Thickness. Now we are looking into the technical specification of the mirror. Most gym mirrors are around the 3mm mark, and that’s going to be completely fine for your home gym. Professional fitness studios will have between 4mm and 5mm, but 3mm is the most common thickness.
  • Sharp Edges. From a safety point, it’s good to know if the mirror has sharp edges before we place a solid grip onto it before hanging it up. Might be time to grab a pair of gloves!
  • Weight. A quality mirror should way no less than 15kg, depending on the dimensions. It’s important to ensure this, so you can be assured you’re getting a quality gym mirror.
Best Home Gym Mirrors to Improve your Workouts
Best Home Gym Mirrors to Improve your Workouts

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