The Best Weighted Vests in the UK

Adding a weighted vest into your workout can seriously increase the intensity, alongside turbo-charging your gains.

They’re actually one of the most effective accessories that you can add, in order to increase resistance whilst exercising. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Cardio, Crossfit or a mixture of workouts. They’re being called the cheat code of stripping fat… which will lead to you having much quicker gains.

One of our favourite implementations of the weighted vest, is to wear it whilst manouvering around a punchbag… but we will get to that a little later!

This is good news for most people, including me, who always tends to leave it late to start my summer cut!

I will be taking a look into the best weighted vests available in the UK, assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

So take a look at our chosen weight vests below, then continue reading to learn more about weights vests & find which one is most suitable for you. Purchasing for a friend or family member? A weighted vest is a great gift, which is inexpensive & will last for a long time!

Our Best Weighted Vests in the UK

As you already know by now, I run Lift Bible with one thing in mind… honesty. Part of the reason for starting this blog was to give readers honest opinions & reviews on various Gym products. It’s time for my thoughts on the best pre-workout supplements which are available in the UK.

I’ve tried lots of pre workout, as it’s something that I need on the early mornings to really get me going. There are benefits and drawbacks to taking pre-workouts, which I will also explain below. However, we are going to get straight into this and show you the best pre-workout, from the 5 supplements I have tested.


Adidas Weighted Vest

Best Weight Vest for Comfort

Adidas Weighted Vest - 10KG

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 8:13 pm
Initial thoughts:
A Classic Weighted vest made by fashion giant Adidas. They’ve made what’s definitely one of the best looking weight vests on the market. It weighs 10.7kg, which is sufficient weight to be added to your workouts.
ColourBlack & Red
Item Weight10.7 Kilograms

Adidas Weighted Vest Review

We kick things off with the Adidas weight vest, which is questionably one of the better weight vests on the market. The design is modern, with the classic 3-stripe of Adidas present throughout the vest. Alongside the adidas badge on the chest, the three stripes run across the back of the vest, too.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown below.

  1. In addition to the velcro straps for fastening, there’s a physical clicking buckle to provide a secure lock.
  2. The inner lining of the vest is breathable, offering maximum airflow to keep you cool during a high-intensity workout.
  3. There are 8 removable weight packs, weighing a total of 10kg. These are included in the vest, but watch out as not all vests do! If 10kg is too much to begin with, you can adjust the weight accordingly.
  4. If you need extra resistance, you can use the metal loops to add a resistance band, chains or more.
  5. The weight packs are placed strategically around the vest, ensuring you get maximum stability during your workout.
  6. Multiple weight packs including 2 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1kg, 1x 1.25kg & 1 x 2.5kg weight packs.

I’m a great fan of this vest, but the 10kg total is a little on the weaker side for my own use.


XN8 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Best Adjustable Weighted Vest

Xn8 Weighted Vest (10kg 15kg 20kg Adjustable Removable Weights) for Running Training Weight Loss Jacket Workout Exercise

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 8:13 pm
Initial thoughts:
Although I don’t personally know the brand XN8, they are highly regarded with a 4.8 Star Rating. I’m a huge fan of the adjustable weight packs & the option for multiple weight classes will be a big hit for sure. I’d advise getting heavier and taking the sand bags out, as it can be hard to retrieve the sand bags once you’ve got your vest!
  • Multiple Weight Options
  • Heavier & Cheaper Alternative
  • Attachment Hooks seem fragile

XN8 Weighted Vest Review

XN8 have taken a look at what Adidas offer, attempting to outperform them in every single area. Where Adidas offer a 10kg vest, XN8 cater for 10kg, 15kg and 20kg… of which all can be removed until you reach your desired resistance level.

They have also re-engineered their vest design, catering especially for runners, or cyclists. The weighted vest is built with high visibility strips, offering you safety at all times when running during the darkness of night.

The weighted sand bags are also built with excessive force in mind, holstered in high quality nylon covering with secure stitching to prevent sand leakage. The sand bags physically look like ammunition magazines, which you can add or remove at your leisure.

This weighted vest was designed to be a ‘one size fits all’, with XN8 researching and gathering the information formed from the average UK Chest & Waist sizes. Whilst this fits most people well, you might struggle if you’re under 5 foot 2″.

If you’re looking for your weighted vest to remain hidden whilst you’re working out, this ones a little bulkier than others and it can be seen under regular fitting clothing. You should probably opt for a nice baggy hooded jumper, but that could also increase the resistance level a little bit!


Max Strength Weighted Vest

A Solid Fixed Weighted Vest

Max Strength Weighted Vests Gym Running Fitness Sports Training Weight Loss Jackets 10KG/15KG/20KG (20kg)

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 8:13 pm
This is a completely different type of weight vest, as it’s not adjustable at all. It’s a fixed weight vest, which comes with its own benefits. This vest comes as 10kg, 15kg or 20kg.
  • 10,15 & 20 KG

Max Strength Weighted Vest Review

The weighted vest by max strength looks like it’s come straight from your local Riot Police Department. As the compartments are fixed, they have been able to design this vest with full control over the weight areas.

As the weights can’t be increased or decreased, it means there could be potential problems. If the weight starts off to heavy for you, there’s no way to make it any lighter… but it also means that you can out-grow the weight vest, too.

If you can overcome the above issues, probably by compromising with their 15kg vest, then you’ll be onto a winner with this vest as it’s actually quite comfortable.

Comparing the Above Weighted Vests

Pre-workoutMy RatingMaximum WeightAdjustable?
Adidas Weighted Vest – Best Design & Most Comfortable Vest510kgYes
XN8 Weight Vest – Best Adjustable Vest4.820kgYes
Max Strength Weight Vest – Best Fixed Weight Vest4.620kgNo

What is a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest is one of the most affordable and effective ways to improve your workouts. Your weight vest is an actual wearable vest, which you wear in order to increase resistance.

Wearing a weighted vest makes your workouts a little bit harder, as you’re having to work harder to carry all of the weight. Depending on the exercise you’re performing, it can offer a full body blitz, which always works wonders for your metabolism.

Key Features of a weighted vest

Weighted Vests come in two different forms, a Full Body vest or a Shoulder vest. When you look towards purchasing one of the above vests, you’ll be looking at the following features.

Fully Body Vest

A Full body vest will resemble a ‘security’ styled vest, which Armed Police tend to wear in the UK. It covers your whole body, fitting similarly to a gilet. There are typically lots of pockets on these, where you can add your weights. The typical sizes are 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg, but the best ones are adjustable. They are the most popular type of vests in the UK, due to the high maximum weight capacity & flexibility of the weight pockets.

Shoulder Weighted Vest

A shoulder weighted vest looks a little bit different, resembling the straps of a parachute, or the straps of a backpack.

I suppose it actually operates a little bit like a rucksack, albeit a smaller version of the original. These types of vest aren’t as popular as the full body ones, but they still have a good chunk of the market. The reason they’re not as popular is due to the size, as they’re quite small it means there’s a limit to how much weight can be added.

Although they aren’t as common as full body ones, the shoulder weighted vest provide a means to more comfortable exercise, as they’re less intrusive. They’re really comfortable to wear, meaning that you’re much likely to have a high quality workout. Think of it, if you aren’t comfortable there’s a good chance you’ll cut your workout short.


Comfort is paramount. As I’ve mentioned above, if you aren’t comfortable then you’re likely to put the weights down and just stop training. If you’re doing push ups, or weight training and the vest isn’t comfortable to wear then you’re going to be in trouble. An Adidas weighted vest will provide one of the best comfort levels, with heavily padding to protect your skin from rubbing.


All weight vests have different maximum weight levels, so it’s important to check this. It’s also important that your vest has additional weight options, so you can continue to add weights on you muscle building journey. The best weight vests will be fully adjustable, with a velcro strap & removable weights.


Adjustability is a key feature. It’s important that your weighted vest is fully adjustable, as it needs to grow alongisde you as you gain extra weight (muscle, obviously!). As your shoulders start to slope and grow bigger, you don’t want the shoulder straps to dig into the top of your traps. On the other hand, as you lose weight and inches from your upper body waist, you want to make sure that the vest can adjust and tighten to keep it comfortable.

The ability to add extra weight is also important, to check the maximum weight that your vest has been tested to. As your upper body gains strength, you will need to adjust the weight as you continue strength training.


Last, but not least is design. When you’re purchasing something, you will want it to look good. However, this is more-so based on the physical design. Does the vest zip up, or does it connect using velcro straps? You’ll be able to tell immediately if the vest is high quality, with padded shoulder straps to ensure durability. How are the weights added? Manually using sand, or by using physical weight plates? If a good looking vest is what you’re looking for, you’re probably better suited with an Adidas Weight Vest, as they’re known for their aesthetically pleasing clothing.

Benefits of Weighted Vests

Without a doubt, the main benefit of a weighted vest is the fact that you will be battling against an extra layer of resistance. This will elevate your strength and endurance, as you’re resistance training.

As the added weight will be featured around your mid-section, it’s a great way to push your boundaries in a safe way. The weight will be evenly distributed, meaning that you will increase your strength, balance and stability.

There are certain exercises which you can only perform with a weighted vest. Exercises such as dips, or pull-ups come to mind here. With a weighted vest, you can add weight to your workout safely. A chain & weight plate can also work with these, but it’s not the safest workout.

In addition to that, you can use your weighted vest on the treadmill, but you couldn’t do that with a weight plate & chain! I have no doubts that a weight vest will increase your metabolism fast, which is why they’re so highly recommended.

Finally, a weighted vest will absorb sweat. Whilst this isn’t a benefit for your workout, it saves you from being an unpopular member of your local gym!

How heavy should my weighted vest be?

As you’re looking to order your weight vest, you may well be looking towards the heaviest vest and wondering if that’s going to be sufficient. I’d actually say that a weight vest offers a steady learning curve, as the resistance comes at you pretty quick.

I’d start with a lightly-loaded vest, to allow your body time to get used to the vest. Once you can handle your reps with ease, it’s time to increase the weight. Whilst your using a weighted vest, you’ll likely notice that you’re losing fat at a faster rate, providing your diet is in shape & you’re continuously exercising.

An Adjustable weighted vest is the best option here, with one size fits all styled velcro straps. This will save you from having to purchase more weighted vests at a later date. With this in mind, it’s recommended to purchase one of the heavier weighted vests, because you can remove the iron sand weight from them to start off with.

We haven’t found a weight vest with an unlimited capacity, meaning this may be important as your full body transformation takes place and you naturally get stronger.

Are weighted vests actually worth it?

Wearing a weighted vest is a worthwhile investment, as you can use them for multiple exercises. Your Vest will also increase your levels of resistance, building your metabolism in the process. If you’re concerned about your body shape changing and the vest not fitting, it may be worthwhile to spend your money on a one size fits all vest, which will be adjustable.

The best weighted vests on the market will be adjustable and you will be able to alter it as you progress throughout your journey with the adjustable straps. Vests offering you a chance to make significant improvements on a body weight exercise.

When should I wear a weighted vest?

Weighted vests can be used for many more exercises than you may initially think. When I first tried my weighted vest, I thought that I’d be using it for running only. There’s actually more that you can do with your weighted vest, such as:

  • CrossFit. As you’re following a crossfit program, you can include a weighted vest into your workout to push your boundaries. As Crossfit is already quite intense, you won’t need to add all of the weight into the vest pockets.
  • Resistance Training. From Squatting, to doing your Pull ups, there are lots of resistance exercises which can be accompanied by a weighted vest. They will add a lot of intensity into your workout, so don’t be too concerned if you finish your next set a few reps short!
  • Walking. This is typically a low intensity workout, but if you ramp up the incline & you’re using a weighted vest, you’ll turn a steady stroll into a high intensity walk. This will be a heavy multiplier towards your calories burnt goal & the sweat will probably drip off! It might be worth checking that you have a sweatproof version!

If you aren’t on a treadmill, you can use these vests out whilst walking your dog. Some of the best ones have a little slot for a water bottle, or the option for you to clip one on. If you are looking at doing long distance walking, I’d lower the weights & get to work!

When should I not wear a weighted vest?

A vest is made for specific exercises. There’s probably no benefit to using a weighted vest whilst you’re doing a dumbell curl, and I’d avoid using one whilst you’re doing rowing, or other exercises which aren’t best suited for its purpose.

It’s also worth noting that a weighted vest comes apart with a zip, clips or velcro, so ensure you aren’t doing a crazy workout which could cause this to come loose.


We’ve provided a round-up of the best weighted vests on the market, also researching to find out which exercises or sports they’re best suited to. Remember, your adjustable weighted vest is a long-term investment. Ensure to scroll back up and read out best weighted vest uk guide.

I’m quite shocked at how impressed I am with Weighted vests. Although I’m a huge fan of home gyms and bigger machines, a weighted vest has become one of my vital pieces of fitness equipment. It’s certainly an under-rated muscle building device.

The only definitive fault that I can find with a weighted vest, is the lack of ability to increase the weight. This is why I advise you to purchase one that’s a little bit heavier to begin with, as you can store the extra weight.

Much like a Backpack, a vest features specific slots for the weight to be added, so it has to reach a weight limit.

To accompany this guide, we are working on a program designed to provide you with a body weight circuit, which can be used whilst wearing a weighted vest.

I couldn’t try every single weight vest in this review, so below you will find some extra weighted vests which are recommended by others.

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