How Many Planks a Day to See Results?

How Many Planks a Day to See Results?

Planks and other bodyweight exercises are going popular, because of their simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness. Now that you started training by doing planks, the next big question is, how many planks a day to see results? 

The answer to this is, it all depends on your core training goals. Each target shall require different training frequencies, for instance, if you need standard core strength and stability, a month of consistent training shall give you tangible results. It’s common to assume that the longer you hold and the more regular you do planks, the more the expected results. 

The fact is that too many core training sessions and holding per day might actually lead to injury and undesirable form. So how many planks a day to see results? Let’s get to know how many shall suit each case including yours. 

Start Small 

As you start, you shall find it challenging to hold a plank for more than a few seconds. At this time, hold for about 20-30 seconds and make 4 repetitions. Do 3-4 sessions per day while increasing the holding time, preferably by 10 seconds every other time. Remember, consistency, in form of daily training shall help you achieve results in a more desirable span of time. 

As you go, you shall notice a great improvement in your holding capacity. Keep pushing until you are wholly comfortable and not straining when holding. When it reaches a time you can hold longer than 2 minutes comfortably, you shall not be gaining any more results. To continue improving, you now need to step-up a little bit. 

How Many Planks a Day to See Results – Step Up as Time Goes by 

If you’re at comfort with your current planks and don’t feel much strain when exercising, then it means you’re not improving and instead of maintaining. To continue improving, you shall have to find a way of improving the intensity of your exercise and the frequency also. Here are some ideas on how you can improve: 

Upgrade to Loaded Planks 

Being at comfort with the normal planks means that your core can now comfortably carry the weight of your body, why not add some extra weight? Loaded planks involve adding extra external weight to your body. Find some weight and let someone place it comfortably on your back and hold planks. 

This shall be more strenuous and intense, making your core muscles strain and break further, after rebuilding, you obviously shall continue improving rather than stagnating with your bodyweight only. 

To comfortably add extra weight, use quality tested weighted plates or vests. The plates should go on your back, if you choose a vest, you shall wear it on your chest. Start with lighter weights and add weight as you improve. Take caution not to you any random weights and go for quality ones such as these weighted vests.

Vary the Styles  

If you’re at comfort zone, break the comfortable by varying your plank training styles and positions. Here are some variations that you can try, still you can innovate your own positions, however, not advisable if you’re not sure about their safety.  

Have an Arm or Your Leg Off the Floor 

To increase the intensity of your plank exercise, lift your leg or hand off the ground and try holding that way. This shall alternate your body’s support points as you train, and therefore more activation of muscles.  

Extend the Distance Between Your Arms and Feet 

Another way of increasing the intensity of your planks is by making more space between the arms and your feet. You can extend your arms a little bit forward so they look like your body’s extension. 

At this position, your body’s center of gravity which is expected to be on the back is decentralized to your head area. A decentralized center of gravity means more strain to maintain and support the body, which shall in turn activate your core muscles. 

Try this gradually as it is always challenging for the first time. As you get comfortable, increase the distance even further. If you feel comfortable enough over time, combine this with lifting your arm or leg, results here are guaranteed. 

As said earlier, there are a lot of possibilities in plank variations, including your own innovative ones, just ensure a variation increases the intensity of the planks and still is safe for you. 

How Many Planks a Day to See Results? Keeping it Safe 

Planks are a great way to improve core strength but should be done cautiously, remember, you shall be putting a load on your back and need to do it in the right manner. First, if you’re heavily weighted, you need to take it slow and preferably consult a trainer or physician. Those with back problems should not try planks before getting professional advice from the physician. 

If you’re not in the above categories, you are safe to start on your own. However, take caution and keep the correct posture to avoid injury. It is highly advisable that you train in front of a mirror and adjust your body position in the right manner. 

The right position here means keeping your shoulder area and hip stagnant while maintaining a straight posture from head to toe.  

You could also read about the benefits of planking everyday.

How Many Planks a Day to See Results – Conclusion 

How many planks a day to see results? You need about 3-4 plank holds and 3-4 sessions a day for 30 days for you to see and feel results. Consistency is key to your achievement. Also, remember to monitor your progress so that you do not stagnate. 

Once you are comfortable with the beginner planks, advance to the more demanding ones and covered above and many others you might come up with. Any plank training accessories should be tried and tested for safety, we got your back on the backplates and best. 

Remember to keep your body safe from poor plank practices that cause injuries. Keep your body in the right position at all times. In case of special cases such as those experiencing back problems, don’t try it alone, instead involve professionals to get you doing it right and safe. As trainers and work-out moguls put it, it is either you go hard, or go home, which one do you choose?

How Many Planks a Day to See Results?
How Many Planks a Day to See Results?
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