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Last Updated: November 25, 2020
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Planking is one of the most effective weight workouts today. Most people often do planks mainly to get abs but most of the beginners fear this ab workout routine even though it is very easy and swift. Why are planks one of the most effective workouts today? What are the benefits of planking everyday? 

This is because planks don’t need a lot of investment and are not time-consuming like some of the workout routines. While doing planks, you should be focused and avoid looking at the time. This will help you concentrate on the pain and avoid backing out before your set time is done. Do you know how to do planks? 

Well if you don’t know, you are supposed to lie flat on the ground and push yourself upwards and support yourself using your toes and elbows. Your body should be streamlined. Hold on to that position for one minute or your own time depending on your ability. Planking every day has benefits for one's body. There are nervous benefits of planking everyday of which are discussed down below.

1.Planks Provide Body Balance

Whenever you do planks your body has to find its center of gravity as you support your whole body with only your toes and elbows. The center of gravity of your body is the point where your body can rotate freely to any side. 

You can either do straight planks or side planks. Both of them are effective and easy to do although at some point it gets harder and harder but nothing you cannot manage. Planks help to maintain body balance and Improve body coordination.

2.Benefits of Planking Everyday – Improves Body Posture 

For a person to have an upright body posture your back must be straight. Whenever you do planks, your back must be straight. During your first times, it is really difficult to keep your back straight while supporting your whole body with your toes and elbows. 

But then after some time, your body gets used to it and you will be able to do planks with ease. Planks straighten your back, improving your body posture, and strengthening your body.

3. Improves the Health of Bones and Joints

Planks help to improve the health of bones and joints as when in a streamlined position, planks strengthen bones as new bone tissues are created strengthening your bones, hence physical activities such as running and swimming become easy. Joints on the other hand become smoother hence bones slide past each other with ease hence improving the body’s health.

4. It Relieves Stress Levels and Keeps You in a Good Mood

When you do planks there is a neurochemical substance known as endorphins which are produced in the brain and its work is to increase the levels of happiness and decrease stress levels. That’s why when you do planks you are always in a good mood. 

Stretching when doing planks is a good example of how to release stress levels and keep you in a good mood. It’s advised that you should do planks early in the morning before your day starts in order to start your day in a good mood and positive

5. Prevents Back Injury

Planks prevent back injury as it stretches the back strengthening it. It also prevents straining and exertion of pressure on your hips and spine. When you do planks, you are supposed to be streamlined which helps to straighten and strengthen your upper back which in turn prevents back injury. 

Both straight planks and side planks prevent back injury, especially in athletes. So this is a must-do exercise for athletes who want to maintain their health and improve their athleticism.

6.Improves Metabolism Rate in Your Body

This is one of the best benefits of planking everyday. Whenever you do planks, your whole body is challenged and you are able to burn more calories than other types of weighted abs workouts such as sit-ups. Planks help you burn more energy even though you are at rest. So a person that does about five plank sets a day knows the benefits of planking everyday including boosting your metabolic rate.

7.Improves Your Body’s Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the important things that your body is supposed to be engaged in and have. Flexibility prevents multiple injuries in your body. Whenever you do planks, your body’s flexibility improves as certain parts of your body such as the hamstring, shoulders, and your back is stretched and muscles are strengthened. 

Side planks can also improve your body’s flexibility as it serves the same purpose as straight planks.

Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Plank Ability

You can improve your plank ability time by time by starting first with the regular planks before going to the complex straight planks and side planks. Regular planks include bending your knees while planking. 

If you can survive more than two minutes then you are good to go and you can upgrade to straight and side planks. Use a weighted vest for faster and better results.

You can also improve your plank ability time by time by practicing every day and being consistent. If you are devoted to working out, you can do planks about three or four times a day and be consistent every time you do planks. You can also try to extend your time by 10 seconds or more every time you do a set. This will help you get clear results for a short period of time. This will clearly show you the benefits of planking everyday.

You can also improve your plank ability time by time by practicing other workouts in between your planks to create more efficiency in your workout routine. You can try other weighted ab workouts that serve the same purpose as planks such as situps.

You can also improve your plank ability time by time regularly updating your planks. For more efficiency, you can decide to do planks together with dumbbells of which boosts your metabolic rate and strengthens your muscles, and hardens your core. 

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You can also decide to do planks in sets so as to cover more reps at a time. This will ensure that you get clear results over a short period of time. This improves your plank ability from time to time and creates efficiency in your workout routines.

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