How to Do Tricep Dips

Last Updated: November 26, 2020
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Biceps are the three-headed muscles in your arm that cover almost the whole length of the humerus. These muscles are constituted of lateral, long, and medial head, spanning from scapula and humerus, and linked to the ulna tendons. These muscles work by extending the forearms right from the shoulder to the elbow. Sadly for many, the question “how to do tricep dips” still, lingers with utmost animosity. 

Formulated to target the triceps muscles, the tricep dips exercise the triceps muscles, strengthening the arms and cardio, while eliminating the accumulating fat on your arms’ backside. Doing tricep dips is as straightforward as lowering and raising bodyweight to drill the deltoids, triceps, and shoulder muscles, helping to tauten and reinforce the arms.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Triceps Dips?

Those who do triceps dips captivate and reinforce their muscles in multiple ways. Yearning to know how doing tricep dips could add to your overall body strength and physique? We are going to unveil everything you ought to know.

Enhances sports performance

Whenever you make a push movement, the body looks upon the chest and triceps for strength to counter the force and notify the remaining body parts to take action. The tricep dips work out your chest and triceps muscles and introduce other body muscles including those in the legs and arms to the overwhelming strength. 

Simply said, when you do tricep dips, you strengthen the core and prepare your body to handle more demanding exercises such as running, playing football, dancing, and playing Frisbee.

Boosts your overall body stability

Stability can be achieved by doing multiple everyday tasks, including walking, driving cars, throwing balls, or even organizing groceries. However, optimizing the body's stability through doing tricep dips does more than making your body stable. It strengthens your muscles and enhances your stamina, ensuring you handle stability-requiring tasks with optimum accuracy.

Enhances your body metabolism

Doing tricep dips has been the favorite exercise among training enthusiasts looking to build muscle mass. With bigger muscles, your body metabolism will be better and more controlled. As your metabolism grows, you will notice a significant reduction in body weight and an improvement in overall body health.

Strengthens biceps and triceps

Tricep dip’s core targets are your tricep and bicep muscles. These dips penetrate deeper into your tricep muscles toning and shaping your back arms. The exercises will deal with those wavy and saggy arms, giving you a more attractive physique. Biceps and triceps work together, so, whenever the triceps are trained, the biceps experience the same impact.

How to Do Tricep Dips?

Doing tricep dips shouldn’t be a big deal if you’ve done other dipping exercises. For a smooth exercising experience, you will need to get a bench or stable chair. And as for doing the tricep dips, here is the drill!

Grab your stable tricep drip chair and sit on its edge. Hold the edge close to the hips with the fingers directed to the feet. The legs should be extended and the feet should be positioned such that they are hip-width away from the heels. With your chin positioned upwards, position your eyes straight so you’re looking ahead. Alternatively, check out the below.

  • When pressing into the palms, lift the body and lean forward, ensuring your backside doesn’t block the chair edge.
  • Now, lower your body so that the elbows are positioned at any angle within 45 and 90 degrees.
  • While in that position, gently push your body to the original position. Repeat the above procedure several times, while controlling your body movement.
  • For a better outcome, start with 3 sets coupled with 10 repetitions each day, and keep on increasing the sets and repetitions as the days go on and your body adapts to the new strengthening challenges.

How to Do Tricep Dips – Mistakes to Avoid 

When doing tricep dips, mistakes can hold you back and cause injuries. Regardless of how accustomed you are to tricep dips, avoid these errors.

  •  High shoulders: raising the shoulders high could affect your neck. Tricep dips training specialists advise you to keep your shoulders down and the neck in line throughout the exercising period.
  • Don’t dip too low:  don’t strain your shoulders more than they can handle. You shouldn’t go lower whenever exercising strains your shoulders. Forcing yourself to do so is likely to cause injuries.
  • Never lock the elbows: as you tricep dip, never make the mistake of locking the elbows at the topmost area of the movement. Maintaining the elbows soft could strain the triceps and cause injuries, too.
  • Don’t ever lean forward: by leaning forward, you are simply training the chest and not the triceps.

How to Do Tricep Dips – Don’t Do the Dips Alone

If done impeccably, tricep dips are more beneficial than disadvantageous. Tricep dips are more about pushing, so if you have to gain impeccable results, you have to add pulling exercises to the equation. You can couple your tricep dips with pull-ups or rows to maximize bodybuilding results and minimize the potential for injuries and muscle imbalances.

According to an American Council on Exercise study, it was confirmed that tricep kickbacks, dips, and pushups do a superb job in activating your triceps and enhancing the quality of the results.

You could also check out weighted abs workout to do at home.

How to Do Tricep Dips – Conclusion

Exercising is the most effective holistic way to enhance overall body health and maximize your body’s metabolism. Different exercises work different parts of the body, so, depending on the exercises you want to work out, you have to know which exercises to add to your workout routine.

For those who want to exercise their triceps, dips are the most recommended exercises for you because they target your triceps and biceps muscles. They help you to attain more back arms stamina and stronger tricep muscles.

Most of us focus our exercises on building muscles in the other body parts forgetting about the muscles in our triceps and biceps, which often leads to decreased balance and reduced muscle strength. Wondering how to do tricep dips? Watch out for the guidelines we outlined above if you want the results of your workout routine to be worth your time.

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