Are There Benefits to Plank Modification for Shoulder Injury?

Are There Benefits to Plank Modification for Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury destroys workout goals and delays potential career breakthroughs, especially for athletes. Waking up to a painful shoulder can bring your active lifestyle to an abrupt halt, denying you the opportunity to engage in what makes you happy. You would have to consider plank modification for shoulder injury. 

Yes, we have dozens of time-tested exercises that bypass the limit of shoulder injuries. However, most of such exercises come with some hard-to-adopt lifestyle changes.

For the focused weightlifters and muscle builders, it’s never over until they give all short-cut options a shot.  So, according to industry gurus, what benefits can you reap from plank modification for shoulder injury exercises?  

Currently, the list of viable plank modification exercises is overwhelming, many of which match the overpowering needs of those with shoulder injuries.

Plank Exercises Boost Your Flexibility

The logic in overall body stability and balance is rooted behind your body stability and motion range. Planks pressurize and activate the posterior muscle groups, starting with the muscles in your shoulders, shoulder blades, and collarbones. 

Planking gets these muscles active, challenging them to stretch and grow with every plank you perform. The modified planks do so without pressuring the shoulders.

Almost each plank modification adds strength to your core and makes your body system flexible. Modified planking exercises such as side planking work on your sides and cultivates body flexibility starting your body’s hip area. 

Other planking modifications you will find interesting include rocking plank, forearm, and straight planks, most of which you can do with a gym mat

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The idea behind working out when you have injured shoulder muscles is to bring healing to the muscles as you enhance the strength and stability of those muscles, so why don’t you try these modified planking exercises?

Your Posture Is Going to Increase

Have you ever tried standing straight with an injured shoulder? Was the trial successful? The role the hands play in enhancing your posture is critical.  And considering the hands and the shoulder muscles have a connection, when you’ve painful muscles, you’re less likely to achieve that stable posture.

Plank modifications grab the top position of the exercises that boost overall body posture. The right posture will get your joints and bones aligned, which guarantees healthier and stronger muscles.
Additionally, the right posture will help strengthen and align your spine and back muscles, minimizing back pain. And if you’ve got a shoulder injury, planking exercises will help to align and heal the injured muscles.

Get You Coordinated

You might have never thought about it, very few people do—planking exercises help to train and stabilize most muscle groups, including the ones in your shoulders. Our bodies need the core muscles for achieving and maintaining balance. That’s the reason your moves are balanced when you are dancing, riding a bike, running, or even walking.

The overall body stability you’re enjoying is a result of the punchy and stronger core muscles. Stronger core muscles get you to maintain stability when you are doing aggressive exercises such as snowboarding, boxing, and rowing. Strengthening the core muscles also makes you balanced when completing highly exhausting situations.

Most planking modifications are verified to be great solutions for those with a shoulder injury. Also, when you integrate plank modification exercises into your workout, you’ll notice that you’re more focused and concentrated. And as you’re focused, you will less likely try exercises that would strain your shoulder muscles or trigger more pain to injured shoulders.

Benefits of Plank Modification for Shoulder Injury – Enhance Your Muscle Endurance

The intention behind every planking exercise is to strengthen and size up the muscles. If your muscles can endure pressures from different movements and exercises, your body will be better prepared for every similar pressure. 

What makes planking more interesting is that they are isometric, meaning you can do them for an extended period.

Considering they work for all muscle groups, it’s sure that your shoulder muscles will be trained but in a moderated way ensuring the injured ones aren’t agitated.

What to Know When Choosing the Best Plank Modification For Shoulder Injury

With so many plank modification exercises, settling for any exercise is never an option. Don’t just forget that you have got a shoulder injury that could be agitated if the wrong exercise is chosen. 

Don’t just settle for that plank modification exercise you watched a YouTube clip and liked the way it’s done. Ask yourself these simple questions to help you decide which plank modification would help you heal from a shoulder injury, and still help you exercise your body muscles.

  1. Does my doctor recommend it? The wisest thing to do when thinking of doing planking exercises, while you have pain in your shoulder is to consult your doctor. Some modified plank exercises can put extreme stress on your shoulder, causing more damage to the injured shoulders. A visit to your doctor could save you from making a decision that could cost you time, money, and your health.
  2. Does my coach recommend it? Whether you’re a guru or just starting, you can never be the know-it-all, especially on matters workouts. Working out when you have shoulder injuries should never be your decision to make. Even after your doctor recommends a good plank exercise, you need to consult with your trainer, because they are more informed about that area than your doctor.
  3. Are you ready for the exercise? Before you even consult your doctor and trainer, ask yourself if you’re ready. Assess your general health, schedules, and goals to know if adding such an exercise to your schedule could cause any inconvenience.

You could also read about upper body workouts with shoulder injuries.

Best Plank Modification For Shoulder Injury – Conclusion

Were you wondering the best plank modification for shoulder injury? The article above provides an answer. Modified planking exercises have come a long way, and have been recommended for their strength and stamina enhancing properties. Shoulder injuries are common in people who lift and push heavy weights. 

By now, I am sure you’re enthralled to try one or two of the modified planking exercises you deem right for your body. It’s a good move and could introduce your body to some physical and mental benefits. However, before you do that, you must seek professional help before settling for certain planking exercises.

Are There Benefits to Plank Modification for Shoulder Injury?
Are There Benefits to Plank Modification for Shoulder Injury?
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