45 Degree Side Bends

Last Updated: December 16, 2020
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45 degree side bends

Preparing for your 45 Degree Side Bends

  • Place the side of your thigh on the padded cushion.

Perfoming Your Bench Press

  • Tense your leg so that it stays in place against the cushion
  • Raise your torso upwards, keeping your hands placed behind your ears.
  • Once you've reached maxmim exertion, lower your body down until you flex the other side.
  • Repeat this until you've completed your set, then switch sides.

Lift Bible Tips for the Bench Press

If this workout is a little easy, you can also try to hold a dumbbell in your hand. For example, if you're left leg is pressed up against the cushion, hold the dumbbell in your left arm. When you bend, the dumbbell should come low enough that it almost touches the floor.

Ensure that you tense your arms behind your ear, so it's not swinging your body upwards. This will make the motion easier, which means less gains!

Exercise Details:

Target Muscles: Obliques

Synergist: Iliopsoas

Required Level: Beginner

Perfect Day to Train: You can blast this after any workout.

Other Exercises to Consider:

Sit Ups

45 Degree Side Bend Demonstration Video

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