Barbell Good Mornings

Last Updated: December 30, 2020
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How to do Barbell Good Mornings

Preparing for your Barbell Good Mornings

  • Ensure you've warmed up sufficiently, as this is quite an intensive exercise. You engage your legs, lower back & core making it a favourite for fast muscle development.

Perfoming Your Barbell Good Mornings

  • Stand shoulder-width apart, with the dumbbell placed on your shoulders.
  • Squeeze your abs & Inhale, bringing the bar down
  • Push your glutes outwards as you lower yourself (in figure 1)
  • Maintain a firm, straight back & return to the start position.
  • Complete your set!

Lift Bible Tips for Barbell Good Mornings

Ensure that you aren't swinging the barbell up, as this will reduce any isolation of the biceps. It's better to perform a slower, more controlled curl.

Exercise Details:

Target Muscles: Hamstring & Lower Back

Required Level: Intermediate (Beginners should use bodyweight to begin with)

Other Exercises to Consider:

Good Mornings Exercise Demonstration Video

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