Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat

Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat

Most people in this world want to look good and healthy and to achieve this one has to train hard and be consistent for changes to occur. Most people want flat tummies but to achieve this, you have to do cardio or weight training. Cardio vs weight training for belly fat, which one do you prefer? 

Don’t go anywhere, we will help you decide the best training method to reduce belly fat either cardio or weight training. Cardio training can include running, swimming, or riding a bicycle. In short, anything that can get your heartbeat racing is part of cardio training. 

Weight training includes lifting weights or in short anything, that deals with the strength of which takes a short time.

Is Cardio Training Better Than Weight Training for Weight Loss?

As you well know, to reduce your belly fat you have to train hard and be consistent to see changes in your strength or your body composition. To achieve this you can either do cardio training or weight training. According to Professor Alex Harrison, weight training is better than cardio training for belly fat, especially long term.

In case you want to train short-term, let’s say two to three weeks at most a month, weight training is better than cardio training because of your increased mass whereby you can lift weights and create muscles.

Weight training is better than cardio training according to Professor Alex Harrison simply because at rest, weight training can burn calories more than cardio training. 

Professor Alex Harrison was not wrong when he mentioned that weight training can burn both fat and muscles in your body, so cardio vs weight training for belly fat, weight training takes the day.

How Regularly Are You Supposed to Work Out to Reduce Belly Fat?

To reduce belly fat you are supposed to give it your all. Professor Alex Harrison suggested that in any exercise that you do, you should be consistent and positive. You cannot reduce belly fat unless you put in the effort. For those obsessed or rather have set a goal to reduce belly fat you can train lifting weights for 6 days a week and then one day you are free. You can do light cardio exercises like swimming, running or you can ride a bicycle.

Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat – Benefits of Cardio Exercise to Your Body

It improves the health of your heart

Cardio exercise is very efficient in improving the health of your heart. Have you ever noticed let’s say you decided to run today for the first time? You will notice that your heart beats fast after a short distance and you are so tired. 

But after maybe a week you notice that your body copes well and is used to running. Your heart on the other side gets used to exercising and pumps blood faster to the other parts of the body hence one does not get tired easily. This improves your heart health and the body in general.

It regulates your appetite

If you are a person that likes to eat much then there is a much easier way to regulate your appetite, for example, you can start doing cardio exercise. Cardio exercise helps one to regulate his appetite. The research was done that showed that whenever you start cardio exercise your appetite reduces to make your body healthy and fit. Doing cardio exercise makes your body to circulate more blood to other body parts and not to the stomach hence regulating appetite.

Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat – Benefits of Weight Training to Your Body

It builds your confidence around people

Most people do weight training to get huge muscles, abs, and a good posture. Everyone wants to get a nice body and in turn, this builds your confidence around people. Weight training is also a huge part of people’s success where confidence plays a huge role.

Helps in body transformation

Most of us want a good body and would do anything to be able to have it and maintain it. Cardio training is good for weight loss but if you want to lose weight in a short time and get a good nice body with muscles and abs, then weight training is your answer.

Improves mental health in your body

Weight training improves mental health in your body. Recently, weight training has come to the limelight in improving mental health in our bodies. Cardio training is also well known for improving mental health in our bodies. Weight training, especially the hard ones, is really good to relieve symptoms of people affected with depression. 

Makes day to day tasks and activities easy

Most people find it hard maybe to lift boxes from one place to another or to farm a piece of land simply because they have not trained enough and are not fit. Weight training is the answer. Weight training makes work easier as it builds the muscles and mass hence one becomes strong. The stronger you get physically the stronger you are vs the world.

Boosts the performance of sports players

Most sports players have to undergo weight training to become fit and progress their match performance. For example in football, to make a precise and powerful shot towards the goal, you have to undergo weight training especially your thigh muscles. 

The research was done that shows that in 5 months of consistent weight training 65% of the football players in the program had increased in speed hence weight training boosts the performance of sports players.


Wearing a waist trainer zipper vest for men or a waist trainer belt for women shall help you burn that fat faster.

Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat – How Much Time Should You Exercise in a Week?

For the consistent and hard-working people, you can consider training for 6 days in a week or every day for my fitness freaks out there. Cardio vs weight training for belly fat is a highly rated subject matter as both help in weight loss. 

You can train for less than 3 hours a week doing cardio training which is not enough for weight loss but on the other hand, you can train for more than three hours doing weight training and lose weight and become fit the harder you train the more weight you lose.

Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat
Cardio vs Weight Training for Belly Fat
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